Lull me to the lullabies
of yester-years
and swing me from
my past
at full speed
to feel
the fresh breeze
of the future
that brushes my face
with vague predictions
and adrenaline

Hold me
as I swing back
centered by
that swing
secure me
when my heart aches
as I fall back
into my past

Push me
higher this time
so I feel the past is further
so I feel superior
to what pulled me down

With all your might
push me closer to the sun
to melt my insecurities
that lay themselves on my skin
like candle wax, heavy and hard

I am swinging back
my heart beats fast
the sky feels further
the future is distant
my hair covers my face
.. covering my cheeks
embracing me from
my fears
my back is to my past
…awaiting that push

I feel your hands
awaiting with
weighty energy
lay themselves on my back
like wings ..
cupping my rib cage
empowering my body
with the thought of flight

……. swings forward ….

.. speed …
.. weightless …
I move forward
piercing the air
with my presence
I feel gravity has given up
my face exposed
red cheeks
the sun closer
my wings…
my illusioned wings..
your palms..
the imprint of his hands
on my ribs
felt real

what’s happening
… the clouds …. nearer
my vision .. clearer

no action to my reaction
to pull to my push

I am floating
and for the first time
I looked back
to see my past
blurry vague
and way below me

Art by Columpio



Wishes and Skies

The stars
grew heavy
from the wishes
that they carried

Until one starry night
they rained
on me
giving me
a sky of

The moon
grew bored
of my silent gaze
seeking the
man looking back

Until one night
it got so close
just to show
that moons
do blush

The constellations
glittered to amuse
my fantasies
that connected them
with hopes and thoughts

Until one night
my mind connected
other stars
forming my own
holding my own stories
keeping the distance
in between them and I
as the only code
of conduct

The sky
grew weary
from the day dreams
that hang so loosely
in front of me

Until one day
the clouds tangoed
with my thoughts
waltzing between
buildings and trees

The sun
tried to shine
summoning the cusp of
dawn and my body
to walk into the day

Until I found myself
floating without gravity
on a different planet
the 4th from the sun
to be exact
way of




Fire Signs

It takes trial and error
to master the art
of keeping my flame

and once you do
you’ll learn
to fall in love
with fire

even if it

It takes
patience and virtue
to craft thin lines
of experience
across a face

whose only
artist is time

Care and carefulness
to caress thick skin
that’s been kissed
and bruised creating
galaxies of stories

that orbit
in rotation
around a sun
that shines
the void between
my ribs

Rationale and rokkus
to shake my core
with confusion
and settle it
with an anchor
of balance

to root my feet
on earth
rather than
in my bubble

It takes
courage and a match
to rub my skin
the right way
to ignite my flame
for fire signs
for a

snap out of it