I don’t know what I am doing
but I think the thrill
of uncertainty
is what keeps me going

I don’t know what my heart is up to
but I know it still beats
for the good and oh
the bad for sure

I don’t know what my mind is thinking
but I know it meddles with dangerous thoughts
that alert me and most certainly entertain me

I don’t know what time has in store for me
but I know that it doesn’t pause
and that darlings, is a scary thought

I don’t know what new days will bring
but I know that I have a thing for opportunities
and their horns

I don’t know what sitting behind
a screen will do for me
but I know that it does pay the rent
and stirs interest.. sometimes

I don’t know what or who my muses
will introduce me to
but I know I just can’t wait
to curtsy to what’s behind
my mind’s closed doors

I don’t know if I’ll leave my recklessness behind
but I know that it’s this untamed fire
that jotted down adventures on that
tiny dash between my birth year
and the inevitable

I don’t know what this year is holding for me
but I sure hope it’s a strong drink of
courage, mixed with love,
some sensitivity and a straw of patience
because I seem to have lost it

I don’t know what my plans are
but I know that there will be many crumpled
papers of blueprints all over the place

Honestly, I don’t know what will happen
in the next hour, but I do know
that this drive in me
is quite addictive
and I am high
on the idea
of it



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