Dear Lover,

Cuddle me crazy
with words that
lay with me in bed
long after you’re gone

Serenade me sane
with logic that’s
foreign to me
that knocks on the doors
of my insanity
begging to see the chaos within

Kiss me killingly
as you cup my face
keeping it in place
while my mind races
with adrenaline and “oh my God’s”

Love me lively
for my body only
enjoys the taste of existence
when the heart plays a different beat
than the rest

Hug me humbly
and warm the cold
feeling of insecurity as it creeps
down my spine

Tangle me tenderly
as I find myself flexible
and accepting
to all things rigid and square

Seduce me skillfully
for when my mind
falls for your wit
my heart follows blindly

Grab me graciously
for my feeble body
turns to glass
becomes fragile
at your
mere touch

Look at me lavishly
and watch as my whole
being unfolds a
new world
I created just






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