It will never make sense
why the sun rises
with a smile
and other times
with happiness
miles away

Why mornings
can be cold
with no lover to hold
and others
with warmth
that melts the coldest
of winters

Why some days
are productive
rewarding your sense of being
and others
lazy and hazy
collecting the dust
the sun sets you in bed

time can be quick
as quick as sobriety leaves
you on a Friday night
and others
it lags like
dripping strings of honey
elongated, slow, defying
all the literal meaning
of a second, a minute..

Why the mind races
at the sight of still beauty
other times it casts
the dark veil of apathy
on your daily vision
with elevator music
playing in your mind

Why catastrophes lead to crisis
when the sun is shining
existential questioning
that hover over your head
like an unwanted halo

Some days you hunger
for the unknown
aching to satiate
that sweet taste of curiosity
others you just let life
toss you from side to side
like a pendulum
ticking with time

Why some ..times
the stars marvel
at your beauty
your solidarity

Why flowers
seduce you with their beauty
while on other days
hurt you
when try to grab
love by the stem

It will never make sense
so why try
to make
sense of it




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