There She Is

Marble skin
softened by time
dense with rhyme
and reason

Sparkling eyes
kissed by the sun
laced with random
bursts of happiness
colored with stories
daring to sin

Soft hands
lined with “hello’s”
and goodbyes,
creases narrating novels of futures
past’s and now’s

Messy hair
curled with sleepless nights
golden with stories shared
with the wind
open car windows
and endless roads

Smirking lips
filled with diary entries
between the face and the brain
plum with memories
luscious by design

Shaky legs
bottled with adrenaline
toned by experience
step over pages, rusty lines
that never made it to paper
and balance between why not
and I shouldn’t

Feeble body
weak at the heart
strong at the mind
seduced by spontaneity
intoxicated by the untamed
in love with
starry nights
passionate for drunken
diluting realities











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