Boozed Up Guppies

It was late
The sunlight shone shyly
on the cusp of dawn

You are exhausted, wrinkled
smelling like alcohol, cigarettes,
Love, lust, innocence, and of course
You crashed on your bed, your spirit
has nestled within your body
the feral of the night has begun to settle
as the daylight got stronger

What have you done?
As your brain
marinates in the alcoholic binge
of last night – 3 hours ago – drinking spree

A smile surfaces as you try to rewind
the events,
You are on your bed, the world is getting warmer
and you calmer.

It all started with an early
drink, those that don’t count, those that you
promise that you’ll sip not gulp

It was 7pm and darker than ever
it was December, that’s why
You carry your sober self to the pub next door
You walked through the narrow bar seat-hallway
spotted the seat yourself, you feel this sense
of weighty talk that will take place
and you love it!

Friends talking, loud, you hear their stories
with utter attention, and as your level of intoxication starts
to surge, you enjoy the tipsiness of it all
You can spot that your peers are in the same circle
You feel a sense of belonging, and they too

As the surrounding started getting blurry
and the music louder, you kept on conversing about
the little things that don’t matter but actually do
Your setting becomes a loud circle of frenzied
tipsy peers, loving and sharing the joy

As you summoned the bar tender
for another round
you look at your friends for that “nod”
in agreement, you ordered another

“Last one then we move somewhere else”
You smiled at the plan
As the drinks were guzzled, the air around you
infested with smoke, you began to slowly
lose focus, still you kept on going,
this love hate relationship with alcohol and you
is a mystery that you don’t want to solve
and enjoy basking under.

“Bottoms up” he said
As you did, you cringed as the last sip was infused
with most of the alcohol, you lit that cigarette
to overcome the taste and walked out to the car

Sitting in the back, with your head rested on back of the seat
You turn your pivoted head to face the rolled down window
Your cigarette still lit, rested outside the window
as the wind stole breaths from it, you enjoyed
the kissing chills that danced on your finger tips
the music blasted, the laughter enhanced the mood
Your incomprehensible speech actually made sense
the car was a box of loud spirited drunkard
falling for the night’s seduction

“We’re here”
As you lift your head from resting on the seat
you ready yourself to enter the club and continue
your wild ritual till dawn

You walked in, the movement of the crowd
made the place feel like it was vibrating
Those spirits were compressed for 7 days
in 9am – 5pm working jobs
They sucked it up to the man,
they sat their ruining their eye sight by staring
at the fucking screen
Tonight is their night
tonight, is the revealing of their true identity

You walk in smiling, buzzed and alive
ironic, I know
As you slither between the sweaty body,
the perfume fumes dancing with the smoke
to the music beats
you spot her, it’s dark but you do
for a split second
She’s dancing, alone
She is alone, her company
felt like it was the music
There were hoards of people around her
She moved, her body was eclectic
her motions were different it’s like she
invented her own dance to the tunes
She smiles, with eyes closed,
as if the beats have told her a secret
and she slyly enjoyed it

You got closer to her
She still danced, with eyes closed
She felt as you walked by,
slowly, she opened her eyes
and looked at you, with the constant smile

Said nothing , and swayed, if that’s what you want to call it
She danced, eyes closed, and that smile
You focused your vision,
you are actually exerting force to do so
the alcohol is there

She seemed alone, she seemed in her own bubble
even though people were moving everywhere and around
She remained entranced with the music and the night

You got closer, you want to marvel at this piece of art
at this beauty, that is careless of you
you got closer, you can feel her energy
clasping onto yours
You can feel the oscillating vibes
hit your boozed up body
Her aura wrapped itself around you
got you closer

She opened her eyes
You froze, her eyes sent doses of
Awareness, you’re awake but not completely
the lingering intoxicated state numbed your nerves

As the beats escalated, so did yours
She landed her lips on yours,
Electric shocks sparked
Her innocence faded as she
dominated all your senses
especially the sense of taste

She bit your lip, as a signature end to her kiss
She looked at you again
not one word
She kept on dancing
It was like time intercepted and
you were lovers for a split second
and now it faded

You, were dumbfounded
she disappeared, into her bubble

You dissolved into the crowd and into your drink
You smiled like an idiot
The night progressed,
you can still taste her, her vodka infused saliva
you bit your lip mimicking her signature

“Let’s go its 6am” you heard your friend
screaming her lungs out
You follow the light, since it leads to the entrance

You get in the car,
that stupid smile is still there
You enjoy the secrecy of it all
you enjoyed the spontaneity
most of all you enjoyed her
her mysterious known identity
ecentuated the whole situation

You’re home
crashed on your bed
with that silly smile

You are at home,
You are exhausted, wrinkled
smelling like alcohol, cigarettes,
Love, lust, innocence, and of course
You wonder about her
about how her innocence deceived you
bit you and
Startled you!

Who is she?







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