The Unsaid

Today we feel sexy
we’re vixens
we’re hot and
gahd damn unstoppable

So walk that walk strut,
let the devil know
you can burn his hell
and make it
even hotter

Your chemistry
is delicate
just like that lace
holding on to your waist
slipping over
that glazy sweaty layer

Making you shine
like a diamond
in the roughness
of the night
like that demoness
covered by that
thin layer of innocence

Your hair burns
under the sun
every time you sigh
locks vibrate a glow
the rays of the sun
that peek
through the clouds
and heat everything
in sight

Your breath
aromates your surrounding
with jasmine
seductive and oh so strong
melting frowns
wetting lips
dilating pupils
a natural drug
intoxicating sobriety
increasing heart beats

Straighten up let
your breasts
raise to the heavens
God’s creation must be
displayed in pride
cloned masterpieces that
bring feeling like a woman
closer to feeling like a goddess

Look at them
fixate that burning stare
that spontaneously combusts
all in sight
especially the ones
that dare gaze through
that universe
that your pupils harness
confined in circular

They call them the window
to your soul
I regret to inform the public
that, darlings
souls float
it’s an aura
a certain hue

let your eyes smile
freeze moments
in your brain that
retain all the chemical imbalances
that carry that heart
to places
only your fantasies
can comply with

Flip your hair
it’s scent puts
roses to shame
its memory
in brain cells
that dwindle between
long and short
term memory

your tough exterior
bewilders me
your bruises and scars
tattoo your pale skin
your heart can never mend
that easily
when you fall
oh you fall hard
and when you crash
your pieces spread to radiuses
like sharp shards of glass
affecting those in your circumference
in the slightest way possible
yet it’s there
that splinter than lingers
it’s there
just like you







Double Meaning

One day
I woke up from
my journey to hell

filled with my burning emotions
bottled in empty alcohol bottles.

They never seem to die out
they burn for sadness
and flame for joy
they flicker wildly for love
and they raise when someone feeds
them gasolines of agape

I met the devil himself
clothed by linens of innocence
they were white actually
with a seductive glow
amidst the flaming heat

with a voice so calm
he welcomed me
he grabbed my hand and
against my conscience will
my heart melted, his warmth
was something my mind couldn’t phantom

I walked with him through lava paths
with the thin crust that reminded me of earth
and all the feeble promises that I walked over
and got broken along the way

He seemed to float while I suffered
learning not to trust
all those who take my hand

I delayed him
but he kept pulling me
dragging me
maybe he’s teaching me
not to trust everything
that’s hot

“why are you so slow?”
He spoke beyond the surface
just like this lava trail

As I was being dragged
I felt my body burning
with sadistic desire of being punished

My reason never befriended my actions
they were foes from different planets
they got me to hell
with Satan himself
walking across boiling promises
with a weak crust

He dragged me
as I lingered embraced
with these melting promises
body burning
heart beating
mind aware…

He sat me on a rock
looked straight at his kingdom

“You burned quite a bit little one
that heart of yours put wild forest fires
to shame”

I giggled
“I couldn’t help it
can a burning flame
if it doesn’t feed off
the air it breathes?”

He handed me a cigarette
and it spontaneously


Art by Sivan Karim 



Sign of Life

Blinking cursor
in synch with my heart

Blinking blankness
not one word is written
yet my heart is beating
I am still sitting
I am still alive
I must have something

stirring my agitation
blending my thoughts
my eyes tire
but my hands ache

I want to write
I must, there is something
about nothing
that must make it paper

It still blinks
my hands shake
my wrath
is foaming
with writer’s block

I light a cigarette
hoping it will cloud
my mind with topics
poetic and such
but I just get buzzed

I open a tab,
open a book
open something
my muses seem
to play hide and seek
now, it’s not the time

I call them
do the sacred dance
why have they left me?
Has my mental block scared
them to some place
where assumption resides
sucking what’s left of my hope
the one I created a sole home for?

I lift papers
empty ashtrays
pour a drink
maybe they’d show up
and make that blinking cursor

dance dammit
tip toe over lines
tango with letters
waltz from one stanza to the next

It blinks
It’s still blinking
at the end
of my

I still got it
I think
I hope
it’s the only
in synch
with my heart

2 faces



Unreciprocated Religion

Drifting from religion
puts faith to the test
lack of practice
and state with no justice
leaves nobody at rest

I thought love was a deity
till my belief turned
to be untrue
maybe I am a fool
maybe today
it has become okay
to undermine such
feeling so grandeur
to one that’s so

I prayed for it
I knelt and raised
my heart to heavens
asking for a beat
to beat back,
synch with mine
electrocute my mind
for one
thud can bring life
and put oneself
at strife, at the same time

I raised it too high
cut ties with my expectations
till it clouded my thinking
am I sinking?
why is my chest stinging?

Maybe this kind
of emotional religion
is on ground
should I believe in the tangible?
or must I simply retract
back into my shell
the one I shed for you?
My very own church

Welcome all you
whose faith in love
has diluted itself 
in mishaps 
and drink

“Welcome all you
whose loss of belief
is merely a relief” — Популярное




Sleeve Wear

Wear your heart on your sleeve
open your ribs
and let that beating
beat all things that stand in its way

Crack those feeble bones
aged by years weakened
by punches and let in some air
we all need some air

Feel the pain
the literal sense of it all
it’s only natural
to mistake pain for pleasure

Grab that heart
let the blood spill
you spilled enough tears
over broken promises
let that warm liquid spill
warming the coldness
that embraced your skin
thickening it with

Let it spill
down your palms
that have held too many hands
and left them too
let is warm the loneliness
that now finds sanctuary
in cigarettes, drinks
and oh that pencil

It’s beautiful
to look at something
that feels and beats

One red heart
for one being
dictating sadness
happiness, initiating
chemical imbalances
that light your glow
or dim it

Break ribs
grab heart
blood, bleeding
Pin it on your sleeve
show off, boast about
what 30 years of life looks like
rotten, begotten,
plump, sexy,


Yea, I Break Too

I have cried myself to sleep
hoping my salty tears
can dilute all my loneliness
melting them into none existence


I have screamed at emptiness

Hoping I’d scare it to leave my room
to the depth of hell

I have thrown pillows at my walls
to block their ears from my
curses that have weighed enough
to break cement

I have torn papers
of unfinished stories
ripping away all fore sought thoughts
killing all the “would have’s”


I have written on walls
and broken pencils
wishing I’d break the lines
that connect me with my past

I have visited rock bottom
and clawed my way
back to the top
every single time
gravity pulled me down

I have hammered
the silence that filled
my nights with loneliness
nailing noises to my house
so they echo with company

I have talked to myself
to amuse the muses
that live in the deepest
corners of my brain,
dwindling between good and evil
between my brain and paper


I have lost “it”
and visited another world
where I lost myself to the demons
of my underworld
my very own creation
I looked at today
and clothed its problems
like everyone else
with a smile
shoulders straight
and head high

I have chained smoked
to fill my cravings
with nothingness
but empty calories
and 0 guilt trips

I still breathe the same air
as you
I still pollute my insides
with the same toxins,
just like you
but hey,
I am still here
life sure has a funny
way of showing you
something’s going
in your direction

supermodelgif- "High & Mighty", Nadja Auermann by Helmut. .jpg

Supermodelgif: “High & Mighty”, Nadja Auermann by Helmut.




It started with one stroke
one command to ripple a wave
one movement to initiate
that creation
day 1, moment 1
“let there be more”
there is right way
to make it happen
and he knows it
to create is to be
and to be is to breathe

Every breath breathed life
for more
to fill that space
more strokes
more light
the more the eye
can see
the more, there was to create

The eye got caught
it’s mesmerized
every time it blinks
it opens on something new
on something you never saw before
on an element of light
to light your vision more
to amuse
but you’re still hypnotized
limbs numb
heart beat constant

the darkness is slowly
being eaten by the light
there is hope in light
and the more there is
the more that creation
illuminates space for more

I see it,
that creation is breathing
it’s growing, it’s alive
reaching for the sky
thanking its creator for
bringing it from the intangible
making it tangible


he gave it a heart


Art by Anksy 



If there were no restraints
I would skin the skin off of your body
and spread it on my canvas
and with a knife cut the words I want
to say to leave an impression
of the pain you signed on my heart
with beat and and a thud

If I could remove the anchor
that weighs my tongue down
from the insecurities that clothe me
I would stand naked and confident
to show you how my skin
speaks in a language only linguists
understand.. a dead language not common
to the common sense.

If I could enjoy the delicacies
of life, anytime I please, to taste
the forbidden fruit of spontaneity
I would leave bite marks
on scrumptious beauties
that seduce my eye
before my appetite

If I could put my best foot forward
I would step on all the muck that
made it harder for me to get over
all the thorns of guilt
regret, killed pride
that kept pulling me back
with that a magnetic pull
that has sucked me
into a black hole
of unknowns

If my eyes could speak
what’s on the tip of my tongue
at all times, each person
I encounter
I would have volumes of
first impressions that change
with the setting, the time, the context
and oh of course
the moment

If my hands could
dance on your skin
would trace the mistakes
my skin has endured

If I could sword fight
against every lie
that dressed itself in the most
beautiful colors, just to paint
my world with a false hue
I would slice the façade layer
of fakeness that I fell for
and turned it into my world

If there was a day
that I myself could
narrate what my instincts
tell me,
what churns in
a gut full of alcohol
I would
have lived a
different story
and what you see
in front of you
would be a completely
human being

Artist Unknown (well to me)




I ran against time
this morning, hoping
I’d get somewhere
hoping every step
stomps the life out of yesterday

My breath tried to catch itself
against the beating lungs
cloaked by the thick layer
of tar, I blame on
every angry inhale
of a death stick
I finish

My eyes fought
the light of day
that lit like a torch
from the behind the night
burning all my dreams away
a sense of innocence
filled the dirty streets of my city
a mist like incense smoke
in a church injecting a holy feel
in these streets of hell

Shops opening
humming prayers
hoping God graces
their day to come
with blessings of green
that turn their pockets heavy
and their homes filled
with warmth with satisfaction

I ran past morning dog walkers
succumbing to a ritual
of walking and pausing
I saw people standing in front
of ATMs that looked
like confession stands
silently humming their prayers
their sins, entering numbers
that will get them
closer to the false god that they
praise ever so religiously

I ran past dawn
across the finish line
of yesterday, past the past
past the moments
that turned to memories
past the today of yesterday
I ran past my breaths that no longer
belonged to me
the ideas that didn’t live on paper
that remained
under the
ashes of
auld lang syne

running gif


Spilled Paint

She lay there in front of me
sugarcoated with the light of dawn
her skin showed me stretchmarks
of her past
that clawed their way on her breasts
on both sides
it looked as if she wanted to open
her rib cage and give that heart
of hers
some space

I traced them
hoping these creases would lead
me to the fountain of youth
that once nestled in that cage
of hers

Yet I found my palm resting
in that valley, between her mounds
a valley with a beat that let out a thud
every time her eyes blink
every time she speaks
like a tribal drum complying
to her sermon
summoning the gods
to listen to her prayers
pleading for a miracle

As I caressed her
I could see her eyes
were somewhere else
in a world I have yet to open
and the key to those doors
is another adventure
she has yet to grant me access to

“Where are you?”

She took a cigarette from
that crumpled pack that has made it
through sessions of anger
reckless nights of spilled drinks
and placed it on her dry lips
those with cracks that have yet
to be wet with a lover’s kiss

She turned her head to face
the bedroom window
her escape to the outside world

“Don’t you see it?”

As she turned her body
to face the moon,
her bones slithered under
her skin, like waves
that look so beautiful
and so bold

My vision traced hers
to end on the night sky
she exhaled
blurring my vision
clouding the stars outside
with poisonous smoke

“it looks like rain”

It started drizzling

I looked back at her.

She took a drag from her cigarette
that she treated like a lover
kissing it passionately
clouding her mind

The glowing line
that bordered her silhouette
separating her from the rest
of the world
started to blur
and blend into
her surrounding
back into
that cloud of smoke
that harnesses
my dreams

Art by Daniel Hayek

Art by Daniel Hayek