There She Is

Marble skin
softened by time
dense with rhyme
and reason

Sparkling eyes
kissed by the sun
laced with random
bursts of happiness
colored with stories
daring to sin

Soft hands
lined with “hello’s”
and goodbyes,
creases narrating novels of futures
past’s and now’s

Messy hair
curled with sleepless nights
golden with stories shared
with the wind
open car windows
and endless roads

Smirking lips
filled with diary entries
between the face and the brain
plum with memories
luscious by design

Shaky legs
bottled with adrenaline
toned by experience
step over pages, rusty lines
that never made it to paper
and balance between why not
and I shouldn’t

Feeble body
weak at the heart
strong at the mind
seduced by spontaneity
intoxicated by the untamed
in love with
starry nights
passionate for drunken
diluting realities










It’s A Heart Thing

It stripped me from my pride
when my heart spoke
to my mind
seducing it from logic
diluting it with romance

It stripped me from my wits
when my heart pumped
thuds of intoxicated beats
that swayed me to
“what could be”
instead of “what is”

It stripped me from my sadness
when my heart shed layers
of “don’t” and enjoyed
the nakedness of
“take it as it is”

It stripped me from my social ethics
when my heart propelled me
forward towards spontaneity
pushing me over the edge,
the only connection
between the “good girl” they see
and the “real me” that
I wish to expose

It stripped me from the chains
that pulled me down
when my heart pulsated that warm blood
from the center of my being
to every extremity releasing
a sense of passion that makes
me glow with such burning flames

It stripped me from the veil of bashfulness
when my heart matured with time
to differentiate between beauty that’s skin deep
and beauty that’s simply found in
every crease, every flaw, every fold
beauty that’s eyes deep

It stripped me from the silence
that swallowed my words
when my heart kissed my voice
with confidence and pushed it to face
the real world, far from being caged
in a prison of ribs and outside
those wet lips that have yearned to speak

It stripped me from the insecurities
that overshadowed my figure
when my heart jolted a sense of
being in the only temple
that harnesses so much crazy
I even wonder how I made it to

It stripped me from all my fears
that injected themselves in shaky palms
and weak knees when my heart
practiced thuds of courage
that embodied themselves
in dilated eyes, strong footsteps
that echoed sounds
I have been perfecting
over years

It stripped me from all the layers
of self hate that I have inflicted
on my poor poor self
when my heart beat
itself into a new and improved organ
capable of strutting through
hellfire, through chaos

It stripped me from my last breath
of doubt when my heart
slapped some sense into me
creating an aura
that makes you think twice
before you let
your heart say
“hello” to

Kiss me

Kiss me a symphony
and I’ll dissect the notes
one by one so as to savor
each and every pause

Kiss me a song
and I’ll hum it through my day-dreams
as they illuminate my routine
with soundtracks of you
each and every second

Kiss me a story
and I’ll separate the lines
to find you between
each and every one

Kiss me a line
and I’ll inhale every meaning
to fill my mind with fantasies
relevant to me in
each and every way

Kiss me a poem
and I’ll rhyme every stanza
with reason to find you
hidden subtly in
each and every one

Kiss me a masterpiece
and I’ll find meanings of you
bright and untamed
in each and every brushstroke

Kiss me a galaxy
and I’ll orchestrate
the best musical
with each and every shooting star

Kiss me a note
and I’ll generate
volumes of kisses
imprinted for
each and every moment
I have wanted to
kiss you back


How Come?

How come

all my words
revolve around
that shine for you??

How come
all my lines
come to life only
at the sight of you?|

How come
my pencils shake
by the mere fleeting
thought of you?

How come all my stanzas
dance in a symphonic
flow when they embed
meanings of you
between their lines?

How come
papers fill themselves
with scribbles and drafts
that try to speak of everything
else but end up signed by you?

How come
words stitch themselves
to poetry that speaks of romance
when I am the furthest from it?

How come
natural highs
become acquainted
to my days
when sobriety
was always my priority?

How come
my perception of
lazy Sundays is changed
to channel happy sun days?

How come
my whole train of thought
crashes with an opposing one
filled with you’s and us’s?

How come
my downs dilute
themselves in empty cups
of intoxicating scents of you?

How come
simplicity loses itself
in each and every
cocktail of complexity
that constitutes of tastes of you?

How come?

kiss me

This Morning

I woke up this morning
with a churning
gut feeling
confused between
butterflies and bitterness

I woke up this morning
with the aftertaste
of realization
dwindling between
mistake and courage

I woke up this morning
with an ashtray
of fear
a mix of anxiety
and curiosity

I woke up this morning
with piles
of memories around my room
gawking over me
poking me to do something
about them

I woke up this morning
with an empty cup
laced with remnants of
last night’s conversation
lingering on my tongue
stale with rejection
watered down with

I woke up this morning
with smoke in my hair
nestling between locks
locking in the paths
his hands used to make
night after night

I woke up this morning
with a headful of bits and pieces
of dreams disappearing
into reality

I woke up this morning
with a churning
gut feeling
dwindling between
thoughts of you
and thoughts of

sarah herranz lovers


Dear Daughters, Dear Mothers, Dear Women

I have been dragged through drama
swimming between problems
floating over ups
and tip toeing over downs

I have been here and there
walking with lovers
picking up broken pieces
holding hands with friends
forgiving enemies
moving on gracefully

I have been brought up
in the country
living in the city
dodging reality
loving fantasy
falling for stupidity
climbing back up, rationally
falling again and again
and still
my legs stand tall
holding a head full of wants
and a heart
bursting with desire
for so much

Die A Little

It rained
daggers of critique
when you whispered
my flaws that morning

It thundered
roars of reality checks
when you tapped into
my weakest loves

My words dampened
and withered
weighed with mistakes

My lines blurred
with self-doubt
as they melted in
the white paper
that held them
for so long

My ideas remained
tattooed in my mind
for my muses were
dormant and
lost for words

My feelings shaken
stirred in tiny whirlwinds
seeking stability
they could only find
when they embody themselves
in literature
on paper

My heart heavy
with the burden of newness
grew bigger
beating excitement
mixed with anxiety
putting my whole
body in a frenzy

My hands aching to dance
traced the letters
on the keyboard
longing to stomp in tango
confirming the saying
that it takes two to do so

My whole being
yearned for a taste
of emotional chaos
to conduct
the greatest
symphony to
awaken my
muses and start
on the passion
of writing

For what’s a writer
without emotional

Just a lonely soul
with an empty
a sober
and that’s
death of the worst


Charles Bukowski

Cusp of Dawn

Catch me before
the cusp of dawn
and I’ll show you
how I can
blur the lines
between your dreams
and my reality
and make
your days
a living fantasy

Catch me before
the cusp of dawn
and I’ll dilute
your logic
with my chilled spontaneity
because this moment
is the middle
of yesterday
and today

Catch me before
the cusp of dawn
and I’ll kiss away
all of your worries
and brighten this moment
with simple
genuine happiness

Catch me before
the cusp of dawn
and I’ll drown your
morning hangover
in my strong cup of
black coffee awakening
amplifying all your
dormant.. or shall I say
hidden senses

Catch me before
the cusp of dawn
and I’ll embrace your
shaky being and free
all your insecurities
that nestled in your
stomach where your
butterflies should be

Catch me before
the cusp of dawn
and I’ll lay my skin
on yours warming
all the doubt that
chilled every goose bump
that arose before the
warmth of sun rise

Catch me before
the cusp
of dawn
the sun rises
and I melt
in your



This passion of mine
knew no mercy
burned everything
reincarnated some-things

This love of mine
knew no identity
loved insanely
and blindly

This spontaneity of mine
knew no borders
acted wildly
and boldly

This head of mine
knew no reality
acted stubbornly
and crafted fantasies

This imagination of mine
knew no limits
grew wider
and birthed stories

This tongue of mine
knew no poison
tasted many
and grew immune

This skin of mine
knew no apathy
felt abundantly
and rippled strangely

These eyes of mine
knew no ugliness
dissected the hell out of your flaws
and gilded your presence

These hands of mine
knew no hatred
wrote romantic novels
generated murder volumes

These lips of mine
knew no evil
went for days smiling
kissing the sins
that came with the
cusp of each





Press Pause

I asked time to pause
when your proximity
was minute

I asked time to pause
when our breathes
were jousting
millimeters away

I asked time to pause
when you landed your lips
on mine, warming the cold
chaps of distance

I asked time to pause
when you cupped my face
instilling all sense of
security with 3 words
“i am here”

I asked time to pause
when you brushed my eyebrows
with your thumb
making sure you erase every trace
of self conscienceness

I asked time to pause
when you kissed my forehead
and rippled all your emotions
from your body to mine

I asked time to pause
when you rested your hands
on my waist grounding me
to the floor, assuring me
that this is reality and not fantasy

I asked time to pause
when you wrapped your arms
around me taming my flaming
demons, setting the limit
between lust and love

I asked time to pause
when you grabbed my hand
and crossed the road
from night time to day time

I asked time to pause
when my you froze my eyes
with yours, in a moment
in a place

I asked time to pause
when you removed that curl
from my eye-sight and cleared
my polluted vision
from distractions

I asked time to pause
when you stole my breath
liberating me from toxins
that nestled negativity
in every cell

I asked time to pause
then realized
it was dawn
and you