She rubbed her hands together
Her skin was so cold that friction gave up
Thoughts swirl around her head
like wine in a connoisseur’s cup

She observes the world outside
and you observe her
she giggles, in solidarity
her perspective
has swung from side to side
it doesn’t seem to like stability

You marvel at this creature
Her lack of self containment
Her ability to say anything
whenever, wherever
Her magical power of being real

Is there something wrong with her?
Is her scarf tied too tight around her neck?
Is her head too weighty to carry?
Is it filled with ideas, deep secrets, much love,
a dark side, a dash of insanity?

Can someone be that real today?
Her real-ness is so rare, it glows
like a long lost gem in a tombstone
somewhere in Egypt

Her realness is so surreal
She isn’t afraid of being the person
she is at home, with you,
She isn’t scared to tell you what she is thinking
at the moment
Isn’t that wonderful?
She left her
sugar-coating in the past, she’s on an
all natural diet, she’s into this REAL thing
she has discovered it, after she realized
that changing for someone actually dimmed
a bit of her glow.
She realized that this Real thing,
is actually who she is

You try to look into her soul
you concentrate on her eyes
those windows
they smile back, they glisten
The collision of colors carries
you into that trip, where you have no control
literally ..

You feel warm, she is real!
You feel rewarded with that gleeful feeling
that you have found something actual in this world

You revert back, you take a deep breath
You light a cigarette and sit there
Her messy curls, harvest the golden
stories of many pasts, her pasts
her golden locks love dancing with
the crisp cold wind, on long
alcohol infused cruises,
You know, because she told you
and you undoubtedly and blindly trust her
She’s genuine and she’s there

For curiosity’s sake, you reach out
You want to touch her red cold cheeks,
She messed with your head, you want to feel
that all this is REAL

As you reached out, she paused,
Your warm fingers landed on her
cherry red cheeks,
she blushed and went on
about her own world in that bubble
of hers
With those hand gestures
those curls that dance with the wind
those windows to the soul
concentrating on yours

You smiled in content
You leaned back
took a drag
tilted your head backwards
exhaled it upwards

Then you straightened up
Your wobbling head
fixed itself
on that woman
in front of you

Her scarf carries her head!

Her scarf carries her head!



I saw you
eye-ing me
with your drink in hand
leaning on that dusty
sidewalk car

If you could
walk yourself
through the foggy smoke
and seat yourself next to me
A midst the unknown
what a rush it would be!

To host that confidence
to defy all social alliance
and just carry yourself
to do what you desire
Oh what defiance!

If you could
speak in that voice you use
to seduce my thoughts
and keep them a float
in the smokes
what a high it would provoke!

If you could
alert me to the wits
that embed your mind
and share them
with a manner so kind
what a chill it would give!

If you could
welcome my arguments
accompanied by the occasional
initial blush moments
interrupted by sing-alongs
with the tunes playing
what a thrill that would instill!

If you could enjoy
your drink and cigarette too
with all the hustle that’s surrounding you
with your gut twisted, clouded by
my judgement of your bold move
what a salute to man kind you’ll be

It all comes in waves,
the gathering of your strength
the courage to walk
towards me, locking eye contact
with no script in hand
with no plan at stand
with no knowledge of me or them
with no clear stance of what’s at whim!

It all comes in waves
the rushes, each one whips your heart
with an adrenaline rush
Slaps your face
with a hesitating smile
coating you with confidence

All those waves
come crashing at you
you enjoy the salty droplets
you defy the inertia of each wave
with sturdy feet standing
You are seduced by the thrill
of the unknown

therefore I ask you now

If you could
would you?

Waves of chemistry

Waves of chemistry


You wake up
You know your routine by heart
Your body carries you mindlessly
into your outfit
Eyes still fighting the urge to widen

Your legs with great effort walk
to the kitchen to get your dose of caffeine ready
You sigh, it’s early alright
the weather is almost dreary

You still look at your empty bed
messy sheets, trace yester-nights movements
with that steaming coffee in hand
and your mind torn between
“should I?” vs. ” I MUST not”

You take your crumpled pack of cigarettes
You open the shutters,
The sun rays laser their way through
teasing your eyes with daylight
“You must wake up” vs. “let me hug my pillow tighter”

You sit on that balcony of yours
Overlooking the cookie-cutter buildings
The illusion of a view, for some reason
rests your eyes, you’re still home.

You look to your side, the other chair sits there
with droplets of rain slipping slowly,
It’s vacant vs. its antonym
You take a cautious sip of coffee silently” vs. asking “how’d you sleep?”

You light that cigarette to compliment your morning
You embrace that toxic smell, you see
the smoke dance, your eyes trace its motion
You artistically observe the smoke
“You grin” vs. “I love sleeping in the rain… next to you”

You lost yourself for a second there
You frantically look at your phone
As much as you want to stay
and fence with your thoughts of
Alone-ness vs. Loneliness
You delight in the thought
that the latter is far fetched

You enjoy the thought
that your alone-ness
is actually a state of mind
where you go realize, weigh, and respect
your true self

You embrace your alone-ness
Fuck it, your falling in love with it
It’s seducing you on a daily basis,
it’s slowly feeding you self respect
and you are mind blown
from realizing your
self worth .. FUCK wow!

You run into that social world
With an aura of glowing confidence
You must make money,
Rent is due!

Realizing your true self worth and beauty!

Realizing your true self worth and beauty!