It’s A Heart Thing

It stripped me from my pride
when my heart spoke
to my mind
seducing it from logic
diluting it with romance

It stripped me from my wits
when my heart pumped
thuds of intoxicated beats
that swayed me to
“what could be”
instead of “what is”

It stripped me from my sadness
when my heart shed layers
of “don’t” and enjoyed
the nakedness of
“take it as it is”

It stripped me from my social ethics
when my heart propelled me
forward towards spontaneity
pushing me over the edge,
the only connection
between the “good girl” they see
and the “real me” that
I wish to expose

It stripped me from the chains
that pulled me down
when my heart pulsated that warm blood
from the center of my being
to every extremity releasing
a sense of passion that makes
me glow with such burning flames

It stripped me from the veil of bashfulness
when my heart matured with time
to differentiate between beauty that’s skin deep
and beauty that’s simply found in
every crease, every flaw, every fold
beauty that’s eyes deep

It stripped me from the silence
that swallowed my words
when my heart kissed my voice
with confidence and pushed it to face
the real world, far from being caged
in a prison of ribs and outside
those wet lips that have yearned to speak

It stripped me from the insecurities
that overshadowed my figure
when my heart jolted a sense of
being in the only temple
that harnesses so much crazy
I even wonder how I made it to

It stripped me from all my fears
that injected themselves in shaky palms
and weak knees when my heart
practiced thuds of courage
that embodied themselves
in dilated eyes, strong footsteps
that echoed sounds
I have been perfecting
over years

It stripped me from all the layers
of self hate that I have inflicted
on my poor poor self
when my heart beat
itself into a new and improved organ
capable of strutting through
hellfire, through chaos

It stripped me from my last breath
of doubt when my heart
slapped some sense into me
creating an aura
that makes you think twice
before you let
your heart say
“hello” to


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