B.A.R (Burn After Reading)

When I write
my mind goes blank
and my papers
rejoice in word

When I write
my soul embraces nirvana
that state of nothingness
and everything

When I write
my eyes dilate
the same way
they do when I
look at my lover
wide, passionate
and fiery
my hands shake in
anxiety and excitement
there’s so much to write
yet my hand isn’t fast enough
to comply

my thoughts
teleport my being
back and forth
like a pendulum
peacefully swinging
between my reality
and fantasy

When I write
I fall in love
I get heartbroken
I fall again, stand up
and do it over and over
in the little world
that my mind’s eye sees

When I write
my smile widens
keeping the secret
that only exists
between me and my paper

When I write
my skin speaks in goosebumps
a language
only I could understand
and my lover could ignite

I go down rabbit holes
fly to parallel universes
ride tidal waves
live in worlds yet to exist
taste lips yet to be
beat with a heart
yet to heal

When I write
I become
the wind
to make your
wild fire
spread from cover
to cover

fire hands


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