I sit here on this planet,

I do what keeps me going

I work for the dough

I live for the laughter

I am here and I am present

Yet there is something beyond this superficial crap

Something so magical so surreal

You forget its even real

I am talking beyond the technology and digital

I am stepping over the innovative and capital

I am speaking from within

Something everyone has forgotten that exists


Ah what a beautiful feeling, yes FEELING!

Ah what a beautiful feeling, yes FEELING!

When was the last time you felt?

When was the last time you actually FELT the breeze, felt a smile, felt reality

You forgot yourself, you forgot your own temple that harbors the most exquisite of emotions

These things from within

These things that go beyond the surface

These inexpressible butterflies, these raging storms, these soft breezes!

These are the aspects of the within, that put you at a loss for words

These involuntary heartbeats that generate a ripple of goosebumps


Yet, let’s not give up hope!

There is a gateway, a loophole I might add

That skips over the psychology of reaching within

That skips over paid confidential conversations

That carries you weightlessly and mentally

Where ever you are


Sit back

Take a deep breath

And put on some music

Not that crappy radio jumble

Yet some classical ones with the deep cello strokes that tame your storms

Those angelic choir voices that dance with your innermost soft breezes

Those drums that communicate with your heartbeats

The ups and downs of your within can waltz magically with these orchestral tones!

Would you believe that music can speak to your within?

Can make you feel again?

Can you believe that music is the language that speaks to your soul?

Can you believe that once music takes over the within, your body complies willingly and glee-fully!

I believe, I balter and I feel the ineffable!


You stir them, you make them go wild!

You stir them, you make them go wild!


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