Society Breeds

There was once a carriage driver
a quiet one was he
he rode his horses
up the hills and down valleys deep

He had his horses in brown and black
and but white, he did lack
He heard his riders
being lovers, haters and business men too
but all he could think of
was the road through and through

His horses were in sync
and oh how proud he was
for his reputation as a good carriage driver
was a priority above

Until one day
carrying a quarrel
from one lover’s house to another
he stopped at the side of the road
to ponder at a white stallion that’s wild, with no bother

while the lovers quarrel
he reined the horses to the left
so as to get closer to that horse
while his stand there hypnotized by conditioning
he just thought “how mesmerizing”

He took careful steps in the green fields
hoping the horse would yield
His eyes blinked faster than the norm
because he simply could not believe
that such a beauty wild and free
is so alluring, while he had
6 on his carriage pulling

The white beauty froze as the field
rippled movement
stared at the driver with crystal blue eyes
those whose innocence would kill lies

It’s mane looked as if sunset
kisses it lightly braiding itself
into its being
“why the hell not? it’s purity
is as hypnotizing”

His horses felt jealousy
with blinders on each eye
they turned to see
where their dedicated driver went
just to marvel as the fact
that their loyalty was simply
thrown away swiftly

The driver got closer
whispering words of comfort
so the white stallion’s attention won’t distort

He slowly laid his hand on his nose
and the horse stared into his eyes
His black cape turned orange and pink
just with one blink
he felt such energy boil within
“oh how I miss this” he said with a grin

His horses started neighing
hoping to seduce his back
by their obedience that they’ve always had on track
They thought he would cheat them
and ride away with this magic creation of nature
but to their surprise, he didn’t linger
but walked back with this treasure
that satiated an explorer’s pleasure

The white horse was in shock
“how could he tame me,
I showed him a piece of me
his dark dull days
will always end with beautiful sunsets…?”

He put the reins and centered in the middle of 6
but the horses looked with such disgust
the white one, just couldn’t fit in

He pulled the reins and in sync the 6 black ones went
pulling the new one, without letting it vent
the driver with a cape of sunset colors
and a smile of a spring flower
was so happy with the new addition
that he could not restrain the crowd’s anticipation

as they moved swiftly
the white one looked at this new crowd
breathing them messages of freedom
they misjudged his appearance
jealousy perhaps
but this should not be the case,
for the world is full of such mishaps

He told them about the beautiful life in the field
through his eyes
and they at first didn’t listen
but as they turned a blind ear
some words always kept them near

“Why the hate?
such distaste for the different
and unique?”

they neighed to the side
hating and craving his beauty
the lightness of his colored mane
Added life to the dark rectangle of 6

While the driver was content
and the white one was being pulled by the crowd
nature intruded and let loose her beauty
as the road was blocked by various horses
of similar entities
white, brown, black and hybrid
the crowd of 6 halted marvel
at such a mix

The driver’s jaw dropped loose
and noticed that the world
is full of beauty
one that he
could not under his wing restrain

the crowd of 6
looked at the white one
“we had no idea
such beauty existed
our blinders made us feel
that we’re one with no equal”

The mixed breed surrounded the carriage
the sunset began
coloring the world around them with light
“Gahd they’re gorgeous” the driver said

“some horses
are just not meant
to blend
in rows of 3
but belong to run wild
and free”

He let the white horse free
keeping the 6 conditioned and well trained
stamped under
his control
for this is their norm
ever since they were born

As he rode through
he noticed something new
every black horse on the carriage
was stamped with a white dot

the driver smiled
knowing the white one
left an impression

black horse



She woke up one day
with IV tubes in each arm
surprised at the matter
she looked frantically
for a familiar face
to ease the shock factor
that has overtaken her
in a split second

Her white robe instilled
a sense of confusion and a dash of fear
“what’s going on?” her mind repeated
the white walls of the room failed to respond
the echo of her voice did not succeed at relaying
the message to a humanoid or even someone capable
of responding

She inspected the room, the IV tubes
she noticed that each baggie at the end
had a name of a person, people that were
familiar to her, to her life
She could not make up the description below
but since the liquid within wasn’t red, she was sure
she wasn’t donating blood, but it was liquid of different colors
leaving her body …

This sparked even more fear
why her? why was her body a medium
from which these baggies with names are collecting

Her instincts kicked in
she did not agree with the fact
that her own temple is being abused
as a lab rat

She removed the tubes from her pulsing veins
and ran down the door full hallway
the whiteness of the place was disturbing
the walls emitted cold, her skin did not like it
the kind of cold that your heart knows is followed
by a demerit to paint its purity black

She saw a cabinet
“files, records, that’s good” she vocalized
she was sure she’d find the answers to her presence there
Her feet could not pace her anxiety,
they ran like wild horses away from that horrid room
away from those parasitic baggies that just hung there
getting fattened by different colored liquids
from the same person

Flipping through the files
her name flashed in front of her tired eyes
she just noticed how lethargic she is
picked it up and opened it

She saw endless columns of names
she knew – but did not want her memory
to remember or even highlight the brim
of their existence

“what do they want?
what the hell were they extracting?”

As her vision trailed with her finger
after each name, she traced it back
to the “Reason” column

Her eye lids flickered in astonishment
“They want my essence?”

She closed the folder
and followed the exit arrows to reach the roof top
it was dark, the car honks and the lights
made it look like a loud teenage club
nothing was in sync, but as a whole
it looked just fine
she sat on the ledge
aching for a cigarette
she saw another man
with a white coat, smoking a rolled

“Hey you..
yea you.. roll me one”

He looked at her
his dark framed glasses
reflected the lights of the city
his coal dark hair brushed back
in a sleek manner that reflected his own

“Ah, it’s you, I was up here thinking
about your case… why everyone wants your essence”

She walked up to him, with
whatever was left of her energy
“So you know” as she watched him
roll her cigarette

“Of course, have you looked at
yourself lately? did you notice
your pale skin?”

She couldn’t pin point the color under the
blue night sky
but she had one question boggling her

“Why were the baggies with names and each had a different color?”

She dragged the nicotine stick, gestured for a lighter
and paused in anticipation

“you see, those were people in your past
who have been infected… well not infected
let’s say blessed with your essence
time has slowly but surely taken its toll
on the sparkle that you left in them
so they gathered and requested
some of your essence to be injected back into their lives
since they cant chop you apart and keep
bits and pieces of you” he smirked

“Each baggie knew which essence to withdraw
hence the different colors, baggie 1- I forgot the label
wanted the humor you injected, that’s why it was pink
the blue baggie was full of your wit…” he exhaled smoke as
he told her

She was speechless
Every time she tried to say something
silence filled her mouth and ate her words

“I came up here to wait for your process to finish
but here you are
on the verge of collapsing, yet so curious”

She turned to leave
her robe slid from her shoulder
The doctor, yelled
there’s still some left
on your shoulder ……”

She ran like no tomorrow
towards the red exit sign
“what have
they given me?”

color back tattoo no lines


Butterflies you say
they have fled my being
to a lost land
that adventurers seek

Goosebumps, the ones
that ignite your skin
in a series of nervous reactions
have hibernated
hiding away from the coldness
that has taken over

Adrenaline has become an acquired drug
the one you need a prescription for
or nepotism to get your hands on some

Eye glistens, those are now
found in a fairy tale, the one
that once you narrate
starts a series of
“awwws” and melodies
of lovely sighs

Loss of appetite, well
that’s there, but that just
a bodily calling, for fear of
starvation – no longer
linked to euphoria

Rosey cheeks, they now
reminisce over the memories
of warm moments, blushing
torments, that expose the inner
most deepest feelings

Flame inside, it has dimmed
making way for more ideas
new replacements, new habits
new lights, bright delights
in the form of creative juices

Ah nostalgia, what a trip
what a glorious memory,
yet for some messed up reason
when you lay your tender lips on mine
You spontaneously ignite
the serious of previous events
in a split
resulting in an explosion of color
painting my world

agnes cecile

Art by Agnes Cecile


I was at bay once
steady and clear
with my feet dipped in the sand
with that feeling of stability
filling me

I was at bay once
when the ocean breeze
played with my hair
and the waves kissed
my dug in feet

I was enjoying the strata of colors before me
a realism piece painted by the craftiest
most creative of gods

I loved how the blue sky lay carelessly
on the ocean line, it lay there weightlessly
the center was a star, looking back at me
slowly being buried by the ocean
making sure it leaves an impression
before her lover shows up

The sun rays filled the sky with purple
and pink, the clouds even posed for attention
I was at bay, my eyes enjoyed the distant journey
that they took with the sun, relentlessly

In a split moment
the sun kissed my skin
the sun looked back at me, straight into my eyes
bidding me farewell
by painting the sky in colors with no name

I felt a cold chill down my spine
the waves got stronger, I diverted my eyes from that
tearful, silent sight and looked at myself

I was no longer nestling
in the warm golden sands
I was no longer high and dry

I had been tricked

I am at sea, limitless
confused, scared, terrified
The sun had conspired with the sea
to move me from my comfort zone

The sun spoke to the sea to tease me
with its waves landing soft kisses at my
implanted feet, while it painted a portrait of beauty
seducing me, luring my thoughts

I am at sea
I am floating on the thin surface
that separates the great sky from the
deep dark world under there
another planet, another ecosystem
unknown to man

I am at sea floating
my vision could not stretch far enough
to find land

my body shaking from terror
But, the sea was gentle, moving me
slowly on its surface, like a long lost lover
trancing his hands on your spine
it’s chilling, yet so comforting

I am at sea
the mother of all sunken ships
the angry lover, whose rage scares
the bravest of men
the beautiful creature whose colors
could not match any painter’s mix

I am at sea
I am terrified of the creatures below
of the abyss of mystery it harnesses
of the stories it can narrate

it’s dark, I am floating
the sea has no mercy
the waves tested her instincts for life
the cold breezes fought her skin
the heavy waves engulfed her

Yet she still floated

The sky looked down,
as the moon covered the sea with a silver
the sky saw how strong she was
it called the stars to go down and cover her
“a blanket of stars for this brave soul” the sky said

The stars gathered and covered her
warming her with with soft glow
carrying her from the turmoil
of the sea
up to where it’s serene

She grabbed the blanket from both sides
and tightened it
with wet hair and goosebumps too
she looked at the sky
and said
“I knew it was
With no reason why or question
she knew she belonged there
it’s just a feeling I suppose
that when you find your calling
you just sit there and watch your light

sea her


When did this all start?
When all your energy is being sucked in
by your daily needle?

When did you become so exhausted
with life? You were a flame
a fire sign to be exact?

No one could tame your sparks
You were bubbling with fireworks
Your music was your own
in your head or all around you

The way you walked
looked like dancing, your eyes were even closed
so you could unite with your own melodies

Your night was your life
you lived for the moonlight and the
star twinkles
You lived for chilled nights
and wild thoughts

When did this all start?
Could it be that you are aging
that time is whipping you into shape
opening your eyes to that grim future
that everyone plans for
the house,
the family,
the security,
the comfort

Hold on a second
You have that now,
But what did your sparks dwindle to?

They are still there
I can see them in the golden
hues in your hair

Why aren’t you out, why are you
giving them sleeping pills to secure
your rest?

Snap out of it,
don’t ever compare
that’s the biggest sin you can commit
and the biggest guilt you can self inflict

Go, walk naked
dance with eyes closed
let your hair be messy

Go hug and kiss
you are a beautiful creature
with endless energy
with colors of possibilities

Go smoke your cigarette
with friends, laugh at your own will
let your wings open
stand on that railing
and fly to where your mind

there’s a world out there
also naked wanting to feel its skin
on yours



True Love

She always took the road everyone traveled
She perfected every age, with a to do list
she always knew where each step took her
The surprise element that hypnotized her
was dormant in the back of her head

The sidewalks memorized every step
every morning mood
they even complimented her motion
with sun rays and sometimes rain

She once slipped
and fell on a different path
the road was no longer familiar
her senses awakened

All those lists she had in mind
fell with her,
She stood up
and kept walking
that’s what she did best

But something was missing
her memory was erased
she tried to squeeze her brain
to get a clue…at least
to serve as a  base to start with


Total blank

With courage in her gut
churning, she felt the magic
of innovation starting from her toes
to her eyes, they started to gleam

She took the first step forward
in the foreign land, it was full of monsters
full of blood thirsty, personality crushing
mythical creatures, that wanted a piece of her

The gleam in her eyes, the brightness that is
was her weapon, since they gave a sneak peek
to the turmoiled soil she had suppressed for so long

The ray of light, burnt all those who attacked
little did she know, she had such powers

As she walked, the road changed from a smooth sidewalk
to a vertical mountain, so beautiful, but yet so deadly
the rocks fooled her by their sturdy-ness, but she always
had a balance, that was..again..suppressed

She slowly calculated every step now, it no longer became a routine
She felt she was being born again, as the oxygen levels declined
the breaths she took increased, filling her lungs
with new air

As the weather got colder, the wind grew stronger
and blew off her cover, the jacket that warmed her
the scarf that held her together
But she felt something else was also being blown

Her love for words, the way they understood her
the way they leak from her fingertips onto a blank paper
Time was being lost, so was her time for words
her love affair with words, poetry, books,
That passionate lustful escape
that gave the world a taste of her identity
that scraping, scratching desire that scratched
her comfort zone, slowly, breaking that bubble

Her true love, those words that listen
that dance with her mood, that strum her heart
that are the causes of every joyful and miserable tear

Her true love, her words

She refused to let go, of those, she closed her eyes
as she stood on top of that mountain
she let out a scream, asking time
to extend itself
giving her more time to spend with her words
her lovely sadistic words that embrace and disappear
at will

When she finished, she felt her body
as goosebumps covered her body
she felt something else
She lifted her shirt…

Time did her a favor, it used her body as a canvas
to engrave its love
nothing is more beautiful than pale white
naked skin
engraved with the pulchritude of
her true

words on skin

Valiant Times

Hey you, yes You!
The person who is surrounded
by cupid’s blood

You are not alone, this is a bias
piece, projecting the silliness
that has always accompanied me during
this stupid day

I do not understand why
the act of love or the feeling
there of is accentuated on this day

Does it die the rest of the year
while your cupid is sitting
somewhere drinking
finding purpose to his existence
and playing darts with his arrows?

The cash flow, that goes through
today is simply a norm, well a societal one
that increases the egos of men
and the expectations of women

“Oh he got me a rose” one says with
that sarcastic materialistically marinated voice
“But look at the size of this diamond” says the other
with a heightened sense of pride that is slowly
eating her alive, leaving her looking like
a leper

You, yes You!
You are valiant, you have dedicated
your love to life, to it’s natural presents
tangible or not
You are one brave soul, falling in love with
the known, the unknown, the beautiful, the nature of things

You are one true human being, walking along
side this life of yours, with your own thoughts
while your cupid is thanking you for giving him
more time for himself to drink,
and this time he actually
invited you to  join him for that one drink
and listen to the woe’s that he has been through
and the woe’s of his other friends, that have failed
miserably, their cupid arrows are running out of magic

They used to dip them in this potion called
love, but due to time, and people’s
distorted perception of it
the potion has lost its effect

You listen, praising that God of yours
that you are in this place with your cupid
alone, and loving the selfishness of it
with a heart of love,
love for everything
with a sly smirk, you pick up your glass
and cheer the poor guy,
Even his wings have wilted
causing him to lose that magic spark
that he once had

“You know, I had the one arrow
the I shot at you” he told me with his red drunken eyes

“That one arrow, was different,
you needed something with inebriating
I used maple wood
then let is settle in a pot of amber
and the tip, well, let’s say it
was made from one of nature’s blessings to mankind.

You were a project that I enjoyed shooting”
He said that, with a rewarding smile!

“It was one hell of an arrow
and I assure you, that you are one
valiant being, for withstanding
all that went through, the pain it caused
as it pierced through your rib cage
I aimed towards your heart
shot the arrow
and exhaled with
such relief
now you glow
with the magic
of that arrow”

arrow 1

Grey Matter

It was a national holiday yesterday
So you can imagine the morning
It was ghost-like yet serene
All those nine to five-rs or sixe-rs
lay in bed, absorbing the warmth
that they so slightly enjoy on a Monday morn

The psychological satisfaction of sinning
on a Monday morning is rewarding enough
to fulfill that wish of curling oneself
under the thin sheets of slumber

All those cars that pack themselves
on narrow streets, lay resting
on the sides, sharing the same pleasure
as those people in bed

One can actually hear the morning
filtered from the honking, the roaring
the morning mumbles, the scorning faces
the robotic movements, the raging screams
One can actually hear the morning
in a city that is fast asleep

The clouds slowly drifted across
the sun rays shielding their heating powers
“There’s a storm coming” they said
and people listened to nature
to it’s silent communication
through it’s connection to humans

The white clouds slowly made space
for their dreary counterparts
they disappeared as the darkness
overshadowed the innocent illusion of spring

Chills, kissed my skin, softly
like that of a bashful lover,
emitting trails of goosebumps
to relay the message to my body
that nature has turned its cold shoulder

I rested my elbows on the balcony
from where nature conversed
with me about the coming
of rain

One single drop landed on my hand
It only takes that first one, for you to utter
“Oh it’s raining”
That cold minuscule drop to meet
your skin, that moment of beautiful
encounter between humans and nature

I lingered, I wanted more
As I patiently waited I feasted my eyes
on the cubed view, the dust was slowly
sliding off the walls, making space for rain
to trail down, shedding the accumulated dirt

The dreary weather crept it, giving those
shiny billboards the justice of being bright
One word stood out, in white, with an evergreen

As I lingered on my balcony
enjoying the rain as it hailed beautifully
complimenting the music I had in the background
The view transformed from an old street in the city
to a future-sque industrial view with a wet effect

That word kept flashing on the huge ginormous billboard
sucking the power of the darkness, showing its complete control
on the world below it and as we know it

“Money, take what’s yours back”
I can’t recall the company, but
It was literally the driving force
that triggered such a pathetic image about humanity

That flashing image, subconsciously engraving
that word in your head, hypnotizing you
to spontaneously birth this crave for it
Slowly, effacing the meaning of
genuine living

Slowly invading your innocent thinking
with this dirty lust for the green
not any green, but synthesized, paper thin
green, stamped with the supposedly
archaic ruins of the country

“Money” “Money” “Money”
Ripping off your clothes
Dressing you in suits
Placing you behind a desk
in a cookie cutter society

Forgetting the simple
beautiful fact
of a raindrop on your skin
that washes away
that grey suit matter

that you are slowly



Once there was this soul
that wandered aimlessly

that soul, was a product
of easy living and naive breathing
walking through paths less traveled
taking advice from the here and there

that soul, was a conclusion
of the picture perfect being
striving to complete the straight A
attitude it has always maintained

That soul always clung to passer-bys
for fear of being a lonely wanderer
that soul needed the comfort of another

Until one day, there was this hammer
that was hitting that bubble surrounding this
body-less aura, that hammer
redundantly kept hitting that fragile cover
as the cracks crept from all angles, it eventually broke

The soul was released from confinement
it was left to wander and wonder
it was alone, escaped that comfort of its own inflicted
cover bubble

It left that space like incense smoke
swirling with the wind, creating art out of nothing
generating amusement as it left that burning stick
with a beautiful scent, leaving behind the ashes
of the cold fragrant stick, wilting

Now what?

As it curled and swirled
it expanded its horizons to a bigger bubble
a bubble of no boundaries
It escalated to the euphoric highs of freedom
and it sometimes deterioted to the lingering feelings that
once reminded it of that silly fragile bubble, it once called home

As it weightlessly flew through that bigger horizon
it stumbled on lost body, wandering the face of the earth
it felt familiar, the soul looked closely, that body was empty
broken burnt, effaced from all things that reflected its true beauty
to the outer world

As that body inhaled a breath of fresh air
the soul entered it with no thoughts
the soul fell in love with it
that feeling of love at first sight
driving the soul to insanely and spontaneously
become one with that body
the soul nestled beautifully
and slowly realized that this is home

The body, glowed it felt alive again
It has found sanctuary within itself again

It felt beautiful all on its own
It felt powerful

It was just the antidote
to those empty lifeless eyes
it felt like all  it needed

was breath of fresh air

to revive that once wild spirit
to give light to the world it had
hidden behind those eyes
that rib cage
and that damn thick skin

and the soul, oh the soul

it felt more at home
than ever
it has found its



Third World

Consider this
A nation drugged with
Bombs of sarcasm on our border
Humans with crocodile smiles
Roads of crammed cars
Sounds of the night
Just like every other night

I could not but join in the celebration
We have become pathetic, we have adapted
to war
This is not a light thing to say
We have adapted to being the laughing stock
of our neighboring countries

We have grown fond of death and killings
we have been psychologically conditioned
to become desensitized
to what “progressed countries” call
“an unstable nation”

I forgot the patriots
I pity them, those whose souls
are strong, on an individual level because
most have lost interest in “hope”
Props to you and your unheard voices
whatever keeps that heart of yours beating
well…inject more,

project to progress

We’ve become a selfish nation
each striving to perfect that blueprint
of his illusion called “future”


I join the mental protest
towards progress, I join the
rivers of ambition that lead to the waterfall
with the rocky bottom
I join the walk towards
that fucking idea of “success”
then I pause
I halt in the middle of all that commotion
“then what?”

I still live in this country, I still have this crummy
apartment, I still don’t have water, I still don’t have electricity
I still plan on leaving, everyday
I still .. still
I still get drunk on ideas, on feelings
on alcohol on tangible moments
on psychological satisfactions
on the idea of WE instead of ME
AND vice versa when needed

“Shuffled Sheets”
I woke up, my nostrils dirtied
by the polluted air that I so willingly breathe
I am hosting this weakened body
that has become programmed
to follow routine
to react to any action
to just push through the next sunrise
I light my cigarette to compliment the fact
that I am awake, I am still alive
on an empty stomach growling
for something new

Ah what a paradox

I stood on my balcony, resting on that rusty
railing of mine, I look across to see how
the buzzing bees of Beirut, cease to
acknowledge the infesting corruption
that is slowly feeding off of their humanity
like parasites on unaware hosts

I see them, I can hear them
I disagree with
and all I can do is exhale that
cancerous smoke and join in
for now!

Then I took another look
at the messy view
colored by laundry rails
old wooden shutters
cheap paint and LCD advertisements
and I saw you standing there
on your porch with your head
stuck in your own cigarette smoke
leaning and looking straight
back at me

city 3