I walked into your plan
and messed up your straight lines
with my curvy ones
blunt your sharp edges
with my soft turns

I stomped on your blueprint
and bruised it with purple spots
rippling a new hue, a new perspective
on what you call “your future”

I kissed your dry lips wet
numbing your mind
and romancing you
to speak in tongues
that only mine understands

I melted your solid stare
into tears that rolled on your cheeks
creating paths of joy
that only your cheeks tasted
and mine felt

I pushed you over the edge
over your edge and held your hand
as we fell, together
into your success
away from your comfort zone
fiesty with adrenaline

I pushed your buttons
one by one and enjoyed your patience
as it danced on the back burner
embodying itself in your curled fists
hiding behind that smile
that cannot but surface when
you look at me

I slapped your routine
out of your schedule
like reality as it leaves your being
with every shot you take
with me, mirroring me
on a Wednesday
because “I had a bad day”

I grabbed your hand
and ran drunk on the streets
dragging you into adventures
that stitch themselves
into the new chapter
of yours that you call

I cupped your face
and smiled silently
slyly, because I know
that you already heard
what I had to say
before my lips
could say them
and that’s why
I am able
to still
in the magic
of things




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