In a Cup!

It all started
when he walked out of the kitchen
with that warm mug
filled with the magic morning potion

The steam dancing with the wind
as he slowly paced his steps back to the porch
He saw his lover sleeping
the bed sheets tangled her body
he witnessed her breathing, she looked peaceful

He continued his steps
following the sun rays outside
he set his mug, lit his cigarette

His black coffee sits still in his mug
he nestles it between his hands
over his stomach

he looks within that mug
marveling at the potion that springs
a sense of awareness

Suddenly he finds himself
being sucked in his mug
into a spiral of mystery

He is spiraling down
into an unknown place
it all happened so fast
he felt like he lost his breath

He hit something
his body felt numb
against the flat ground
as he gathered his strength
his mind was racing against a wave of unknowns

He stood up, the land was patches of brown
with blotches of green
He rubbed his eyes, hoping when he opens them
he’d be home, on the porch next to his bed
where his lover lay there, sound asleep

But, NO!

He was still there
He scanned the environment
he walked aimlessly
guided by his instincts
He heard noises, giggles
feminine ones

He followed the noises,
he got near a pond where mermaids lay
gorgeous mystical creatures
his eyes dilated, his heart beat, his skin awakened

“Come sit with us, we know you need it”
Confused and bewildered by their realness
he sat on a stone protruding from the lake
the water was galactic in color
the glistening effect was in the form of stars
the water rose up, as the mermaids started singing

“Engulf him, magical water
let all those worries filtered
make stars in his eyes shimmer
we are your muses, let’s make 
the real you, surface with vigor”

the water rose up and hugged his presence
carrying him beyond the clouds
setting him next to the sun
“what the hell was in that coffee?” he asked himself

a beautiful maiden with hair
made from sun rays, gracefully
walked towards him, from the sun

“Sun so bright, his inspiration
please delight, for his passion 
is forever in fright. Sun so bright
strip him from this shell, burn those 
bars that his heart has befell”

He didn’t want to believe, but the rays from her golden locks
tangled him, he felt the heat, he looked at his skin
it was filled with stars, his extremities
emitted light

He took a deep breath as if accepting the inevitable
he wanted to speak, but no words came out
he couldn’t vocalize his amazement
he had this feeling filling him
he felt like he was falling from the clouds
falling from the sky,

He tried to scream..
he couldn’t
imagine how had it is to actually try to scream
but can’t

He was falling, as soon as he could see the ground
he felt it was the end, he accepted it, again
suddenly before he’d break every bone in his body
he woke up, wet, with coffee dripping from
the sharp ends of his hair
he was on the balcony
his mug is empty
his cigarette crooked and damp

He looked around, he’s home
he set the coffee mug down
and looked at the horizon
he saw the sun rays, between the clouds
he smiled, he related

he went inside,
to wash his face so as to awaken from that trip
he opened the water, cupped his hands to fill them
then he gasped when he saw
that he had the
galaxy in his hands
and bracelet on his arm
made from one sun ray strand





Messy hair, messy sheets
The smell of yester-night nestles
in your curls

The sun rays tease your eyes
as they slyly creep through the thin
curtains that hover with your sleepy breaths

Eye lids fighting the urge of separating
Exhaustion is seducing them
But that sun light, it’s getting brighter

Body feeble, tattooed with random bruises
“What the hell?”
The taste of cigarettes still linger
in your mouth, mixed with the after taste
of that vodka

You gather what’s left of your strength
..that damn Vodka stole half of it
As you struggle to from those magnetic
bed sheets, you slowly feel your leg muscles
aching, cramping, trying to carry your
upper body

Still struggling to move from that magnetically
powered bed, holding on to your weak body
You hear something
“What’s that annoying sound, raping my brain?”

You subconsciously know where to seek it
Yet you just voice your annoyance
You reach out to shut it down
it’s coming from the ground
attached to a charging chord
connected to a plug infested multi-power outlet
That stupid alarm!

You’re already awake,
Should you actually wake up?
You enjoy this lethargic state
You bask under the result of
being chewed up and spat out by last night
You surrendered your inhibitions to it

Still in bed, stretching
You maneuver your body
in a way to overcome those bed sheets
You want to expose your body to the
empty walls of your room
You want to enjoy the chills they emit
the goosebumps they result in
With no thought in mind.

Facing the ceiling, brain regaining
consciousnesses of what a morning feels like
You reach back into the crumpled purse
that can narrate yester-night way more than you do
Still facing the ceiling, no energy to turn over
You trust your hand can slither it’s way around
that pouch

You feel the pack and it’s full of death sticks
You smile at the mini rewarding feeling
that the pack also has a lighter

As you lie there, facing the wall
enjoying the chills, you light that cigarette
you inhale, unmerciful of those lungs
a puff that reaches your toes,
You wanted that

As you exhale, you feel the smoke
oscillating its way out

You smile as it exits your mouth
feeling dragon-like
enjoying the