Drowning in Dreams

I drowned in dream
floating from what’s real
into a cage of subconsciousness
on acid

I drowned in dream
realizing that all my days
have melted into one
long stare at the world

I drowned in dream
blurring the lines between
the past, the present
the future and the undoable

I drowned in dream
walking on the thin line
between truth and
fortune telling

I drowned in dream
feeling the chills of nightmares
and the warm embrace
of joyful thinking

I drowned in dream
swimming with my muses
among seas of inspiration
and waves of personal expressions

I drowned in dream
falling into an abyss
of a never-ending anxieties
that should stay where they belong
in the dark

I drowned in dream
catching my butterflies
and keeping them in place
to flutter freely
liberating me
making me feel

I drowned in dream
choking on tomorrow’s unknown’s
holding my last breath
for something
real to
wake me




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