How Come?

How come

all my words
revolve around
that shine for you??

How come
all my lines
come to life only
at the sight of you?|

How come
my pencils shake
by the mere fleeting
thought of you?

How come all my stanzas
dance in a symphonic
flow when they embed
meanings of you
between their lines?

How come
papers fill themselves
with scribbles and drafts
that try to speak of everything
else but end up signed by you?

How come
words stitch themselves
to poetry that speaks of romance
when I am the furthest from it?

How come
natural highs
become acquainted
to my days
when sobriety
was always my priority?

How come
my perception of
lazy Sundays is changed
to channel happy sun days?

How come
my whole train of thought
crashes with an opposing one
filled with you’s and us’s?

How come
my downs dilute
themselves in empty cups
of intoxicating scents of you?

How come
simplicity loses itself
in each and every
cocktail of complexity
that constitutes of tastes of you?

How come?

kiss me


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