Mini thoughts and gorgeous visuals
the best mental cocktails!

Drink Up Buttercups!

“He was so beautiful
on the inside, I could see it,
that kind of beauty that
a lot never see anymore
But he drank so much
that he vomited flowers” – indiedoodles

love man

“She humbly answered in honesty
they stared at her, she almost felt remorse
but then she realized she popped their balloon
and burst their ego” – Indiedoodles , Art by Anatol Konetik


“They stared at their so called world
enjoying the view
as it blew into pieces
it was peaceful and heartwarming
to watch corruption explode” – indiedoodles


“Let’s feed of off each other’s energy darling
Let’s water those thoughts
to blossoming ideas
Let’s color the grayness between!” – indiedoodles

berlin artparasites

“It’s funny when they tell you
to lose yourself
you actually find the true
of yourself”

drunk 1

“I see them all with plastic in their faces
and silicon in their bodies
It’s so sad, that they never once
stopped and marveled
at the beauty glowing on their skin
that’s slowly fading” – indiedoodles




“That morning stretch
that awakens your muscles
and traces your body
that morning stretch
that ripples rivers of
survival” #indiedoodles

back man

“They told me not to worry
the heart will stitch itself together
But it got bored of mending
broken pieces
So it went wild and
it resulted in colorful embroideries
better than any mended feelings” – ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“Sometimes the simplest traces
leave the greatest stories
What are yours?” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“Let’s glow dearest
Let’s have this mystic light
within us illuminate our inner beauty
Let’s Glow” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“They were filled with similar galaxies
but they each had their own orbit
That’s the secret of attraction” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“It was that kind of
silent encounter, that made
the stars glow in sync with their
heartbeats” #indiedoodles

stare galaxy

“Even when you’re broken
you still have the surreal beauty
that captures the hungry eye
Even when you’re broken” – ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“I don’t want to create ripples
I, sometimes want to enjoy
the stillness of the water
it calms the waterfalls in me” #indiedoodles

legs in water

“What you may call
Natural beauty!
She has worlds of stories
to share with you
yet she is at Peace” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“Her creases created such mystery
I wanted to discover each valley
and enjoy natural stories of each one” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬

colar bones

“Hold on to those times
you spent in vagueness with others
even though you only remember the blur
You can still taste the moments” – ‪#‎indiedoodles‬

glitch dance

“Observe the none verbal
communication of humans, it’s beautiful
mysterious, polysemic and oh so real” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬ Art by: Jeff Wrench

Jeff Wrench bite finger

“You’ve been confined for too long.
Dissolve yourself in whatever makes you human
Swirl in the messiness of it all
and enjoy the mix” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬ Art by Joanna K. “Dissolving Slowly”

Dissolving Slowly by Joanna K.

“If you’re so in love with the night
why don’t you just recreate it
with all it’s glowing mystery
and fill it with your own stories?” #indiedoodles


“They say leave footsteps where ever you go
I say ditch the steps, let’s dance, sing,
read, write, drip wine, meet, greet, kiss, hug
and leave trails of recklessness” #indiedoodles

dance 1

“You lay there, looking back
quieting the jousting thoughts
in your mind!
You lay there, between slumber
and awareness, swinging back and forth” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬

morning face

“Look beyond the cover
trust me, the pages are filled
with stories. All you need to
do is to open that cover
feast your eyes and feed your thoughts!” #indiedoodles


“Every puff tells a story
elaborated in the way you inhale to the way
you exhale that smoke,
followed by the expression it leaves on your face
Every puff engraves itself in a crease accentuating
your facial expressions” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“Let every hail
kiss your skin slightly, leaving
trails of glowing goosebumps,
leading to you falling in love with nature
…again” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“When you sleep soundlessly and melt
into your own little comfort zone
That to me, is natural beauty
no protocols, no rules” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“Some people try to erase bits and pieces of you
And the end, it will always be you
smudges of you, nevertheless
it’s a brush of artsy you!” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬

face erase

“If you could capture most of your dear moments
and pickle them in a jar, you’d have shelves of memories
getting better with time” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“Act, exist, behave
you never know the impact
of your imprint on someone” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“It’s just wonderful to
discover the unknown
The mystery of it all seduces you
to want more, need more” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“You know there are some days
that are just not your days
Regardless, you’re adding some
beauty to the dry world” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“For some reason
you never see your true reflection
and it’s sad because once you do
you only paint thick lines of flaws
And thin lines of beauty” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“With all your bruises and flaws
I created the most beautiful lover
my very own version
of bruised perfection” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“Type my darling
my ears dance to the click and clack
and my mind yearns to taste
your thoughts” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“When goodness is stitched
in your DNA it’s very hard to snap out of it.
Keep it, the world needs some goodness
these days” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬


“She lay there
while the lights from the television
danced on her face, her eyes never blinked
it seemed she had her own movie
playing in her mind….all night” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬ (Art by Hajin Bae)

girl looking back

“We’re not graced with wings
to enjoy the beauty of flight
but who says your thoughts
can’t have wings to soar
freely?” ‪#‎indiedoodles

feather head

“Let’s stay in bed
and watch as the world outside
blends into one uniform color
let’s stay in bed and blend together” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬ (Art by Jarek Puczel -Lovers)


“Here’s to the touch of madness
here’s to unstable heartbeats
here’s to wet lips and complimeting bodies
here’s to this cocktail that
everyone, at any age, has a taste of…” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬

boundless love

Revel in your rebel nature
it’s the spice that routine has killed mercilessly
love, kiss, smoke, drink,
embrace, relate, compensate
it’s in your nature to do so
and OH how freaking beautiful it is
on YOU! ‪#‎indiedoodles‬ (Art by Adams Carvalho)

adams carvalho girls

“Time is powerful
don’t let your identity fade as it passes
keep what makes you unique close to you
and time will blend
it in your presence” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬

tattoo art

“There is a certain
barrier that’s broken
when both of you find comfort
in each other’s naked state” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬ (Art by Duarte Vitoria)bored art

“If we all followed the same prototype
thin, tall, lean, waist-bones,
then perfection would become
very, oh so very boring” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬

sketch women

“When the world seems like
its falling down on you from all sides
stand there and ride it!
It’s all about perspective my dears” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬waves

“Imagine what a messy dreamcatcher
you must have, from falling into abysses
to floating on clouds with whales
how big is your dreamcatcher? ” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬ (Art “Borrowing Dreams”)

Borrowing Dreams by Zelda Devon

“There is nothing more powerful
than having your very own
voice versus being told what to voice
WELCOME TO TV NATION” ‪#‎indiedoodles‬

tv nation


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