Crossed Paths

I saw the blueness in his
charcoal eyes

I saw the golden curls in her
long back hair

I saw the strong heart in his
salty tears

I saw the lightness of steps
in her angry stomps

I saw the glow around him
in every presence

I saw the dance in her arms
in her solid shake

I saw the softness of  his skin
in every rough encounter

I saw the laughter in her
every word

I saw the happiness in his
every dull Monday

I saw the love in her
every sigh

I saw the colors in his
long black coat

I saw the flowers
in her dull suit

I saw the rose in his
garden of sin

I saw the hope
in her sea of doubt

Then again
every time I look
I see bits of me
with him
and her
and realize
we’re made up of
we treasured from
those who




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