A Little Taste

If I gave you a small idea
of what a wishing star should taste
on your tongue
your body would quiver
to the glow that’s going
to show in your in eyes

Lighting up a world
that’s been darkened
with disappointment
rising a sun, my sun
in that deserted land
that beats shaking the dust
off its calmness

If I gave you a small peek
into what magic on earth feels like
it would shake all sense of doubt
in your adulthood

Pushing you to experience
the rush of “first time”
that has been buried under
years of experience

If I held your hand
prepare to feel ripples of
things I want to say
but my skin says it better

Revealing the content
of a writer’s mind
blunt and raw,
still warm with life
beating to the tunes
of my own chants

If I let you in my world of words
just enjoy the poetry as it claws
its way down your back
with such intensity
that your skin cannot
but enjoy the pleasure
of every word
every stanza
as you float
every line

Opening your eyes
to a universe of

collage galaxy eyes



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