Another Medium

I am in limbo floating
over the weightlessness
of a thoughtless mind

I jumped
in the grey puddles of my mind
away from the black
and white clarity of everything

I splashed the beats of my heart
on the walls of reality
to let the world know
that the heart is an merciless organ
fearless and with a mind of its own

I colored the grey skies
of sadness with fake smiles
that only hung in there for a while
before the rain of tears
wet the dryness of what’s real

I sang in silence
to let the emotions
bounce from my heart
to the walls of my room
then back to me, where they belong

I wrote in the night
with the moon as my witness
for he was the only one peeking
through my window, to see me alone
with my pen and my paper
scribbling and turning pages
of my deepest secrets

I danced in the dark
with the stars as my partners
lighting my steps
into tomorrow, into unknowns
into what maybe could have been
into new beginnings with the aftertaste
of my past, lingering..

I gave my eyes the present of dawn
as I sat there on my window-sill
tired of a mental war
between my soul and I

I lit a cigarette
to color my exhaled sighs of “everything”
relief, confusion, anxiety, wonderment
with matter
so as to
to feel my
to see my soul
escape my body
in the other
that’s not
pen on paper




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