Once upon a time there was a woman

A strong and independent one was she

She strolled through life and she knew

that life was a shrew!

Of all the mishaps, the fuck-ups and of course the problems

this woman still, stood up looked at life and said “try again”

You would think that experience would be attained and lessons would be learned

Think again sweetness, because when you are blinded even the harshest of teachers and toughest of punishments could not help you!

This woman, found settlement a peace of mind so they call it, and morphed it into what she thought was “love”

She, independent as always took the role of the strong one, her partner let her, knowing that he can’t compete.

She, with determination and strength moved through 2 years of her without sight of the obvious

She, with bold ambition, thought she was attaining a real goal yet little did she know, she herself was the only one, caged in what she thought was LOVE

Without a compensating feeling, she again stood up and survived this one sided battle.

Then one day, that woman sat alone, alone with her thoughts.

She, for once, thought of HER and only HER!

It felt surreal, like how a magician removes a cape and liberates pigeons from a box!
Like how your loved one removes the shuffled bedsheets in the morning – just to see your sweet face clearly and oh so magical!
Like how you see after you get your first pair of eye glasses!

That feeling, yes you know what I am talking about!

Her thoughts maneuvered the deepest corners of her heart and mind!

Her thoughts removed this cursed cover that blinded her from REALITY!

Her thoughts danced with her conscience, seduced it, and made it fall in love with the tangible.

It was a momentary  tango in her mind!

It ended,

She stood up

Her face, radiant, her posture confident and her mind so fucking clear!

She took a decision

A BOLD decision!

 Stand up against all, but never yourself!


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