Word Vomit

You want to be skinny
You want to look pretty
You want to have the best
You want to be the best
You want the car
the apartment
the house
the shoes
the dresses
the beauty
the better life

How about wanting
Better wits
Better health
Better understanding
Better comprehension
Better patience
Better sense of logic
Better perception
Better empathy
Better care
Better selflessness

Sadly, you are drowning
in an ironically shallow reality
almost suffocating you with
its plasticity
Riding you into a future
based on botoxed lips
wind slapped faces
that hide the emptiness inside

What happened to beautiful minds?
Have they become such a rare treasure
that you have to seek them in this muck of ignorance?

What happened to intellect?
Has it become extinct, that excavating now
gives you a rush of the past?

What happened to purity?
Has it become so underrated
to a point of disappearing?

What happened to the mystery of meeting?
Has it become so cliche, that now
actually talking has upgraded itself
into being a “task”?

What happened to exerting effort
into creating a relationship, a friendship?
what happened to respect?
Am I being far-fetched?
Does your so -called advanced mind
digest the meaning of the above!?

If not, I suggest you click the refresh button

Sit back, remove your eye sight
from anything digital
walk your lazy ass to the window
and actually LOOK outside
Do you remember how to look?
How to use your eyes, to feast your vision
on the world outside?

It’s raining,
It’s wet,
It’s beautiful,

it’s fucking
it goes
Skin deep!

Look through


Modern Life Appreciation

I woke up, I checked the screen
I paused, I thought and then cringed at the redundant feeling
felt before, uncomfortable but it’s there

That uneasy feeling, that questionable thought
that “out of self wondering” feeling

I stepped out of my “perfect world” bubble
and stepped into a more real one.
The one whose happy endings are illusions
The one whose thoughts marinate in rationale rather than magic
The one whose final goals are attained by mature actions
rather than “fairy tale” twists

Wonder no more, state the facts,
Pencil them down, scratch those lurking “maybe’s”
jot down the harsh reality.
You always thought, your actions will get you there,
Well, honey, from now on, get your act together
Act for you, stand up for you,
Entwine your happiness with everything that YOU DO
Screen is empty, fuck it,
Go write, read, sing, drive
Your conditional elation SHOULD be tied with every step YOU TAKE

We know how you feel

No one will understand the emotions that boil under your surface
The ones that burn every cell inside, the ones that toy with your neurons
Their “plastic” response above is a socially accepted statement
followed by a pat on the back
Take it but don’t you dare explain yourself,
You don’t have to!
YOU are your only friend, whose secrets you won’t uncover
Stop, tying your satisfaction with other’s approval
STOP waiting for appreciation, stop waiting for society to LIKE
Be whatever you want to be, whatever you were born to be

You look at your screen,

There is so much LIFE out there, so much LIFE in you!
Just like a woman with a head of roses!



Woman with a head of roses - Dali

Woman with a head of roses – Dali

A Dose of “Youth Fillers” with an Injection of “A Messed up Reality”

We’re young and restless
Souls drugged with lust for life and especially the night
You sit in your corporate identity dreading the sounds of the keyboards echoing
and growing as time slowly tics its way through the day

You are productive, well at least you’re trying
You want to make something of yourself! – good job fooling yourself
We all know it, your corporate identity is just another stamp
licked and put on you by society, just for the sake of monetary survival.

Don’t get me wrong we need money, but the fact that we inhibit a robotic mood from 9am to 6pm is still there

We’re young and restless
We wait for the night, the darkness that slowly strips you from that dull tie and suit form
The night that releases your inner energy with just one song, one plan, one gathering
Makeup and dresses
Cars and cigars
Can you smell that aroma?
that wild perfumed smell, that vodka in your drink and of course cigarettes?
Yes, it’s calling my spirit, it’s seducing my liver and my heart
…well my heart is bewitched by the charms of the night and all its glory

Can you hear the laughter?
Can you feel the carelessness?
The country is tip toeing on dormant mines
The country is spiraling down
Yet, we the restless youth, survive,
We embrace our true nature, loud and beautiful, sexy and freaking HOT!
We carry ourselves with such confidence and grace, we feel gorgeous
The indescribable tension between us and the night grows, you feel the butterflies
We’re in love with the music, the people- the beautiful people, we’re in love with the strangers, that random drink
We’re in love with the strong stench on the streets, loud cars and obnoxious lovers
We’re in love

We embrace the night, we make love to it, then leave at dusk when
the morning shines through, piercing our eyes with its innocent rays,
Pull your pants up, tie that knot, ready yourself

We wake up, again, in a country burning down,
We wake up, ROBOT MODE ON
Corporate identity activated, dormant souls in check

A dose of youth fillers with an injection of messed up reality!

A dose of youth fillers with an injection of messed up reality!