When did this all start?
When all your energy is being sucked in
by your daily needle?

When did you become so exhausted
with life? You were a flame
a fire sign to be exact?

No one could tame your sparks
You were bubbling with fireworks
Your music was your own
in your head or all around you

The way you walked
looked like dancing, your eyes were even closed
so you could unite with your own melodies

Your night was your life
you lived for the moonlight and the
star twinkles
You lived for chilled nights
and wild thoughts

When did this all start?
Could it be that you are aging
that time is whipping you into shape
opening your eyes to that grim future
that everyone plans for
the house,
the family,
the security,
the comfort

Hold on a second
You have that now,
But what did your sparks dwindle to?

They are still there
I can see them in the golden
hues in your hair

Why aren’t you out, why are you
giving them sleeping pills to secure
your rest?

Snap out of it,
don’t ever compare
that’s the biggest sin you can commit
and the biggest guilt you can self inflict

Go, walk naked
dance with eyes closed
let your hair be messy

Go hug and kiss
you are a beautiful creature
with endless energy
with colors of possibilities

Go smoke your cigarette
with friends, laugh at your own will
let your wings open
stand on that railing
and fly to where your mind

there’s a world out there
also naked wanting to feel its skin
on yours




Journey W1F

We’re the clay matter
of the earth
Descending from the simple
sinful fact of the beginning

Our trait is that of
a malleable state
Changeable upon the infliction
of certain situations

We exist, we love and we hate
We get angry, we get happy
We get stronger and we get weary
We fall and then we rise up again
It’s a surreal magical power that
we harness within
in that rib-cage of ours
that power house, always pumping
life through our veins
regardless of the “near death” thoughts
that roam around in our minds
like Nazgûls 

Yet, we still breathe
we still argue, we still meet
we still write, drink, smoke
eat, fornicate, as our conditioned
state of mind always pushes us forward

Have you ever re-winded and marveled
at those moments, that didn’t matter
back then?

In our daily lives, love lives, work lives
we have bumped into someone of no significance
at that point in time
we were in love with someone else
our hearts were blinded by the shielded
true layers of the latter

Did you ever think of the “what if”
Those 2 words that ignite a universe of thinking
a plethora of burning energy
and a lifetime of .. time?

Your “what if” is somehow dubious
Yet don’t tell me that you never
fall into that deep dark hole
of digging it up from time to time
and creating your own world with
a true “what if”
Generating and day dreaming of
the “what could’s” and “maybe’s”

As you delve into your trip
You dance among the mental highs of its goodness
You smile at the euphoric state that you’re experiencing
You are enjoying a perfect trip
of colorful illusions
sprinkled in your “WHAT IF” daydream

Then the phone rings
You awake, saddened at the exit
that you have abruptly taken from your
let’s call it “Journey W1F”
Where for a minute or two
You lost yourselves
Realizing that you’re here
and you’re W1F isn’t, gladly for some contradicting reason

You smile,
for your expectations of this
will always be enhanced
never tarnished

Since your W1F my dears
will always be