Society Breeds

There was once a carriage driver
a quiet one was he
he rode his horses
up the hills and down valleys deep

He had his horses in brown and black
and but white, he did lack
He heard his riders
being lovers, haters and business men too
but all he could think of
was the road through and through

His horses were in sync
and oh how proud he was
for his reputation as a good carriage driver
was a priority above

Until one day
carrying a quarrel
from one lover’s house to another
he stopped at the side of the road
to ponder at a white stallion that’s wild, with no bother

while the lovers quarrel
he reined the horses to the left
so as to get closer to that horse
while his stand there hypnotized by conditioning
he just thought “how mesmerizing”

He took careful steps in the green fields
hoping the horse would yield
His eyes blinked faster than the norm
because he simply could not believe
that such a beauty wild and free
is so alluring, while he had
6 on his carriage pulling

The white beauty froze as the field
rippled movement
stared at the driver with crystal blue eyes
those whose innocence would kill lies

It’s mane looked as if sunset
kisses it lightly braiding itself
into its being
“why the hell not? it’s purity
is as hypnotizing”

His horses felt jealousy
with blinders on each eye
they turned to see
where their dedicated driver went
just to marvel as the fact
that their loyalty was simply
thrown away swiftly

The driver got closer
whispering words of comfort
so the white stallion’s attention won’t distort

He slowly laid his hand on his nose
and the horse stared into his eyes
His black cape turned orange and pink
just with one blink
he felt such energy boil within
“oh how I miss this” he said with a grin

His horses started neighing
hoping to seduce his back
by their obedience that they’ve always had on track
They thought he would cheat them
and ride away with this magic creation of nature
but to their surprise, he didn’t linger
but walked back with this treasure
that satiated an explorer’s pleasure

The white horse was in shock
“how could he tame me,
I showed him a piece of me
his dark dull days
will always end with beautiful sunsets…?”

He put the reins and centered in the middle of 6
but the horses looked with such disgust
the white one, just couldn’t fit in

He pulled the reins and in sync the 6 black ones went
pulling the new one, without letting it vent
the driver with a cape of sunset colors
and a smile of a spring flower
was so happy with the new addition
that he could not restrain the crowd’s anticipation

as they moved swiftly
the white one looked at this new crowd
breathing them messages of freedom
they misjudged his appearance
jealousy perhaps
but this should not be the case,
for the world is full of such mishaps

He told them about the beautiful life in the field
through his eyes
and they at first didn’t listen
but as they turned a blind ear
some words always kept them near

“Why the hate?
such distaste for the different
and unique?”

they neighed to the side
hating and craving his beauty
the lightness of his colored mane
Added life to the dark rectangle of 6

While the driver was content
and the white one was being pulled by the crowd
nature intruded and let loose her beauty
as the road was blocked by various horses
of similar entities
white, brown, black and hybrid
the crowd of 6 halted marvel
at such a mix

The driver’s jaw dropped loose
and noticed that the world
is full of beauty
one that he
could not under his wing restrain

the crowd of 6
looked at the white one
“we had no idea
such beauty existed
our blinders made us feel
that we’re one with no equal”

The mixed breed surrounded the carriage
the sunset began
coloring the world around them with light
“Gahd they’re gorgeous” the driver said

“some horses
are just not meant
to blend
in rows of 3
but belong to run wild
and free”

He let the white horse free
keeping the 6 conditioned and well trained
stamped under
his control
for this is their norm
ever since they were born

As he rode through
he noticed something new
every black horse on the carriage
was stamped with a white dot

the driver smiled
knowing the white one
left an impression

black horse



Those who seek
the wildest of lives
lead the most untamed
series of events that
compose a page-turner

You, my beautiful human
are a soul
that should roam the nights
conquer days and their sun
devour innovations
feed on poetry
thrive on art and beauty

You should fall and fall hard
Love like no tomorrow
Let its chemicals ignite sparks in your soul
and project it through your eyes
you glow
Let your heart go insane,
let it enjoy the uncontrollable beats, let it
dance to them
Fear should not be a detriment
for no-one has died of a broken heart!

Dance naked, love that temple of yours
be selfish about it
Mold it, design it, decorate it
into your liking
you are a masterpiece
your viewers are plenty
your lovers are selective
with refined taste and appreciation

People have great stories
with an untamed knack to share
Listen to beauty of difference
to the variations in events
to their “personal”
listen to the human interpretation of
moments, to experience
never judge, just listen
and sometimes advise
other times, silence poses as the
band aid mending those slight injuries

Now this is beautiful in every aspect
for once you taste, feel, listen, hear
the bits and pieces that life has thrown at you
you slowly create the missing beauty that is you
you slowly shed the dead skin, revealing the
wealth that is you
you slowly become that art piece
that stands out in the middle of a museum
highlighted, beautiful, and oh so precious

the exotic flavors of life
taste the spicy and the sweet
taste the unknown, awaken your buds
taste the souls of those whose are beautiful
embrace the colorful, abundant, and secretive
Savor the delicacies of life,

Come taste my soul
Let me share my beauty with yours
Experience the richness
Listen to the cutting silence, dancing to the
artistic beats of your body

Come let



your soul
taste my soul


The pieces of your life
always impact you personally
You tend to forget the major
pillars that pose
as your sturdy base

You evolve your problems
your happiness
your chaos
your heartbreaks
your love highs, your mood
around the person that you are

I suggest, you take a step back
ponder at what you are
You are a compilation of identities
that surface depending on
the mood and the situation you are in
it is a cycle that goes infinite
rounds, over and over

The “you” with friends
differs greatly from the “you” at work
from the the “you” with family
and of course the “you” in solitary state

Let your thoughts wander
You realize that you have been there
and done that
but reflect on your within

Go home, from time to time
and be surrounded by the 2 crucial
patient souls that accept you
with your fuck-ups and
endure your tantrums with a smile

You host a smile that belonged to her first
and patience that he possessed
a combination of their wit
and a last name that will forever
accompany you, worldwide!
You sound like her, and you reason like him
You walk with her grace and have a strong
presence like him

You carry his music taste and articulate eloquence
You share her love and pleasant care

You pride at the rewarding feeling
of the struggle you passed through
to accomplish the “self” you always
strived for

You pat yourself on the back

One thought to marinate
when you’re in bed
being the “you” that you chose to be
at the moment
in time

Reflect on those times
that you went back home
regardless of the shadowy past
the rambling mess you left behind
On those times, that you never bothered
to call and ask about them..

You walk in,
it’s home, you sense it
that power that they created
in those walls,
is all for you

love them, tame the inner you
that tends to find comfort
in unleashing that wrath
towards them
and respect
the fact
that they still and will
always call you

It’s a power that
the Gods possess
and have passed it
on to them

Sit and Think


It’s a feeling
I can tell you that
but to pin it down
that’s the real puzzlement
it’s a fact

I am happy
when I am present
but I am not
It is a paradox of feelings…
that relieved sensation after vomiting

It hurts, not really
I married apathy, yet
to each feeling, a trigger
I married apathy who had an affair with envy
But I am not envious,
it is just this feeling, that is inexplicable

I paste a smile on my face
I am genuine, or at least trying to be
But no one gets fooled,
The fake-ness of it all
Escapes through my eyes

I am not jealous, for
there is nothing to be jealous of
I love it, I love that it’s happening
but I detest its existence now
I abhor the happiness that’s surrounding me
But I am in love with the joy that its amplifying

I am helpful, I am swallowing this lump
in my throat, that harnesses that rage
wait, it’s not rage, it’s not that at all
nor is it bitterness,
nor is it discontent
I am just an outsider of this situation
the war going on inside of me
is about me, for me and by me

I am grasping for breath
I am counting, before speaking
to ease the screams inside
the ones that pierce your ears
the ones that haunt you at night

I am grasping for air
I am hyperventilating,
What is this feeling?
I cannot coin the term
It is not feeling apathetic,
for I do feel something,
but not towards anyone, or anything
What I am feeling is introverted
Understood by me
and for me

I am drowning
in my own raging sea of emotions
Ones so wild, that harnessing them
in a straight jacket and throwing
them in the sea,
will actually calm
the internal



Standing alone
facing a raging storm
with tornadoes of hate
sweeping everything
that lit with hope

Standing alone
Your body flamed with courage
even when it rained insults
Your flame still burned with more passion
than ever

Standing alone, scanning the surroundings
all those supportive bodies that were once there
were stripped to their true ignorant nature
by the winds of truth

Standing alone, realizing
that not all were support
but they were just mere puppets
in a show

Now that the curtains are down
and the winds blew away that facade
that harnessed a skeleton of lies
Your world was better without them

Standing alone, knowing yourself
was like walking through a field of roses
The thorns made it a rough journey
but you were seduced by the beauty of those roses
that hover on top of all that thorny evil

Standing alone, in the middle of that rose field
You notice, the roses slowly tilt towards you
You realize, your aura
It’s lighting again, the flame of courage has helped
The thorny path merely shielded you
strengthened you

The roses slowly, embrace you
as they tighten, you feel that piercing
thorny sensation,
You are being injected
by life’s beauty, nothing is that easy

As they tighten their clasp
You close your eyes, hoping for your survival instincts
to kick in
You close your eyes, hoping for the pain to go away

Wait… what’s happening
the pain is subsiding, yet you can still smell
the beautiful rosey scent

You opened your eyes, hesitating
scared, of witnessing something
against your prediction

You noticed that you too
have evolved into a rose
emerging from thorny roots
seeking great heights

A beauty among beauties
Portraying such peaceful pulchritude
Tempting without altering them
about the thorns that might inflict pain

For you have earned that right
of becoming so beautiful
from all that pain

rose and you

Word Vomit

You want to be skinny
You want to look pretty
You want to have the best
You want to be the best
You want the car
the apartment
the house
the shoes
the dresses
the beauty
the better life

How about wanting
Better wits
Better health
Better understanding
Better comprehension
Better patience
Better sense of logic
Better perception
Better empathy
Better care
Better selflessness

Sadly, you are drowning
in an ironically shallow reality
almost suffocating you with
its plasticity
Riding you into a future
based on botoxed lips
wind slapped faces
that hide the emptiness inside

What happened to beautiful minds?
Have they become such a rare treasure
that you have to seek them in this muck of ignorance?

What happened to intellect?
Has it become extinct, that excavating now
gives you a rush of the past?

What happened to purity?
Has it become so underrated
to a point of disappearing?

What happened to the mystery of meeting?
Has it become so cliche, that now
actually talking has upgraded itself
into being a “task”?

What happened to exerting effort
into creating a relationship, a friendship?
what happened to respect?
Am I being far-fetched?
Does your so -called advanced mind
digest the meaning of the above!?

If not, I suggest you click the refresh button

Sit back, remove your eye sight
from anything digital
walk your lazy ass to the window
and actually LOOK outside
Do you remember how to look?
How to use your eyes, to feast your vision
on the world outside?

It’s raining,
It’s wet,
It’s beautiful,

it’s fucking
it goes
Skin deep!

Look through


It darkened the sky
with a blanket of stars

Some ready themselves
to dive into deep slumber

Others feel that flame
that burns and yearns
for the adventures to come
with the darkness

They ready themselves
Oblivious to their own actions
They grab those masks
The ones they have in their closets
Way in the back
to welcome
the night!

Yes, the ones
that clothe them
injects them with mystery
Poisons them with illusions
and readies them
to roam the streets
of the city

As you walk past these people
You tend to fall into
a diverse vortex
of identities

All these masks
are looking back at you
with a scanning blank stare
accompanied with a fake smile
You seat yourself
on a wobbly table
and an ancient bar stool
barely stuck together
with rusty nails
a show is about to start
“Welcome to the Masquerade
You’re lucky you’ve got the front seat”

You sit there,
you narrate the play in your head
you generate the script
the actors are there
performing unknowingly
They stand next to each other
drinks in hand

Those masks are still on
Blank eyes
Then as your brain
starts to dissect each character
in this play
You generate a theory
No matter how close those actors are
Those masks mask a lot more

Remember, they are masked for the night, or for a while maybe? Who knows?

But as you look deeper
You wonder
How well do they truly know each other?
They both have those “faces” on
They seem to engage in
such deep conversations
Yet, they both know
They have secrets
in the deepest
abyss of their soul
and their mask
seems to act
as a gate
forbidding it from leaving

Then you divert your sight
to yourself
You are clothed
You too have a drink in hand
you raise your hand panic-sticken
you touch your face

You feel that porcelain texture
soft, pasty and smooth

You get up, leave your seat
you just want to see a reflection
the bathroom line, was limitless
lovers disguised, kissing on one side
on the other, a woman smoking a cigarette
her mask was beautiful, she was eye-ing you

But you just need to get a glimpse
of that face of yours

You leave the place
you go outside
you look at the glass
and realize
that you too
are masked
for the night!

Masked Love

Masked Love


From now on,
I took a vow
To look beyond
the transparent veil of bullshit
you so proudly wear

From now on,
I designed my feelings
to reflect on me,
yes, selfish indeed

From now on,
Your confident facade
Will not work its magic on me
I have talked to the voodoo
witch down the street
to concoct a potion for me
that will actually block
the crap you pull

She looked at my palm
As she was mixing her viscous potion
She said
“my child, all you have to do, is to let
her out, she is in there somewhere
and dammit it’s about time”

From now on,
I will not reflect on the past
The falling, the crying
the hurting
I will talk to them in alliance
I will make peace with them
and I will thank them for beating me up
so much, that even my heart grew
a six pack!

From now on, I will put the songs I want
I will walk and skip to the beat of every tune

From now on, I will not
give a fuck, if you’re hurt
or annoyed

From now on, I will go
wherever, regardless of your opinion
I will be messy and I will be classy
I will be loud and obnoxious, I will bite my nails
I will be quiet and doze off
I will replay The Darjeeling limited endlessly
and then when endlessly finishes I’ll watch
the Royal Tenebaums
over and over
I will play punk music and head bang
and I will imitate Dylan
I will sing to crappy pop songs
I will kiss that stupid good looking boy
I will walk and let my perfume seduce
I will wake up in an empty bed
hungover and happy
I have the whole space to myself

I will put flowers in my hair
and I will wear my hat indoors
because I feel like it
I will go for walks to nowhere
and I will dangle my legs
out of the window on road trips

I will soak in the world
and sometimes I’ll shut it out
I will wear my favorite shirt everyday
I will buy a jacket from the men’s section
I will doodle on your car
and I will always carry my doodle pad
no matter how geeky it is
I will have my crumpled pack of cigarettes
and my cheesy pink lighter
I will drink till dawn
and I will love my heart
because at the end of the day
it needs it the most

I will wear my my chuck taylors to a meeting
and I will wear my Stiletto’s at home
I will greet the morning sun
on my grungy porch
letting the sun feast its eyes on my porcelain body
I will take pictures of random things
I will end up watching sunrise on a beach somewhere
enjoying my alcohol settling uncomfortably
in my stomach from the night before
I will laugh out loud, in an unclassy manner
I will put my feet on the table while I read
my erotic novels alongside some psychology!
I will talk about my family and how crazy they are
I will laugh at my own clumsiness
I will sing in the shower and I will cry
when I fucking feel like it
I will walk at night and enjoy
it’s naughtiness

I will let the dishes pile and I will clean like no tomorrow
I will gulp water on that hungover morning from the bottle
I will play with my food and I will get drunk
I will smoke in my room and I will play the BEATLES!
I will enjoy my tom boy-ish appearance
and I will attempt to apply that horrible thing
they call make-up

I will look pretty and I will look untidy

I will walk with my head up high,
I will stomp on the ground like it’s my bitch
I will look you straight in the eye
and then just keep walking
and you know what the best part is

to do all the above
I realized that
I don’t even
have to try

Stripped to her true nature


She, like an untamed lioness
wildly welcomes the night
by licking her lips
aching to taste that
strong vodka flavor

She, with a tornado of emotions
inside of her, is lead to the
next pub, on that dingy looking street

The smell of fermented vomit,
mixed drinks, cigarettes
fake laughter, unheard cries
all conglomerate on that street
that she passes everyday
to get to her destination

Tonight, she with
ravishing confidence,
with every stomp,
felt different
She ran her fingers through her messy hair
She just felt like it, she knew what she wanted
She is aching for the drink

She arrived, the dimmed light
made it hard for her to see
but she, spotted familiar shadows
She locked her vision on them
and cat-walked her way through
the blurry images.

Her perfume left a trail
of seduction, that lead to her
porcelain white neck

Her messy hair
inhibited the wildness
that she unleashes with the
murky feeling of the night

She sat with her crowd
“one vodka cranberry please, strong”
She lit her cigarette
so as to summon the beginning
of a great night
She knows it and she feels it

As she indulged in mindless
recitation of her day to the gang
She grabbed that bloody looking drink
She smells it,
She readied her lips
to taste the first flavor of sin
for the night

She rested the cup on her lips
ready to tilt for taste
The alcohol, slid slowly
“mmm, that’s good”

Her craving was quickly satiated
As the night progressed, it got darker
and the drinks got stronger
and the cigarettes were much more

With every sip she intakes
a feeling inhibits her
an alter ego you might say
She becomes tougher
She becomes eloquent about her wants
Dammit, she does what she feels like
and brushes off the clinging claws of society
with the simple sentence

“I am tipsy”
Is she? or are we all part of her little game?
Does she conspire with the night
to unleash her true self?
Has her daytime facade fooled us all?

She stretched back,
and twisted her head
so as to massage that silly twisted ache
Her head became lighter
She secretly likes that feeling
but no one has to know
She sat up straight

She crossed her legs
and grinned!
For the whole world in her head
has a completely different view to her
and everyone is
clueless of hers!

Woman at Bar

She passed me

She passed me, her perfume slowly hazed its way through my nostrils
Up to my mind
It flirted with my thoughts, my innocent ones hid in shyness
My other ones, walked up to that aroma and tango-ed with it

She passed me, she carelessly let her eyes meet mine
But not so carelessly, she knew it,
She knew her eyes would divert my attention
and she loved it,
My eyes established a line of  site with hers

She passed me, her curly locks, tangled flew aimlessly
But they flew, her curls against her hair
contouring her nose, her cheeks

She passed me, she teased me and she loved it!
She loved the fact that my movement was paralyzed
She loved the fact that she can toy with me a mile away
She loved the fact that she felt like a precious piece of art, touched by no one
She loved the fact that she was just strolling by a stranger
Whose attention was caught by hers,

As she faded into the walking crowd,
I pondered, “should I follow? should I dig deeper in those none verbals signs?
was she messing with my innocence?”

Should I?
Would YOU?

As she passed me by!

As she passed me by!