I Watched A Live Band Yesterday

I watched a live band
my stomach churned
against its empty walls
digesting emptiness
and simply
feeling human
Giving my butterflies
another reason to flutter

With a voice
so mellow
it mesmerized
the murmurs
to a silence

A marriage of strums
carried feelings
every stander
with a certain warmth
that reaches the heart

I heard my friend say
they make me fall 
in love with myself
how delicate of a statement
to float amidst
the dark space
to create a certain
kind of love
only told
voice and music

Something pure
was taking place
and as an audience
we have longed for
such a feeling
so foreign
to carry us a bit closer
to our very core
reminding us
that it’s possible
for a heart to smile
to prove that
innocence does
still exist

“Who are they?” I asked
Waynick” she said
It was then and
I realised
that butterflies
flutter for who
or what
moves them
of its