Pixie Dust

They found me among

the cookie cutter society
standing out with a distraught personality 
tattooed by life’s imperfections, its unfairness
beautified by its experiences, beat down
by its bullies

They tracked down the words
that have fallen from my head
they picked up synonyms, they bagged
meanings, they even smoked some 
terminologies and ignited happiness

They moved and slithered their way
through the norms, the over norms
the proper, and the sane
and stumbled on a glitch ball
with electrocuted hair, piercing silence
with words falling from my hair 
They found me
With hungry eyes and sticky hands
they grabbed me, along with those
words that have fallen,
They scurried away with their treasure

They sat there, observing
the dusty soul, rusty let’s say
it’s been rained upon, it’s been
splashed by cars passing by

They removed the dust that
nestled in my hair, when they
brushed it off, it glittered
it was pixie dust!

With surprised faces
they removed all the pixie dust
realizing, it was magic
hidden there, in my hair

I saw their bags behind them
with my words, peeking out
I even saw the smoked happy terminologies 
in the ashtray in front of me

What do they want? Do they want to expel
what’s left of my magic? Or do they want
to preserve it?

I wondered! They sat there, high on literature
Smiling like pirates, enjoying the finding of their long
lost treasure

“Speak, write, make more” they ruggedly voiced
“I am at a loss for words” I lied
I could vomit words, pages, even books about
what I felt right then and there

I looked at their hungry souls
primitively gawking back at me
at magic
I saw them drooling over the beauty
that those words had given me,
I saw them
looking into my eyes
seeking more of what made their
blue hue, glow

I saw them getting closer
hoping some of the surreal intellect
will rub off onto them, hoping some pixie
dust will transform them
from thirsty cavemen, clinging
to their innate nature instincts of survival
to gentlemen, eloquent with magic
the magic of words

“I am at a loss for words” I lied again

I lied for a reason
Such beautiful words
are too precious
to be thrown
at empty

They mumbled away
as I smiled, amused by their
amazement by words
and the
pixie dust in my

galaxy hair 3



I saw you
eye-ing me
with your drink in hand
leaning on that dusty
sidewalk car

If you could
walk yourself
through the foggy smoke
and seat yourself next to me
A midst the unknown
what a rush it would be!

To host that confidence
to defy all social alliance
and just carry yourself
to do what you desire
Oh what defiance!

If you could
speak in that voice you use
to seduce my thoughts
and keep them a float
in the smokes
what a high it would provoke!

If you could
alert me to the wits
that embed your mind
and share them
with a manner so kind
what a chill it would give!

If you could
welcome my arguments
accompanied by the occasional
initial blush moments
interrupted by sing-alongs
with the tunes playing
what a thrill that would instill!

If you could enjoy
your drink and cigarette too
with all the hustle that’s surrounding you
with your gut twisted, clouded by
my judgement of your bold move
what a salute to man kind you’ll be

It all comes in waves,
the gathering of your strength
the courage to walk
towards me, locking eye contact
with no script in hand
with no plan at stand
with no knowledge of me or them
with no clear stance of what’s at whim!

It all comes in waves
the rushes, each one whips your heart
with an adrenaline rush
Slaps your face
with a hesitating smile
coating you with confidence

All those waves
come crashing at you
you enjoy the salty droplets
you defy the inertia of each wave
with sturdy feet standing
You are seduced by the thrill
of the unknown

therefore I ask you now

If you could
would you?

Waves of chemistry

Waves of chemistry


He brushed her spine
with the sharp blade of his knife
tingling her spine
awakening her goosebumps

That feeling, that simple
barely touching sense
has the power to ignite
and ripple waves of “Ahh’s”
across her body

Security, it engulfed her
it complimented the feeling of trust
She had, in her heart for him
Her thoughts wandered
away from the body that harnessed them
away from the scuffled sheets
that colored her bed

They flew from her dusty window sills
They soared across the dirty building rooftops
They danced with the October breezes
in full glee of being free

They flew, across the great blue
They had so much energy, they could
if they wanted reach the moon

They flew, with the birds,
They traveled to discover
the colors of a different city

They flew, far and beyond
to get high on the scents
of an exotic land

They flew without looking back
to feel the beauty of the world’s

They flew away from the dimmed lit room
they flew to find pulchritude
and fall in love

They flew, wildly
to dance with the night stars
to the music of tribe

They flew, weightlessly and carelessly
to taste the most toxic of drinks
to indulge in the trips that followed

All of a sudden,
Gravity felt stronger
The weightlessness of these thoughts
were pulled by some magnetic force
all the way back
to that dusty window sill

She awoke from her “doze”
Looked at the lover by her side
no remorse, no heartbeat

She got up, got dressed
lit her cigarette
and left
she had her thoughts’ wanderings
to accomplish.