Dear Instagram

Do not tell me what my lover should do
for mine might amuse my mind
with precious conversation
rather than my sight
with pure gems

Do not tell me what my body goals should be
for my broad shoulders have carried
enough burdens to strengthen my thighs
to endure the weight of the world
rather than a 6 pack of invested
dollars and an abundance
of empty time

Do not tell me how to behave in situations of life
for my mind has marinated juices that
you have never tasted or have yet to
in order to mold me into a person
your quotes will never square or filter
rather than imprint life’s confrontations
in swirly words pretty to look at
but hard to live by

Do not tell me how to block my emotions
for my heart has learned not to apologize for them
they have a mind of their own,
separate from the mind itself
it settles in my rib cage and beats
to the tune that ripples life through me
and its there for a reason
rather than show pride in hiding them
under layers of regrets, lost opportunities
and “I should have’s”

Do not tell me about the perfect life
for I have tried what seemed to be perfect
and it stitched itself in imperfections
tattooed in my mind
exhibited in my behavior
and written in my eyes for those
who can read between the lines to see
rather than telling me that perfection
resonates in queen sized beds in Bali,
mornings half naked
with perfect tattooed bodies, with somehow
the perfect lighting.. oh yea I forgot
the signature over-sized dozen roses

Do not tell me about how I love
for I have so much of it
that my heart cannot but grow in size
as I age and somehow mature
rather than advise me about gifts for him
and those for her, quotes about the ideal lover
and images of what seems to ooze what this
underrated, overused word means

Do not tell me how friendship works
for time and only time can tell
along with its ups and downs
rather than instill itself in silly sayings
about matching outfits
and overpriced rings

Dear Instagram
Fuck You

Your slap of reality

A bullet of Reality

A bullet of Reality



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