Valiant Times

Hey you, yes You!
The person who is surrounded
by cupid’s blood

You are not alone, this is a bias
piece, projecting the silliness
that has always accompanied me during
this stupid day

I do not understand why
the act of love or the feeling
there of is accentuated on this day

Does it die the rest of the year
while your cupid is sitting
somewhere drinking
finding purpose to his existence
and playing darts with his arrows?

The cash flow, that goes through
today is simply a norm, well a societal one
that increases the egos of men
and the expectations of women

“Oh he got me a rose” one says with
that sarcastic materialistically marinated voice
“But look at the size of this diamond” says the other
with a heightened sense of pride that is slowly
eating her alive, leaving her looking like
a leper

You, yes You!
You are valiant, you have dedicated
your love to life, to it’s natural presents
tangible or not
You are one brave soul, falling in love with
the known, the unknown, the beautiful, the nature of things

You are one true human being, walking along
side this life of yours, with your own thoughts
while your cupid is thanking you for giving him
more time for himself to drink,
and this time he actually
invited you to  join him for that one drink
and listen to the woe’s that he has been through
and the woe’s of his other friends, that have failed
miserably, their cupid arrows are running out of magic

They used to dip them in this potion called
love, but due to time, and people’s
distorted perception of it
the potion has lost its effect

You listen, praising that God of yours
that you are in this place with your cupid
alone, and loving the selfishness of it
with a heart of love,
love for everything
with a sly smirk, you pick up your glass
and cheer the poor guy,
Even his wings have wilted
causing him to lose that magic spark
that he once had

“You know, I had the one arrow
the I shot at you” he told me with his red drunken eyes

“That one arrow, was different,
you needed something with inebriating
I used maple wood
then let is settle in a pot of amber
and the tip, well, let’s say it
was made from one of nature’s blessings to mankind.

You were a project that I enjoyed shooting”
He said that, with a rewarding smile!

“It was one hell of an arrow
and I assure you, that you are one
valiant being, for withstanding
all that went through, the pain it caused
as it pierced through your rib cage
I aimed towards your heart
shot the arrow
and exhaled with
such relief
now you glow
with the magic
of that arrow”

arrow 1


Times like these