All Around

Raindrops of regret
shower me with realization
drenching me in logic
soaking up all my yesterday’s
leaving a clean slate
for today

Showers of sympathy
embrace my cold being
warming my loneliness
turning it to beautiful

Storms of savagery
thunder lightening
in my heart
shaking its nostalgia
from every artery
pumping new
emotions into every cell

Clouds of courage
blind my rationale
and lift me to places
I never knew existed
to places my mind has created
and my being as yet to explore

Rays of recklessness
shine through times of darkness
pushing me towards adventure
because God knows I really need it

Flowers of foolishness
blossom on this path of life
teaching me lessons with
each step I take

Leaves of love
grow from my core
the part that’s fossilized in me
and reach out to you
because I know you need it to

Waterfalls of worry
flood my eyes with tears
that have exhausted me night after night
but eventually dry up
with the morning sun

Habitats of happiness
extend further than my
eyes can see
only when I
pause and



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