Whales in the Sky

It started with a cloudy morn
the wind was playing with the shutters
it was asking them to open
but they refused, they were
pulled back and forth
tapping on the window sills

She curled and hugged her own pillow
the one the never left side
through lovers and breakups
she loves that pillow

With indie music in the background
her sleep was never peaceful
she twitches, her dreams are too real
to a point where she really lives
them, in her own reality, she talks
she behaves..but
with her eyes closed

The sun peeked in
wanting to soak some of that golden hue
that nestled in her hair
The sun wanted to steal some of that
aura, that energy that harnessed in her body
so that it could warm up the day

She let go of that pillow,
the only medium of connection
between her dreams and the real world

She stretches, eyes open
body stretched, skin hugging her bones
silhouetting that internal structure of hers
count her ribs, rest your hands on her pelvic bones
ahh, those gates that protect her femininity

Her toes, stretched, pointing her body
like a pin, ready to spin into the day
She got up, got dressed
opened the window
she saw whales in the sky
big while weightless whales, swimming across her railing
across her vision

but she’s awake

She shunned the idea, shook her head
in disbelief followed by a “no way” smile

She started walking
the pavement where her steps lay
floated, carrying her higher that
her fellow commuters,

every time she stepped on a tile
it lifted, she still could not fathom what’s happening
with whales in the sky, lifted tiles
she rubbed her eyes,
opened them as wide as she could
to reaffirm the fact, that she’s awake

She got to work, her lifted tiles carried her through the window
she stepped into her office, and noticed
that her chair is different, it’s not like her fellow friends
they all had squared seats, she had a circular one

“It can’t get weirder, I’ll just go with it
it’s the morning”

When she stirred her coffee, the sugar particles
glittered and shimmered the steam
her coffee cup was different, she tried it
she made it in the same way she always did
but this time it was golden

“What’s going on?”

When she stood up
noticing, she’s not in a labeled box
like everyone else, she carried herself
to the terrace, not giving a fuck about those elevated tiles
on the contrary she embraced them, she danced her way through
coffee cup in hand, glitter behind her

She stood on the ledge,
lighting her cigarette, looking at the whales in the sky
being higher than everyone else
she lost her balance, looking down

She slipped and fell, there is no defying gravity
she’s falling, heart beating, fear igniting
She’s getting closer to the pavement
wind against her face, and fear in her expressions

She heard a thud
she was lying face down
on her floor
in her room
…. “What?”

She frantically stood up
opened the window
there were
whales in the sky

She rubbed her eyes again
pinched herself

Is she awake
or is she still
floating in
a surreal cycle of dreams?

2 galaxy heads



If I had the freedom
to abdicate to my
wildest thoughts

I would be on a plane
heading to a destination
that would arouse
my stagnant senses

Those that have been shot down
by the self inflicted social routine,
slowly reaping what is left
of what makes me human

If I had the freedom
I would be a bird
with wings spread
flying and looking down,
but never being a part of
the dirt, the chaos, the murder
the beauty, the innocence

If I had the freedom
I would carelessly voice “I love you’s”
to everyone who needs it
I would hand it out like free candy

To those whose hearts
that need mending
I will be their glue

To those whose hearts that are broken
I will give them a new ones
To those whose hopes have been crushed
I will hand them jars upon jars of bubble-wrapped aspirations

If I had the freedom
I would share stories with strangers
and listen to theirs and instantly
feel richer

If I had the freedom
I would spend my days
with my fingers dancing out
words on that blank slate
compiling pages and pages
of material to read and be read

If I had the freedom
I would make peace with all those
whose pride has eaten them alive
whose past has amplified hate into their future
and mine

If I had the freedom
I would remove myself from the digital world
that has eaten my time and wasted my eye sight

If I had the freedom
I would land my lips on yours
and kiss you, because you are beautiful

If I had the freedom…
I would embrace you
and tell you everything will be O.K

I don’t
I won’t

Held Back