Just like a flower
she took her time
to soak up the brightness
of the sun and bloom
into a ripe
mature fruit
seducing the Adams
of the world
to sin with the first bite
of sweetness

Reveling in her nudity
as that nectar trails
down her soft arms
there’s nothing more beautiful
than what nature
clothed her with

Pale white skin
soft and plum
with sun and sweetness
with natural freckles
from those burning
passionate sun kisses

She sways with the rays
making sure
every curve gets a taste
of those golden touches

Hair of curly nature
thanks to the wind
that played in every thread
to put her to sleep
twisting breaths of strength
to withstand forces
that oppose hers

Golden in nature
touched by the harps
of angels
for when she walks
music fills the air
sunshines fills darkness
yet remember
she’s the origin of sin
isn’t she?

Her eyes

The sun
has embedded stars in those eyes
so they shine back at the moon
when she watches the sky at night
and talks to the moon
to remind the him
of his lover, the sun

Come, she tells me
my body
could not but comply
and my heart
could not