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This is one of those songs where the female vocals empower your inner most silent feelings to awaken and liberate them!


Early morning, enjoying the chilly morning breezes as your coffee steam kisses your lips ever so lightly!


When a song literally moves your facial muscles to make you smile!


Can you feel it, early morning breezes mixed with the silent treatment?


Sunday Morning Goodness mixed with the aftertaste of yesterday night!


Never been a fan of Maroon 5 but this song just hits the spot! (P.S it’s been on repeat since yesterday and NO don’t ask why)


This song releases that inner “HAPPY” aura mixed with strength


Sometimes when everything around you is chaotic, just get in your car and CRUISE!


When all is well, smooth sun rays kissing your skin, thoughts twirling in your head, body in chilling mode and you paused a couple of minutes from your fast paced life!


Let it stir whatever makes you HUMAN!


Oh music, you’re a mystery that has seduced me over and over!


Lebanese with all its glory! Diamond Setter literally set the bar high with this one! Meet and greet some Lebanese goodness which you will hold on to and actually share because it’s THAT GOOD!

The times of magic, wear your gown and head down to the ball room, where people are feasting on life’s goodness and you are eye-ing that handsome masked person across the room. You sip your deliciously sweet red wine, remain eye contact and he does too. You slowly walk across the room to refill your cup, leaving behind you a trail of charm that will lead him to you, yet you remain silent!


The Beatles OWNED it, we know it’s true BUUUT give this a chance, actually it’s pretty awesome “CLAP CLAP CLAP”


It’s almost time, can you hear it calling for you, the outdoors, away from the constipated dry office atmosphere! Snap out of it, slap yourself, SMILE and play this!
A good friend of mine shared this with me at 5 am and it truly rippled happiness through me as I watched the beautiful dusk kiss the mountain contour with its light! !


When you find a song and you fall in love with all its versions, it’s THAT freaking good!


It’s Monday, first day on the job. Get into your outfit, get your coffee ready. Settle in your office chair, look at your screen. It’s early, play this tune and let your sexy confidence wear you all day long!


Close your eyes, you see it, that part, where he’s close to the camera. Tracing his lips with pink lipstick, fixing his nipple ring- “Would you F#$% me?” he says with his deep hoarse voice, he utters “I’d F#%@ me”.
Yes, it’s that scene in the basement, where buffalo bill dances with his drag image in front of the camera- it’s the scene from Silence of the Lambs!


There was a time where this song actually WOW-ed me! Now its mellow beauty just takes me back to those times resulting in a reminiscent smile! Enjoy my lovelies and in case you are wondering it is from the movie SPUN!


Everyone has that one song that teleports him/her to a certain moment, feeling, presence, in their past. I share with you one of the songs that truly sits ever so beautiful in my heart. Every time I hear it, I revert back to that moment accompanied by that feeling. Thanks George for this morning song, it was truly a nice mind trip!


It’s FRIDAY and I am on a music ROLL! Yes, I woke up with this super duper happy mood (not induced by drugs I swear 😛 )
So here’s the first song, we heard it yesterday after watching the cutest movie ever- Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2
Whenever you are down, just listen to this, it just makes you do your happy dance with your own special happy moves!
Enjoy guys and gals!


Here’s the second entry, I heard it on my friend’s phone. It was one of those evenings, where you just play music and enjoy it with great company. We didn’t talk much, it was music, us, cigarettes, and the pitter – patter of rain outside. Brilliant song, for any brilliant time!


….WHICH brings me to the third entry for Friday! (I told you I am on a roll). It’s for Bastille, when I heard it- it made me realize that it’s ok to flaunt your flaws and honestly living perfectly will just tire from being anybody else but you! So for a boost of confidence in yourself and for embracing your flaws- since they make you a mystery prompting adventure for seekers .. ENJOY THIS!


I am sorry fellow readers I have no description worthy of stating before this song!
Some might automatically relate to Pulp Fiction, however this is truly one of the masterpieces of the classics


This song was shared during a conversation I was having with a dear friend of mine! It is one of those songs that will make you fall in love all over again with the beat, the vocals and the sum of all the parts of it.
My dears this song will show you that there is so much beauty in the melody. Just LISTEN!
– (XYZ):  throwback from 2009
– (ABC): Let’s hear it
– (ABC): (eyes dilate)
(head accompanies music)
– (XYZ): yes that’s it!

Give in to this song, trust me it will dominate your senses to a point where all you can hear is his voice strumming on your sensitive chords!
I heard it somewhere I can’t recall, but it stayed with me, it spoke in volumes! (Those who seek the original version click here: , it is softer and the words are quite lucid)
Just give in!


Get that Sitar, sit with Ravi shankar and experiment- this is what George Harrison did and this song is one of many that will literally magically hypnotize you with it’s Indian oriented tune!


The golden innocence of old songs is exemplified in this one!  Wes Anderson revived it but putting it in one of his classics “The Darjeeling Limited”.
When you hear it, I bet everyone imagines his “lovely”. What does she look like? What’s the color of her hair, her eyes?
It’s a gorgeous song that allows you to enjoy and imagine! 🙂


When you feel blue, you just need some strong beats to pick you up and place you among heroes where you belong!
Get your headphones ready, you’re in for a musical journey that will flip your mood today, in a good way – TRUST ME!


Some rain, add some sultry sensations, and your man in front of you, tracing his sight on your silhouette- boiling chemistry, beautiful vibes! See where this song takes you!


Sultry in all terms of the word! I heard ONE song of theirs, just ONE and it unleashed an uncontrollable addiction to them. Enjoy my lovelies, it’s Friday, feeling sexy? feeling wild? JUST CLICK PLAY!


On a similar note, meet another Lebanese glory, “The Wanton Bishops“.   For some reason the song above reminded me of them.  Your thoughts on this one are welcome!


That mix between acoustic touches and beats, the voices along with the overall feeling it emits in your ears- the voices that travel all throughout your body! A smile, maybe, or just that pondering feeling of creating one- I am not sure. It’s just a good song, one of those that reminds you of what it feels like to be awake! Enjoy!


When I heard that this guy is singing, my curiosity levels surged! I’ve always had this nerdy crush on Micheal Cera,   and when I heard that he has released an album I hurried to listen. It is truly a reflection of HIM, when you hear it, you’ll know! You might find other songs that fancy your preference, however personally this song specifically, spoke to me! 😛


Once you hear this set, you will always revert to it, at some point in time, whenever wherever you are. Every moment is a familiar surprise (I say familiar because if you’re a fan you will relate), and the incorporation of the beats along with the vocals do carry your heart with them, to a happier place 🙂
A classic among classics, and it truly never ages.


You wake up, head heavy from the night before, it’s too early, the morning sun did not even show her light yet, she’s also sleeping.
You look outside, clear, pure flully white clouds stagnant, not moving- showing a landscape portrait, just for you to ponder. Nature seems fast asleep, the sky’s hue is getting brighter… can you see it, that first sun ray, barely escaping through the clouds, it’s a slow process in your mind, your eyes try to capture every precious moment of that gradual sunrise- but with one blink of an eye- it ALL HAPPENS.
Play this track and you will have your very own interpretation… brilliant song~


Yesterday a friend of mine, came over with a wide smile on his face, excited about sharing with us his latest addiction to TRUE DETECTIVE. As he played it for us, the opening song hit my sister and I like a storm, it felt like it was preparing us for an old jazzy, blusey tale of a murder in the red-neck outskirts of the south.  Those who have seen the show know the connection and those who have not yet, well, trust me the script, the acting, the scenes along with the gorgeous music in the background give creme of the crop in series.



When the weather gets chilly and all you need is that cup of red wine, the rain pitter pattering on the windows and just the sounds of this beautiful duo. They  make such beautiful melodies together, you have to hear this song more than once.
Just get lost, sometimes it’s just where you want to be! (You’re welcome)


Sometimes a little tune can brighten up the darkest of days, can lift up the lowliest of moods and can actually unfold moments you hadn’t planned for. Go ahead, let the unknown unfold. JUST.CLICK.PLAY!


It was Christmas time, I was in New York rushing through the subway with my fiance (back then). Anywhoos, we were planning on invading the city in 2 days before Christmas, so we can have everything ready. Then on one specific subway, I heard music, not any kind of music, since the underground is full of em, it’s that beat that just attracts you- like the smell if food in cartoons- I moved passed people, I pushed my way through to feast my eyes on 3 masked guys called YOU BRED RAPTORS? They sounded so different the crowd grew bigger by the second.  Listen, you’ll know what I am talking about!


This one is for trance lovers- or those of curious nature! It’s been a while since I lent my ear to some vocal trance, but when it’s Friday I tend to put some tracks and hype up for the night to follow. This song really struck a chord in my heart when I heard it, not only is its name SANCTUARY, but also, the vocals play beautifully with the beats. So wherever you are tonight, play this, and enjoy your body’s liberty and dance!


Jolene is a classic by Dolly Parton, everyone knows that, but like any other classic, remixes start popping up here and there. I am sure there are plenty, but Jack White captures the intense feelings of Jolene with his screeching guitar strums and THAT voice of his. Let me know if we are all on the same boat.


At the office, sitting on your ass all day! When all you feel like doing is dancing aimlessly on the streets, in the warm shower, in your bedroom, living room, in your friend’s bedroom, on the bed, in the car, at the bar, on the bar, in the club, in the kitchen, under the night sky, on the corniche, in the morning …basically whenever you feel like putting on those sexy moves!
You will enjoy this.. unless you’re not into super overdosed happy songs… then NOT TODAY..sorry!


Random “good mornings”,  random music exchange along with some “getting to know you” messages embedded. However, this time a song was shared that literally brightened my dreary Friday morning- it prompted me to do the cheesy dance in my office chair. Thank you, you know who you are, this is BRILLIANT!
Trust me music lovers, it will make you dance, wherever the hell you are!


The first gust of wind, the first drop of rain, the first feeling of cold all compile and produce this song. It is a beautiful compilation of guitar, heavy voice and it truly warms your heart in a gothic-ky weird way. It is different from what I usually post, but you signed up for random music genres from all paths of time, so there you go, just sing “YOU AND ME, WE WILL BE PART OF THE AUTUMN HARMONY.. TOGETHER SLEEPING THE ENDLESS DREAM”


They say time travel is impossible, I highly disagree, since music has the magic powers that can take you back to any era that you fancy. The 60’s hold a special place in my heart, I sincerely love the humbleness of the music, the simplicity and the tunes- they have this liberal feeling to them. Thanks Dad, for introducing us to the music of your time, now it’s my turn to pass on the jewels of that era (apart from this song, there are many) to those who lack it.
Enjoy the simple lyrics, the happy vibes and don’t forget to forget yourself 😛

Discovered them yesterday, I might have been late, but they are so chill to listen to, especially after spending a day at home recovering from a stupid cold. They are mellow and folky and just different!
So it’s Friday and I am hung over, so to ease my state of mind, I looked up chill music and surprisingly landed on this. It is not what you expect, but it does the job. The “new” unexpected element is embodied in this band. I automatically took a liking to them. Imagine, it’s stormy outside, Beirut is drowning in rain  and here I am listening to this music with pitter patter of rain on the streets of Gemmeyzeh!


Different time zones ignite different comprehensions of feelings, thoughts and of course music. Communicating with people from different parts of the world and sharing music is the richest experience. The morning song for me might be his before bed song and vice versa. So today, I received a song from a friend in Canada, it was late for him, but the song was perfect for my rainy dreary morning, here in Beirut. Settle in, ready yourself for some intense chill music.


 I sent this once to a person who literally could not wake up, he said the mix of eclectic noises made the song magical to a point where it didn’t even sound like it was from this world. This song truly is so unique, if you listen carefully there are so many tunes mixed in and for some odd reason, it sounds like they flow so beautifully. It is a happy tune, so if you’re seeking a mood booster or you want to send it to your very own sleepy head, I suggest you listen.


Simply, this will be your mid-day BOOST on any day!
Headphones ready, bass calibrated, play that tune!


So a storm is approaching and what better than to compliment it with great tunes!  Get your cups of wine ready, a blanket, the chimney blazing, cigarettes, good people and a great sound system. Make sure your setting starts off next to windows, where you can see the rain and thunder! This tune will be a great starter, it is mellow with pure guitar strums in the background. If you’re planning on having a chill night or getting started on those pre-drinks, this tune is the one for you!


Bonus track: Here’s what you get for your Wednesday, play this track on your way out of work today and trust me you won’t be disappointed. All the ❤

Some days, you just wake up missing a hug, longing for that passionate kiss, embracing a strong heart beat, reciprocating a smile – and then you suddenly hear this song! Your emotions, start bubbling, roaming around like crazy fiery arrows, they seek the like, they seek just to sense the warmth of what it felt like. However, you realize that it’s just a song, a beautiful tune that merely meant something, but has now become a different take on you, on your emotions, on your heart.  Fall in love with this song and let it mean, relate or connect with anything that makes your heart shutter! In my opinion, just enjoy it! Thanks Raffi, this song was on repeat for a while!


 This was shared on a lazy afternoon. These sexy tunes entwine beautifully together, even though the lyrics are somehow provocative and at some point there are some “weird” noises, but you cannot but keep on listening.
Get a head start on your weekend, get sexy, get naughty and fall in love with the night!
Every month has its own aura, packaged in memories, music, food, or anything that attribute itself to that part of your brain that actually rekindles those memories. So, this month for me kind of prompts me to listen to the music that takes me back to my house in our village (Zahle, Bekkaa Lebanon). To when we used to copy CD’s share music from our walkmans, record on tape songs from the dark wave on the radio etc… My favorite band ever in the whole wide world (yes that much) is Nightwish, this song was literally on repeat all through grade 9. Along with Entwine , Him and many more. I dedicate this to my cousin, who opened my eyes to this world of music- Thanks Helen! I also dedicate this to a very dear friend whom this song always reminded me of – You know yourself!
So, I will share my favorite, and let it hopefully help you make or reach out to your own memory!
P.S Tarja, the vocalist in this song is NOT the one of the recent Nightwish band. Honestly, you can tell, her voice can move mountains, strum your heart chords and shake your body.

Bonus Gothic Track: I actually heard this today, while I was scummaging through my winter wonderland music! Her voice is also one that is magical. Symphotic metal on rainy days has bewitched me at a young age – it sure still does!


Don’t you just want to fall?

Just enjoy gravity? that feeling of weightlessness, the wind brushing against your face, playing with your hair and you are just carefree? Well, if you happen to just fall and need to calm your mind to enjoy the mystery of it all, here’s something you would enjoy!

It’s been a while, I know but there is so much going on, especially with writing, reading, sharing and of course musicalizing! I heard a very sultry tune yesterday, very fit for your pre-drinking-get-your-sexy-on kind of mood.
Grab that drink, light your cigarette (if you smoke) and enjoy!

Moving on to the second song, since it’s Friday and all, might as well prep yourselves for a wild night, at home or not, you can always enjoy some bad ass tunes with the beauty and mystery that the night brings.
Bass, vocals and just pure euphoria!

It was on shuffle, I usually get compilations of indie folk, indie rock and electro indie playlists off the internet and I let them play. I listen to every single song fully, I hear it – literally and this is how I hand pick certain songs that stand out of a 100 song playlist! The one below is folk, the acoustic and his voice convey magical shivers through your brain! Aching to know how to feels like? Click play!


All I have to say about this entry here, is “how about some Mumford and Sons?” Their signature tune can be identified anywhere even if there were a bagillion tunes playing at the same time, you’re ears can directly spot them!


The guy who shared this with me truly has an eclectic taste in music. Every link sent is a surprise -minus- the ones that are in Arabic :P. Anyways this link truly is filled with different “feels” the way it starts off gives you the expectation that it’s going to be like any other tune that commences as such, but WAIT, literally wait for it, it gets better, it gets sexier! Be curious enough to listen to the whole thing! Thank you morning person who sends me songs, awesome songs actually!


Simply Electric is all I’ve got for this! Click Play, sit back and let it sink in!


When it’s rainy and stormy, I tend to revert to this one specific song, for no reason at all. Regardless of the mood, it just connects me with the unstable state of nature outside. This is a classic, for those who like melodic gothic, it’s chilling as much as it is thrilling! When you’re at home and it’s raining or storming outside, try out this tune!

One must simply always be open to new musical experiences!


When you don’t expect anything from a song, it suddenly surprises you with everything! I won’t disclose more, but I advise you not to expect, but accept what this song triggers! They are Odesza and they are simply mesmerizing!


Should we revert to the classics? This song is surely in your playlist somewhere, just stumbled on it in my musical memory and had the urge to search for it and share it!
Enjoy it music lovers!


Some folk magic to heat that body of yours in this merciless winter. Her voice is truly very powerful and all she needs are those folk sounds to make it complete! Pretty simple, pretty nice and yes darlin’ is all folk!

Exactly what you need with your morning cup of coffee on a crisp sunny morning! The oriental sounds make it mystical! You my lovelies will enjoy this!


It’s Sunday and it’s sunny, you grab your purse, cigarettes and road trip to an unknown destination. You drive next to the sea, you smell the salt, you feel that happy vibes. Even though there isn’t much to do, it’s just you and great company with the windows rolled down, but you just smile – knowing that it’s warm and nice! This is where this song played, in that car and it actually makes you think of the wild summer times just around the corner – and your smile gets wider!


It’s raining here in Beirut, I still taste the vodka in my mouth, I smell like cigarettes and my eye liner has expanded its beauty to my cheeks and I am smiling – like any morning after a weeknight of drinking. Youtube actually reminded me of this song, I heard it last year on this day and it meant something completely different back then, now it’s just good  music, good voices and cozy! It’s funny even music changes when you change- I love the beauty of it all  !

With a clear mind I invite you to welcome this tune! Let your soul dance with the beautiful vocalS, let it soar over beaches, let is fly among the clouds, with no worries in the world. Wherever you are, office chair, home, in bed or even at a coffee shop – I suggest you pause whatever it is that you’re doing and just let your vision roam free, the mind will take it from there!


Since we’re in this mood today, you will enjoy this after you hear the previous tune. It’s dark but gorgeous, that is all I can say about this! Just abdicate all your senses to this magical piece!

That one song that you have been searching for to hear every morning! That one song that you miss playing on repeat for a while! That one song that you want to cruise to while it rains on your windshield complimenting the beats inside the car! That one song that you want to play in the background as you watch sunrise! That one song that you would want to pass out to, while you joust with your thoughts!
This.. my lovelies is that one song!


Wine infused night and the morning wake up wasn’t that bad! Your mind is in a happy state yet weakened by the toxicity of that holy drink! You’re doing great and this song compliments you on the rewarding effort that got you out of your warm bed and into the cold streets of the city!
Enjoy my babies!


That moment, when the song you hear travels with that coffee sip through your body! Puppeting you into slowly swaying with that voice, those beats and this minimal sound!
This was sent to me on a random note, but it was too good, it had to be shared! So Thank you, you random person!


Some of the best tunes are the ones you stumble upon! Those that strike you differently than any of them on that playlist, those that urge you to indulge in a full throttle research on the band behind them. This song is a mix of “content happiness” & “I just want to sit in bed while it rains”.


It’s Monday, you just had lunch and the day is slowly flowing, like honey. You’re ok, you’re fine actually – you just want that tune and caresses those detoxing emotions from a rough weekend. You just want to sit there and work with a chill mind, neurons swimming from side to side, with ease and comfort.
You are slowly floating into the rest of the day, and here’s the song that will accompany you in doing so:


Yup it’s still Monday and you’re overtiming, well actually finishing up the final touches to the first day of the week! Try this to a beautiful end, before you wear that coat of yours and head out to enjoy that relieving walk home! Scarf ready, jacket warming you up, headphones in place and the road is your ally!

It’s been a while since I added some tunes to this page, but I am back with a load of new beats, folk strums, and songs that tell stories about the different emotional stages that you as a human pass through!

This one my loves, strums your heart with some sort of mystical magic. It makes you want to grab your lover, and seduce him to the strums of this oud! Thanks Despina for introducing me to this song!

Just ….click………(disregard the French, if you don’t know the language already)

This song has a burden of memories and seem to erupt whenever it is randomly heard. I was 16 when this was “the song” to play as we rebelliously smoked cigarettes  in car rides – oblivious to what worries were! Enjoy my loves!

Ending 2015 gradually. What you hear when music and rain make love!

It’s been a while my darlings… here’s a fresh morning tune for the chemical brothers! What I have for this song, is a love hate relationship, click play and I think you’ll know why! You’ll love it, but you’ll hate it, something I can’t jot down in words! 🙂

Oh Darling, come and taste some Lebanese sexiness on this very thirsty Thursday!
I know you feel it too!


When a writer fails to write, they turn to song.


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