This passion of mine
knew no mercy
burned everything
reincarnated some-things

This love of mine
knew no identity
loved insanely
and blindly

This spontaneity of mine
knew no borders
acted wildly
and boldly

This head of mine
knew no reality
acted stubbornly
and crafted fantasies

This imagination of mine
knew no limits
grew wider
and birthed stories

This tongue of mine
knew no poison
tasted many
and grew immune

This skin of mine
knew no apathy
felt abundantly
and rippled strangely

These eyes of mine
knew no ugliness
dissected the hell out of your flaws
and gilded your presence

These hands of mine
knew no hatred
wrote romantic novels
generated murder volumes

These lips of mine
knew no evil
went for days smiling
kissing the sins
that came with the
cusp of each






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