Kiss me

Kiss me a symphony
and I’ll dissect the notes
one by one so as to savor
each and every pause

Kiss me a song
and I’ll hum it through my day-dreams
as they illuminate my routine
with soundtracks of you
each and every second

Kiss me a story
and I’ll separate the lines
to find you between
each and every one

Kiss me a line
and I’ll inhale every meaning
to fill my mind with fantasies
relevant to me in
each and every way

Kiss me a poem
and I’ll rhyme every stanza
with reason to find you
hidden subtly in
each and every one

Kiss me a masterpiece
and I’ll find meanings of you
bright and untamed
in each and every brushstroke

Kiss me a galaxy
and I’ll orchestrate
the best musical
with each and every shooting star

Kiss me a note
and I’ll generate
volumes of kisses
imprinted for
each and every moment
I have wanted to
kiss you back



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