I was at bay once
steady and clear
with my feet dipped in the sand
with that feeling of stability
filling me

I was at bay once
when the ocean breeze
played with my hair
and the waves kissed
my dug in feet

I was enjoying the strata of colors before me
a realism piece painted by the craftiest
most creative of gods

I loved how the blue sky lay carelessly
on the ocean line, it lay there weightlessly
the center was a star, looking back at me
slowly being buried by the ocean
making sure it leaves an impression
before her lover shows up

The sun rays filled the sky with purple
and pink, the clouds even posed for attention
I was at bay, my eyes enjoyed the distant journey
that they took with the sun, relentlessly

In a split moment
the sun kissed my skin
the sun looked back at me, straight into my eyes
bidding me farewell
by painting the sky in colors with no name

I felt a cold chill down my spine
the waves got stronger, I diverted my eyes from that
tearful, silent sight and looked at myself

I was no longer nestling
in the warm golden sands
I was no longer high and dry

I had been tricked

I am at sea, limitless
confused, scared, terrified
The sun had conspired with the sea
to move me from my comfort zone

The sun spoke to the sea to tease me
with its waves landing soft kisses at my
implanted feet, while it painted a portrait of beauty
seducing me, luring my thoughts

I am at sea
I am floating on the thin surface
that separates the great sky from the
deep dark world under there
another planet, another ecosystem
unknown to man

I am at sea floating
my vision could not stretch far enough
to find land

my body shaking from terror
But, the sea was gentle, moving me
slowly on its surface, like a long lost lover
trancing his hands on your spine
it’s chilling, yet so comforting

I am at sea
the mother of all sunken ships
the angry lover, whose rage scares
the bravest of men
the beautiful creature whose colors
could not match any painter’s mix

I am at sea
I am terrified of the creatures below
of the abyss of mystery it harnesses
of the stories it can narrate

it’s dark, I am floating
the sea has no mercy
the waves tested her instincts for life
the cold breezes fought her skin
the heavy waves engulfed her

Yet she still floated

The sky looked down,
as the moon covered the sea with a silver
the sky saw how strong she was
it called the stars to go down and cover her
“a blanket of stars for this brave soul” the sky said

The stars gathered and covered her
warming her with with soft glow
carrying her from the turmoil
of the sea
up to where it’s serene

She grabbed the blanket from both sides
and tightened it
with wet hair and goosebumps too
she looked at the sky
and said
“I knew it was
With no reason why or question
she knew she belonged there
it’s just a feeling I suppose
that when you find your calling
you just sit there and watch your light

sea her



You are a sculpture

a beautiful one, carved meticulously
by one of the greatest artists that has ever lived

You, in the center, pose
Your naked body is slowly evolving
Your skin is slowly being smoothed over
by sand paper, followed by the artist’s caress
doubling his confirmation that it is as soft as it looks

He sees you in his mind
it’s like the artist has foresight
he can foresee the future of what should
slowly morph into being

Like any artist he is striving for originality
with a touch of uniqueness and brush strokes of
He started with marble
because your skin is that soft, he wants you to be
the epitome perfection and your skin is just the beginning

He slowly guides his tools
from the top of you statue
starting with your hair
each strand he sculpts has a story
he smiles, knowing that every curl
every golden lock should be in place
the one on her forehead to the one the dangles on her neck

He is moving downwards, her eyes
“what a great choice of marble” he thought
as he adds the details in her eyes, the marble shone back
He carved her pupils in a way
that shows her marveling at him,
a reflection of his stare

As he slowly sculpted her jaw bone
he slowly moved down her neck
he could smell her, he carved the bone structure
the collar bones, the way he feels them

He smoothed the silhouette, that hourglass figure
he reached the waist, where he rests his hands
upon embrace

As he lost himself in his art
time was ticking and without noticing
his sculpture was slowly changing form
tic toc tic toc

Her thighs he slowly dented the line
where her muscles show
he knew that those legs will go places
he made them strong and beautiful

he smoothed the legs, the marble
was gorgeous

as he took a step back
he took a deep breath
and exhaled life into her

he looked at her
“you are the original
stay as such
life will do a better

life will add the
finishing touches”

Isamu Noguchi with Undine (1925) It's like Pygmalion

Modal Verb

You’re here
of course you are
where else would you be?

Did you ever think of the verb be?
of how powerful it is to just exist?
Not feel, be
the being factor of being present
being here, breathing, living

What a strong verb it is
what an underrated action it is
be, grammatically is a modal verb
that is, likelihood, ability, permission, and obligation *quoted from wiki*
to be is to see, hear,
exercise Newton’s third law
to react, to feel,

Your survival is you being
Pause, take a break and be
can you do that?
Can you just be and not do?

Let’s see, look around
are they being?
Do you enjoy being
are you obliged to be?
Or have you forgotten
the true essence of just
having a soul, being one with that soul?

You change jobs,
You change lovers,
You change friends,
You change trends,
You change lives,
You change yourself

at the end
it is magical
when you hear someone
tell you
“don’t ever stop being”

With all your flaws
just be
With all your beauties
just be
With all your perks
just be
With all your colors
just be
With the compilation of fucks ups
just be
With you just being
Just be

here comes the best part…
the more you be
the clearer you



(While you read, play this)

It echoed in my ears
that tune, that lovable marriage
between instruments
It slowly took a hold of my thoughts

That tune approached my naive
ideas, with confidence
not giving any chances of rejection
my ideas, love-struck
weightlessly, fell into its arms

The music, so magical
carried them, with passion
it swayed them, it twirled them
yet with fixated eyes
it kept the contact, it kept
the instant love, flaming

With every drum beat
that strong tune, would stomp
and my ideas skip a beat
Yes, they were in love with
that music, that strong powerful
accumulation of sound

Suddenly, an abrupt halt  (1:04)
caused my ideas to wonder
where has that music gone,
those who would carry them
to a surreal place, of fantasy
that music that would
guide their every step

Then it resumed, that beautiful figure (1:04)
haloed by those vibrating sounds
That music, with every climaxed beat
got closer, my neurons were firing
at the mere sight of it.

Full embrace, music again took the lead
my thoughts willingly submissive
shadowed every move,
They swayed through all corners of my mind
saluting dormant ideas, kissing nostalgic thoughts
and awakening new born ones

They, entwined,
My thoughts had a heart
My thoughts dove deeply
in love with the dance
that this music



If I had the freedom
to abdicate to my
wildest thoughts

I would be on a plane
heading to a destination
that would arouse
my stagnant senses

Those that have been shot down
by the self inflicted social routine,
slowly reaping what is left
of what makes me human

If I had the freedom
I would be a bird
with wings spread
flying and looking down,
but never being a part of
the dirt, the chaos, the murder
the beauty, the innocence

If I had the freedom
I would carelessly voice “I love you’s”
to everyone who needs it
I would hand it out like free candy

To those whose hearts
that need mending
I will be their glue

To those whose hearts that are broken
I will give them a new ones
To those whose hopes have been crushed
I will hand them jars upon jars of bubble-wrapped aspirations

If I had the freedom
I would share stories with strangers
and listen to theirs and instantly
feel richer

If I had the freedom
I would spend my days
with my fingers dancing out
words on that blank slate
compiling pages and pages
of material to read and be read

If I had the freedom
I would make peace with all those
whose pride has eaten them alive
whose past has amplified hate into their future
and mine

If I had the freedom
I would remove myself from the digital world
that has eaten my time and wasted my eye sight

If I had the freedom
I would land my lips on yours
and kiss you, because you are beautiful

If I had the freedom…
I would embrace you
and tell you everything will be O.K

I don’t
I won’t

Held Back


Standing alone
facing a raging storm
with tornadoes of hate
sweeping everything
that lit with hope

Standing alone
Your body flamed with courage
even when it rained insults
Your flame still burned with more passion
than ever

Standing alone, scanning the surroundings
all those supportive bodies that were once there
were stripped to their true ignorant nature
by the winds of truth

Standing alone, realizing
that not all were support
but they were just mere puppets
in a show

Now that the curtains are down
and the winds blew away that facade
that harnessed a skeleton of lies
Your world was better without them

Standing alone, knowing yourself
was like walking through a field of roses
The thorns made it a rough journey
but you were seduced by the beauty of those roses
that hover on top of all that thorny evil

Standing alone, in the middle of that rose field
You notice, the roses slowly tilt towards you
You realize, your aura
It’s lighting again, the flame of courage has helped
The thorny path merely shielded you
strengthened you

The roses slowly, embrace you
as they tighten, you feel that piercing
thorny sensation,
You are being injected
by life’s beauty, nothing is that easy

As they tighten their clasp
You close your eyes, hoping for your survival instincts
to kick in
You close your eyes, hoping for the pain to go away

Wait… what’s happening
the pain is subsiding, yet you can still smell
the beautiful rosey scent

You opened your eyes, hesitating
scared, of witnessing something
against your prediction

You noticed that you too
have evolved into a rose
emerging from thorny roots
seeking great heights

A beauty among beauties
Portraying such peaceful pulchritude
Tempting without altering them
about the thorns that might inflict pain

For you have earned that right
of becoming so beautiful
from all that pain

rose and you

Lebanese with all its Glory!

I can proudly say that Diamond setter truly makes Lebanon’s name ripple and echo in the ears of the world with this tune.
This song, well I will let it speak for itself.. I want you to tell me what this song triggers!