I am falling out of love
and I am already missing it
my heart cannot feel the same
it stumbled on beats for you
and fell so deeply

It even broke itself

I am climbing out of love
my eyes have stored enough tears for you
they reached the brim,
one more blink and waterfalls
will flood my cheeks
that once blushed for

I reached my peak
low in oxygen
my lungs have exercised their breathing
whenever you’re around
Now, they exhale you

I am sorry

The stores are closing – it’s late
and I am still browsing
the racks of your heart
for something to catch my eyes
but I end up being
an item
like the rest
for sale
on display
for everyone else

My queue
cannot queue anymore
I find myself
at the head of the line
swiping left
because nothing
is right.. for me
I think.. maybe?

The snake-like line
slithered its way
between my ribs
made me bite
more than once
I am Adam’s

Forgive me heart
for I have


Gertrude Hermes ~ Adam and Eve, 1933 ~ Wood Engraving

Gertrude Hermes ~ Adam and Eve, 1933 ~ Wood Engraving