It’s been a while
You know it’s true
Since, the term
conversation actually struck
you like that last shot on the house!

You don’t know them
That’s what seduced you
You have no back history
nor any present attributions
that regards them
This is beautiful!

It starts, this conversation phenomena
You physically feel it
Damn, it has been a while

The subject of is no importance
but it’s of great commonality
The vagueness of those
engaging in conversation
makes it even more
interesting, more adventurous
since no lines are drawn,
no hindrances
no restrictions

When was the last time
you actually thought
before you uttered?
When was the last time you actually
spoke out of interest?
out of curiosity?

Escape that bubble of yours
that restricts your talk to
digital pixels, you’re not pixels!

You are way more than little squares
making up the whole!
Your whole is made up of a voice
a heart, a narrative of your past
mannerisms, gestures, features…

Each word is articulated in a way
that fancies your mind, you are actually thinking
Each word is conveyed with an indefinite perception
indefinite meaning..
Are you enjoying it?

Why do they say
we “carry a conversation”?
Carrying implies a burden
some effort exerted to do the act of carrying
Conversations are light
and deep depending on the parties
They can go from talking about
fireflies to political conspiracies
to the silly mysteries of human nature
That’s the attraction, we enjoy
the carelessness of it all, we enjoy
its ambiguity

But we don’t “carry” we “engage”
Much better right?
Wait, here’s a thought
How about we say “let’s light a conversation”
Now, that is luminous and oh so
Light that cigarette,
Oh how underrated is that word
Oh how gorgeous is the sound of that

Show me can a
do that?

Can it make your thoughts
dance in the haze of smoke
coming from those resting cigarettes
between your fingers?

I confidently

Pixelated Smoke



The exciting mystery
of your depth
Sparks with such electricity
that tempts the purest of souls
to tamper with it

The unraveling of your layers
that cover the gilded heart within
paused time, when it decided to proceed
My tamed intuitions are bewitched
by some sort of invisible energy

Every layer of you told a story
of a phase that embodies itself
in your system
As I attentively removed every shield
I soaked in every story, every bullshit
every compliment, every insult
that left that mouth of yours

Wait, my heart didn’t beat yet
Has it not been awakened by the
tangible feelings above?
Or it has it become immune to the
sly games of this thing called love
that has driven writers mad and lovers

As I sat there, with a mellow beating heart
I tried to dive back into the world
outside my rib cage and into the conversation

My eyes dissected every feature,
Silently reading those invisible
words that expose themselves
nakedly, to be read by every passer by
Those none verbal ques
those movements
fidgeting, confidence,
crossed hands, running hand through hair

I read them, as words filled the atmosphere with noise
I lit my cigarette so as to satiate my nicotine craving
Time became slow, bad sign I know
As I pulled back, as if a beckoning from my heart
I rest my back on the wooden chair
It’s wonderful how your unspoken motions
send waves of meaning

I gazed, I gathered the small elements
I absorbed the meaning
from the picture as a whole
a moment of awareness
and I embraced it
and it felt rewarding
this feeling of blasé
this feeling of self realization
this feeling of loving upon demand
and not upon heart felt control

I sat there, I with a smoky cloud
embellishing the dry atmosphere
in between, I smiled
and I said
“You know, I don’t really care”
With dilated eyes, you looked at me
and noticed that I too have layers
that need unraveling
be it delicately or ravishly

Layers to the Bone