Don’t constrict your vision
to what you can confine within your hands,
it might hurt, it is risky, you will grow some balls
but widen that freaking frame,
your portrait will be much more colourful
you will have a story
whose series of events
are not in YOUR control

Don’t be scared
Keep it in the back of your head
the cocktail of events
will stab you, kiss you
hug you, dump you
but, think about it
why would you confine
that frame to your
so called “comfort zone”
constricted vision

Widen that frame,
involve people
involve ass holes
involve lovers
involve beauty
involve ugliness
involve strangers
involve pets
involve family


Let the events paint
your masterpiece
some blotches will be messy
some corners will have details
some parts will speak to many
others will be precise

take my word
for it




You are a wonderful concoction 
of mystery, curiosity, and adventure

You have a certain glow, a magic around you
that ignites the eeriest of places

You harnesses stories
upon stories only indigenous 
to you, no matter how deep,
how dark, how hurtful,
You cage them in that rib cage of yours
Next to your heart, where they feel safe
You are a sinful mix of beautiful 
mysteries, only awaiting 
to escape or remain intact
they boil in your gut, you ache to share them
But you linger that thought
You are torn between two gravities
you fear to dangle them
to the wrong crowd of sharks
For your true self is bathed in these secrets

Your inner library of experiences
has been superimposed
layer over layer
year by year
Only accentuating, your YOU-NESS
making you richer in taste and mind

You are an hourglass
Fading, slowly filling the bottom
with grains of life stories
Each grain as weighty as its sister
Each grain as different as the other
yet all looking the same

Time is merciless
So, awaken your butterflies
Let them roam free
Let them spread stories of thee
For the human you are today
So rich and so beautiful
Will slowly ballet
down that tiny passage
in that hour glass
to the other side