5 Senses

Oh, if only you can feel
the pressure of my pencil
every time it writes about you
you’d be tattooed
with the unwritten
that places itself
in the space between
my mind and the paper

Oh, if only you can see
the world that thrives
behind my eyes,
where the sun rises
every time I blink and sets
every time my eyelids kiss

Oh, if only you can taste
the flavors my tongue
enjoys every time
it wets my lips
as it daydreams
and foresees
in my imagination

Oh, if only you can hear
the melody that tunes itself
to the scale of your vocals
as they subtly speak things
the ear can’t hear
but the heart
and respond with a
different beat

Oh, if only you can smell
the scent that hypnotizes
all my senses to a numb state
relieving me from the strains
of what I should feel
and embracing me
what I feel
and it smells
just like
on a lazy



Early dawn
the world frozen
time stood still
so did everything else
even her mind stopped racing
after a night of speeding
through thoughts
that danced with
every move she did
under the night sky

Circling her presence
her mind started to ease
as the light laced
the sky with the thin line
of dusk, the first breeze
of tomorrow, erasing
all those steps taken yesterday
that middle ground
between “can I go back?”
and “what now”

The breeze
teleported her body
from the vibrant stomping
dancer to the sway of a
leaf in the morning air
moving smoothly
lightly, balancing on the
sunlight line that’s already
over taking the horizon

Stepping into “what now”
she left her “can I go back”
in the darkness of yesternight
with the lost dance moves
the lost beats the lost thuds
that accompanied every
stomp on the floor

Carrying herself
with the breeze
her mind was clear
a blank canvas awaiting
the wet ink of today
to scribble the lessons
of what’s to be learned
taught, heard, tasted

And she, weightless
floating with the winds of
the morning, down paths
she has yet to discover
yet to experience
yet she let go of the bars
of fear that kept her in her safe zone
her 4 walled room of comfort

The wind grew stronger
and pushed her forward
her say was
disappearing flying
with the gust that caressed her hair
like a lover’s touch on a lazy starry night
quiet, yet the air dense with steam

The wind pushed her
over hurdles, she stumbled
and fell, angry at the wind
she stood up, and pushed back

Again the wind pushed her forward
this time, she saw a pot hole
the wind was merciless,
she tried to wrestle
the force of nature
maybe destiny?

She fell and fell hard
bruised knees, along with
a black and blue heart
that beats a thud
like a broken record
playing over and over
scratched by the tears
and looping over and over
to the wasted time of
a disturbing melody

Gathering what’s left
of her energy
she clawed her way through
that orchestral noise
that illusioned fall
and made her way to the surface
it’s day time
the sun scorching
the heat ..welcome

The wind calmer
the stillness of it all
awoke her sobriety
the brightness of the day
illuminated a world
she was blind to see
scared to experience
with a little black dot
in the center of it all
focusing her
on the


Night Air

It happened
going up…
the stairs
enjoying the Friday night air
filled with sins
and things aching to happen

Smiles, subtle
aching to melt the chills
between strangers
like the ice in your drink

Emotions, fluttering
like spring butterflies
with the first gust of March pollen
fresh, awake and ready
to float with the cigarette smoke
of the night
higher and higher

Sobriety slipping through
like sand between your fingers
smooth and complying
with every sip
that kisses your lips
the more time tics
the wider the gap gets
the more your sober self
gives space
to your other self

Stares and glares
vibes and flares
fly within
sparkle eyes
and churn hearts
only those who enjoy
the night air
feel them
see them
submit to the dark magic
as it conjures lovers
plays matchmaker
and triggers courage
the kind that strips
all your layers
and exposes your


A Little Taste

If I gave you a small idea
of what a wishing star should taste
on your tongue
your body would quiver
to the glow that’s going
to show in your in eyes

Lighting up a world
that’s been darkened
with disappointment
rising a sun, my sun
in that deserted land
that beats shaking the dust
off its calmness

If I gave you a small peek
into what magic on earth feels like
it would shake all sense of doubt
in your adulthood

Pushing you to experience
the rush of “first time”
that has been buried under
years of experience

If I held your hand
prepare to feel ripples of
things I want to say
but my skin says it better

Revealing the content
of a writer’s mind
blunt and raw,
still warm with life
beating to the tunes
of my own chants

If I let you in my world of words
just enjoy the poetry as it claws
its way down your back
with such intensity
that your skin cannot
but enjoy the pleasure
of every word
every stanza
as you float
every line

Opening your eyes
to a universe of

collage galaxy eyes


Drowning in Dreams

I drowned in dream
floating from what’s real
into a cage of subconsciousness
on acid

I drowned in dream
realizing that all my days
have melted into one
long stare at the world

I drowned in dream
blurring the lines between
the past, the present
the future and the undoable

I drowned in dream
walking on the thin line
between truth and
fortune telling

I drowned in dream
feeling the chills of nightmares
and the warm embrace
of joyful thinking

I drowned in dream
swimming with my muses
among seas of inspiration
and waves of personal expressions

I drowned in dream
falling into an abyss
of a never-ending anxieties
that should stay where they belong
in the dark

I drowned in dream
catching my butterflies
and keeping them in place
to flutter freely
liberating me
making me feel

I drowned in dream
choking on tomorrow’s unknown’s
holding my last breath
for something
real to
wake me



My Mind Left

My mind left my body
and went wondering
over wishes
held by the stars above
that still shimmer
like the first night
I wished upon them

My mind left my body
and went wondering
down the streets
that have met my drunken feet
over and over, alone
and dancing to my own tune

My mind left my body
and went wondering
down glasses of sliced lemons
and transparent toxins
that drown my inhibitions
after every gulp

My mind left my body
and went wondering
over clouds of thought
random and intense
as they pass by smoothly
making their way
from night till dawn

My mind left my body
and went wondering
and sat on benches
next to strangers
conversing about life
intoxicated by illusions
saddened by the fact
that they are illusions

My mind left my body
and went wondering
and people watching
monitoring the meaning
behind every gesture
every move
every embrace
fabricating my own
stories about their lives

My mind left my body
and went wondering
under dim street lights
dusty with cigarette conversations
rusty with hesitations
overlooking lovers, strangers
friends, and sometimes
moments of firsts..

My mind left my body
and went wondering
dancing with conversations
from her about broken hearts
cheating wishing stars
merciless time
and the unfairness of it all

My mind left my body
and went wondering
and settled in curls
twisted and dark
full of mystery
seducing my senses
in silence
flaming my fears
making things clear
the darker the night gets

My mind left my body
and went wondering
and racing
as I lay in bed
watching the ceiling’s color change
as dawn paints its way through
and the lights
welcome my mind
back into my body
making it whole




brain squeez

Retro Collages by Tara Hardy | Ape on the Moon: Contemporary Visual Culture