Society Breeds

There was once a carriage driver
a quiet one was he
he rode his horses
up the hills and down valleys deep

He had his horses in brown and black
and but white, he did lack
He heard his riders
being lovers, haters and business men too
but all he could think of
was the road through and through

His horses were in sync
and oh how proud he was
for his reputation as a good carriage driver
was a priority above

Until one day
carrying a quarrel
from one lover’s house to another
he stopped at the side of the road
to ponder at a white stallion that’s wild, with no bother

while the lovers quarrel
he reined the horses to the left
so as to get closer to that horse
while his stand there hypnotized by conditioning
he just thought “how mesmerizing”

He took careful steps in the green fields
hoping the horse would yield
His eyes blinked faster than the norm
because he simply could not believe
that such a beauty wild and free
is so alluring, while he had
6 on his carriage pulling

The white beauty froze as the field
rippled movement
stared at the driver with crystal blue eyes
those whose innocence would kill lies

It’s mane looked as if sunset
kisses it lightly braiding itself
into its being
“why the hell not? it’s purity
is as hypnotizing”

His horses felt jealousy
with blinders on each eye
they turned to see
where their dedicated driver went
just to marvel as the fact
that their loyalty was simply
thrown away swiftly

The driver got closer
whispering words of comfort
so the white stallion’s attention won’t distort

He slowly laid his hand on his nose
and the horse stared into his eyes
His black cape turned orange and pink
just with one blink
he felt such energy boil within
“oh how I miss this” he said with a grin

His horses started neighing
hoping to seduce his back
by their obedience that they’ve always had on track
They thought he would cheat them
and ride away with this magic creation of nature
but to their surprise, he didn’t linger
but walked back with this treasure
that satiated an explorer’s pleasure

The white horse was in shock
“how could he tame me,
I showed him a piece of me
his dark dull days
will always end with beautiful sunsets…?”

He put the reins and centered in the middle of 6
but the horses looked with such disgust
the white one, just couldn’t fit in

He pulled the reins and in sync the 6 black ones went
pulling the new one, without letting it vent
the driver with a cape of sunset colors
and a smile of a spring flower
was so happy with the new addition
that he could not restrain the crowd’s anticipation

as they moved swiftly
the white one looked at this new crowd
breathing them messages of freedom
they misjudged his appearance
jealousy perhaps
but this should not be the case,
for the world is full of such mishaps

He told them about the beautiful life in the field
through his eyes
and they at first didn’t listen
but as they turned a blind ear
some words always kept them near

“Why the hate?
such distaste for the different
and unique?”

they neighed to the side
hating and craving his beauty
the lightness of his colored mane
Added life to the dark rectangle of 6

While the driver was content
and the white one was being pulled by the crowd
nature intruded and let loose her beauty
as the road was blocked by various horses
of similar entities
white, brown, black and hybrid
the crowd of 6 halted marvel
at such a mix

The driver’s jaw dropped loose
and noticed that the world
is full of beauty
one that he
could not under his wing restrain

the crowd of 6
looked at the white one
“we had no idea
such beauty existed
our blinders made us feel
that we’re one with no equal”

The mixed breed surrounded the carriage
the sunset began
coloring the world around them with light
“Gahd they’re gorgeous” the driver said

“some horses
are just not meant
to blend
in rows of 3
but belong to run wild
and free”

He let the white horse free
keeping the 6 conditioned and well trained
stamped under
his control
for this is their norm
ever since they were born

As he rode through
he noticed something new
every black horse on the carriage
was stamped with a white dot

the driver smiled
knowing the white one
left an impression

black horse



She woke up one day
with IV tubes in each arm
surprised at the matter
she looked frantically
for a familiar face
to ease the shock factor
that has overtaken her
in a split second

Her white robe instilled
a sense of confusion and a dash of fear
“what’s going on?” her mind repeated
the white walls of the room failed to respond
the echo of her voice did not succeed at relaying
the message to a humanoid or even someone capable
of responding

She inspected the room, the IV tubes
she noticed that each baggie at the end
had a name of a person, people that were
familiar to her, to her life
She could not make up the description below
but since the liquid within wasn’t red, she was sure
she wasn’t donating blood, but it was liquid of different colors
leaving her body …

This sparked even more fear
why her? why was her body a medium
from which these baggies with names are collecting

Her instincts kicked in
she did not agree with the fact
that her own temple is being abused
as a lab rat

She removed the tubes from her pulsing veins
and ran down the door full hallway
the whiteness of the place was disturbing
the walls emitted cold, her skin did not like it
the kind of cold that your heart knows is followed
by a demerit to paint its purity black

She saw a cabinet
“files, records, that’s good” she vocalized
she was sure she’d find the answers to her presence there
Her feet could not pace her anxiety,
they ran like wild horses away from that horrid room
away from those parasitic baggies that just hung there
getting fattened by different colored liquids
from the same person

Flipping through the files
her name flashed in front of her tired eyes
she just noticed how lethargic she is
picked it up and opened it

She saw endless columns of names
she knew – but did not want her memory
to remember or even highlight the brim
of their existence

“what do they want?
what the hell were they extracting?”

As her vision trailed with her finger
after each name, she traced it back
to the “Reason” column

Her eye lids flickered in astonishment
“They want my essence?”

She closed the folder
and followed the exit arrows to reach the roof top
it was dark, the car honks and the lights
made it look like a loud teenage club
nothing was in sync, but as a whole
it looked just fine
she sat on the ledge
aching for a cigarette
she saw another man
with a white coat, smoking a rolled

“Hey you..
yea you.. roll me one”

He looked at her
his dark framed glasses
reflected the lights of the city
his coal dark hair brushed back
in a sleek manner that reflected his own

“Ah, it’s you, I was up here thinking
about your case… why everyone wants your essence”

She walked up to him, with
whatever was left of her energy
“So you know” as she watched him
roll her cigarette

“Of course, have you looked at
yourself lately? did you notice
your pale skin?”

She couldn’t pin point the color under the
blue night sky
but she had one question boggling her

“Why were the baggies with names and each had a different color?”

She dragged the nicotine stick, gestured for a lighter
and paused in anticipation

“you see, those were people in your past
who have been infected… well not infected
let’s say blessed with your essence
time has slowly but surely taken its toll
on the sparkle that you left in them
so they gathered and requested
some of your essence to be injected back into their lives
since they cant chop you apart and keep
bits and pieces of you” he smirked

“Each baggie knew which essence to withdraw
hence the different colors, baggie 1- I forgot the label
wanted the humor you injected, that’s why it was pink
the blue baggie was full of your wit…” he exhaled smoke as
he told her

She was speechless
Every time she tried to say something
silence filled her mouth and ate her words

“I came up here to wait for your process to finish
but here you are
on the verge of collapsing, yet so curious”

She turned to leave
her robe slid from her shoulder
The doctor, yelled
there’s still some left
on your shoulder ……”

She ran like no tomorrow
towards the red exit sign
“what have
they given me?”

color back tattoo no lines


When was the last time you actually looked into someone’s eyes
when they were talking to you!?

When was the last time you actually saw the words connect
your vision to theirs?

Did you ever notice that it makes them fidget when
you gaze at them, with full concentration?

Did you ever notice that it makes them feel awkward?

Why can’t I look you in the eyes and tell you my story
Why do you have to monitor my face
my lips, my cheeks
my hand gestures?

Why does it bother you that I see nothing more
than your eyes?

Eyes, they amplify
eyes, they diversify
eyes, they quantify


Try it, look at them straight in the eyes
while they are conversing, don’t look weird
just listen with your eyes
and watch the connection

There’s a whole galaxy in there!


Pixie Dust

They found me among

the cookie cutter society
standing out with a distraught personality 
tattooed by life’s imperfections, its unfairness
beautified by its experiences, beat down
by its bullies

They tracked down the words
that have fallen from my head
they picked up synonyms, they bagged
meanings, they even smoked some 
terminologies and ignited happiness

They moved and slithered their way
through the norms, the over norms
the proper, and the sane
and stumbled on a glitch ball
with electrocuted hair, piercing silence
with words falling from my hair 
They found me
With hungry eyes and sticky hands
they grabbed me, along with those
words that have fallen,
They scurried away with their treasure

They sat there, observing
the dusty soul, rusty let’s say
it’s been rained upon, it’s been
splashed by cars passing by

They removed the dust that
nestled in my hair, when they
brushed it off, it glittered
it was pixie dust!

With surprised faces
they removed all the pixie dust
realizing, it was magic
hidden there, in my hair

I saw their bags behind them
with my words, peeking out
I even saw the smoked happy terminologies 
in the ashtray in front of me

What do they want? Do they want to expel
what’s left of my magic? Or do they want
to preserve it?

I wondered! They sat there, high on literature
Smiling like pirates, enjoying the finding of their long
lost treasure

“Speak, write, make more” they ruggedly voiced
“I am at a loss for words” I lied
I could vomit words, pages, even books about
what I felt right then and there

I looked at their hungry souls
primitively gawking back at me
at magic
I saw them drooling over the beauty
that those words had given me,
I saw them
looking into my eyes
seeking more of what made their
blue hue, glow

I saw them getting closer
hoping some of the surreal intellect
will rub off onto them, hoping some pixie
dust will transform them
from thirsty cavemen, clinging
to their innate nature instincts of survival
to gentlemen, eloquent with magic
the magic of words

“I am at a loss for words” I lied again

I lied for a reason
Such beautiful words
are too precious
to be thrown
at empty

They mumbled away
as I smiled, amused by their
amazement by words
and the
pixie dust in my

galaxy hair 3

Word Vomit

You want to be skinny
You want to look pretty
You want to have the best
You want to be the best
You want the car
the apartment
the house
the shoes
the dresses
the beauty
the better life

How about wanting
Better wits
Better health
Better understanding
Better comprehension
Better patience
Better sense of logic
Better perception
Better empathy
Better care
Better selflessness

Sadly, you are drowning
in an ironically shallow reality
almost suffocating you with
its plasticity
Riding you into a future
based on botoxed lips
wind slapped faces
that hide the emptiness inside

What happened to beautiful minds?
Have they become such a rare treasure
that you have to seek them in this muck of ignorance?

What happened to intellect?
Has it become extinct, that excavating now
gives you a rush of the past?

What happened to purity?
Has it become so underrated
to a point of disappearing?

What happened to the mystery of meeting?
Has it become so cliche, that now
actually talking has upgraded itself
into being a “task”?

What happened to exerting effort
into creating a relationship, a friendship?
what happened to respect?
Am I being far-fetched?
Does your so -called advanced mind
digest the meaning of the above!?

If not, I suggest you click the refresh button

Sit back, remove your eye sight
from anything digital
walk your lazy ass to the window
and actually LOOK outside
Do you remember how to look?
How to use your eyes, to feast your vision
on the world outside?

It’s raining,
It’s wet,
It’s beautiful,

it’s fucking
it goes
Skin deep!

Look through

Free Writing

She thought
She would be in those pictures
where faces are painted with smiles
where dresses are so perfectly and selectively picked
where every photo is as memorable as the memory it preserves

Then her thought struck her
like lightening in a random damp rainstorm

she wasn’t ready to wear that dress
she wasn’t ready to settle

she has so much life in her
butterflies in her body
strong heart beats
she couldn’t pickle it in a jar

she has so much to offer
she gives with no thought, it’s her high

she has the world to wander
she has citizens of the planet to meet
she has ambition,
different kind of ambition,
she has fireworks in her head  (quoted)
she has words to share
she has stories to tell
she has a love to spread
she has her self
to explore

what was she thinking?
Societal acceptance?

Never try to constrain her free spirit
hers is meant to soar
in thought, in the skies, among the stars
You are welcome to join
but never to pin down!