Line of Light

Waiting for the sun
to line the cusp of dawn
wetting the cigarette path
that has ashed my throat
with the last sip of yesterday
I saw my tomorrow
sugarcoated with a hangover
and sprinkled with reality

I am still alive

It’s up
I can taste the realization of tomorrow
as the rays of the sun spill over the sky

I don’t want it,
I lie there in my ashtray
holding on to a reckless night
memory-less, worry-free
I don’t want it

My shutters try to shield
the light of day
try to fight the hands of time
as they pull the blanket from me
down the body
trailing down my breathing lungs
undressing me
from that feeling of slumber
that has paralyzed my body

I still don’t want it

The memories start surfacing
like diluted ice spending the night
in my drink, slowly and lightly
yet I still drink it keeping it
nestled in the bottom
sipping on the liquid
keeping my inhibitions low
and my tolerance

Lying there
balancing on the thin line
between awake
and sleeplessness
my eye lids
fell heavy
closing the shutters
of my body
into the land of dreams
where my fantasies
keep me very far
from a morning
of realities

here not here