..and YOU ARE?

Who are you to meddle
with my confidence
to set it in the spotlight
and instill stage fright?

Who are you to read my
deepest darkest secrets
that no therapist could ever
tap to or simply reach?

Who are you to strip me
from my inspiration
to kick my muses out of my mind
and take their place?

Who are you to push my emotions
on the swing of reality
between a smile and a frown
in a split of a second
with just one word,
one call, one presence?

Who are you to hypnotize me
with thoughts of what if’s
that lead me down
a path that I have yet to discover?

Who are you to leave me breathless
with just one kiss, in the morning
that rests itself, beautifully on my lips
leaving the taste of you, there, all day?

Who are you to leave my hair
craving for your fingers
as they used to adventure
between each and every curl?

Who are you to leave my nights
cold, even under a million
wool blankets?

Who are you to keep me stuck
in that tornado of “you”
swirling uncontrollably
between my wrongs
and your rights?

Who are you to make my skin
glow with elation
even when I don’t even see you?

Who are you to make me question
my every reckless behavior
even though I feed on the emotional
placement of you?

Who are you to
make me feel anything
after I messed up everything?

Who are you to slap me
with the harshest learnings
even though an Aries
in my mind, is always right?

Who are you to
magically turn my music
around to make it result
in a symphony
that screams you?

Who are you
to leave my hand
while I leave the comfort of my zone
because you think I can do it alone?

Who are you
to light a world
in my eyes and switch it off
when you’re gone?

Who are you to ask me to write
my wrongs
and then
wrongs ….



Henn Kim “Healing is Difficult”



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