A Friday kind of song!

It’s almost time, can you hear it calling for you, the outdoors, away from the constipated dry office atmosphere! Snap out of it, slap yourself, SMILE and play this!
A good friend of mine shared this with me at 5 am and it truly rippled happiness through me as I watched the beautiful dusk kiss the mountain contour with its light! !


Anywhere, Anytime Song!

Some songs are just meant to be played in certain moments in life. You think they speak to you and they know how you feel and that’s why they are made! The mind is surely silly sometimes, but hey, Silly is sometimes exactly what you need to let out a little laugh!

This tune is just perfect whenever and wherever, the guitar strums are so pure it makes their voices “human”.
It gives you this sense of happy fulfillment and yes LOVE YOURSELF! Enjoy my dears and you’re welcome!