I held a conversation 
the other day
with a different generation

I felt I was learning
literally, my mind was awakened
by the factoids it was gulping

Factoid pills were colored 
and had labels engraved on them
Politics, lost cause country
poetry, society and of course 
the idea of humanity

I popped in the humanity one
I swallowed it with curiosity
without hesitation

My mind went tripping

It is truly sad that it has become an idea
this humanity thing
Which shreds by last bets
I had on it
into dust
useless and unworthy

They narrated a verse from
a very famous Lebanese singer
that illustrated humanity 
between a boy and a girl

“I know you’re thinking this is just another 
cheeky love story, but trust me listen
I mean read!” 

Imagine a world where
when you lay your eyes on her
your heart allies with your brain 
into thinking of ways of a simple encounter

Days pass, in the village
the thought of her
lingers and you smile
Here’s the fun part
She delved into society
with no means of connectivity
you have to FIND her!

FIND, do you actually know 
how to physically go about 
finding someone? 

I don’t mean typing their name 
into a blank rectangular space
I mean, going, asking, and enjoying it
“that girl with the chestnut hair, thin stature
she was on that street, her eyes were honey like?
who is she?”

Can you feel the fucking mystery
isn’t it pumped with adrenaline?

So you wait on the street across 
from where you saw her
You wait, just to get a glimpse
wow, what value it had
a glimpse

Oh how beautiful!
She doesn’t know of your existence
She doesn’t know that she has distantly 
melted your heart 

Wait, the door opens, there she is
You place your hand on your heart
as if comforting that beating machine
calming it from racing

You breathe, it is her! 
You got your fill, what do you do now?
You muster up,
“Should I talk to her? 
what would I say? What if she thinks
lowly of me?”

Can you feel the humanity?
Do you even know that this was once how it was?
What has happened to it?
Too old school? well fuck this right?
let’s get laid and fuck everything that moves right?
Because my satisfactions overpower yours
Because the power of ME, goes way beyond the 
power of We

Taking time to know her is out of the question
talking to her, marveling at her details,
taking that road just because she lives across
is too old school, 
or wait let me utilize this word

“it is lame

What’s lame about it?
The respect that existed then
the creativity, the mental 

Let’s pump ourselves with alcohol so we 
Can tame our inhibitions and let go
Because making love is too cliche
Hollywood has made it seem 
elusive, far-fetched

wait here’s a statement for you
Love making has become fiction 
Chemistry is mistaken or 
none existent

Let’s get high on whatever gets us there
so as to experience the humane
Let’s strive towards instant gratification 
because our attention spans are that 
of fish

Pause, wait a minute
This is real, fuck 
this is horrific

Have we dove in too deep
to diffuse ourselves into our own egos?
Are we too fat or too thin?
Are we sexy enough to bring him home?
Are we too constipated, would they like me?

Ladies and gentlemen 
these are the measures of our society
Woe’s me
the terror of such stupidity 

Have you literally forgot how to 
endure, how to feel the beauty of something real?
Does that blood-pumping-machine between your ribs
still remember how it feels like, when she holds your hand
for the first time?

Do you remember?

For some this piece 
might be harsh to digest 
and too old school
but in general
we have become too broken
to actually feel the aching 
burns of the cracks 
that have been happening over time

I met you 
You met me
that’s the act of meeting
not curious, not even anxious

Sorry this might hurt
but it’s opinionated
I am entitled to it
regardless of your

I am sure your ego
will definitely entitle your opinion 
to your own gilded philosophy
that you have so beautifully 
created and 
you now 

 Now tell me
What did you feel 
the last time you kissed

him or her?
If you did feel anything
well, then congratulations
You have passed the 
“I am still human test”
If not, then I do apologize
we have sincerely lost 
another one

Kristen Rose art



I am not sure
how to jot down
the surrounding
ideas that swim in my brain

they are not ideas per say
they seem to have a direct link
to my heart

I am truly happy
am I?
the conflict
I am alive, more alive
that I have ever been

I am in love
not with anyone, I am in love
not with anything
but this natural high has taken
me places and brightened
my dull confidence

Everyone knows after a high
comes the low, I am in limbo
I am stuck on a blank slate
with no plans ahead
nor any behind me, I made sure
I threw acid on them and burned them to ashes
those past mistakes, oh silly mistakes

I am on a tabula rasa pinned
by the beating heart and keeps me going
Yet, those beats always play solo
sometimes they long for the other
to comply with every thump
sometimes it beats so well, it enjoys
its aloneness

That slate, my canvas
what should I do with you?
Should I go wild and slap colored paint streaks on you?
Should I meticulously create my future?
Should I mix-n-match a messy creation and
then watch it burn?
Is this liberating or just confusing?

I am caught between
the two extremes of the scale
I am alone and I embrace it
I am alone and I dissecting every
layer that has covered me and hid me away
from my true being

Thick impermeable layers that I
inflicted on myself to please others
Give me the damn scalpel, I feel my inner bright rays
aching to shine, to expose themselves
As I make an incision, I felt lighter
I felt better, those dark layers
fell one by one, day by day
I am naked, I am comfortable
in my own skin
I am naked
and my heart
beats by itself




She walks with such grace
that’s only as beautiful
as the soul that
blossoms in her fiery core

Her perfume slithers
its way from her neck
all the way to your neurons
they burst with electricity
they establish an associative memory
“that’s her scent” – you say silently
Without a glimpse of her face ..
Well not yet!

Her scent has hypnotized you
to abruptly follow its invisible trail
You want to feast your eyes
on that beautiful woman
who’s scent speaks volumes
in pulchritude and seduction

Like a mad man,
logic has been suppressed
and your instincts kicked in
and you want to satiate your curiosity
You follow her down the street
You fixate your eyes on those golden locks
You try to piece up a face
to fit that gorgeous silhouette

As you pass the shadowy vague
passer by’s, you got closer
your heart pumping, your veins popped out
adrenaline has become your cocaine
every breath you take, gets shorter
as your hand extends to reach out
to touch her, a gentle tap on
her shoulder, a queue for her to turn around

Time froze, as she slowly turned
You were astonished at her appearance
Her face was as fresh as the first day of spring
innocence, yet those eyes
cut from stars, magnetically
attracted your attention
They harbored lively demons

You couldn’t fathom the mystery
that surrounded her
She was a mix of innocence
a dash of demon and whole
lot of secrets

Your hesitation at lacking the ability of verbalize
resulted in you blurting out
“Sorry thought you were someone else”

As she forced a smile
she said “It’s ok” and kept on walking
not giving you any ounce of attention
..and that my dear sir stirred something in you

As you walked back regaining your sense of logic
“wtf was that” moments started seeping in

You bought a beer from a crummy local place
leaned on a car by the sidewalk, took out a cigarette
You wondered
What secrets does such a human possess?
How many hearts has she broken? How many times has her been?
What kind of lovers have had her in their lives?
Does she like men or women?
What’s her addiction? What’s her weakness?

As your thoughts dance with your imagination
You reached mental illusions where you shared a cigarette with her
looked at her face, studied the wrinkles she has when she smiles
that one dimple
How can such a being, have lingering demons
playing within?
How can she plaster a smile to beautifully
cover her inner self?
You go on marveling

Yet you still cannot pin down the mystery…
that key
to open the door
and let the little devils come
out and play