In a Cup!

It all started
when he walked out of the kitchen
with that warm mug
filled with the magic morning potion

The steam dancing with the wind
as he slowly paced his steps back to the porch
He saw his lover sleeping
the bed sheets tangled her body
he witnessed her breathing, she looked peaceful

He continued his steps
following the sun rays outside
he set his mug, lit his cigarette

His black coffee sits still in his mug
he nestles it between his hands
over his stomach

he looks within that mug
marveling at the potion that springs
a sense of awareness

Suddenly he finds himself
being sucked in his mug
into a spiral of mystery

He is spiraling down
into an unknown place
it all happened so fast
he felt like he lost his breath

He hit something
his body felt numb
against the flat ground
as he gathered his strength
his mind was racing against a wave of unknowns

He stood up, the land was patches of brown
with blotches of green
He rubbed his eyes, hoping when he opens them
he’d be home, on the porch next to his bed
where his lover lay there, sound asleep

But, NO!

He was still there
He scanned the environment
he walked aimlessly
guided by his instincts
He heard noises, giggles
feminine ones

He followed the noises,
he got near a pond where mermaids lay
gorgeous mystical creatures
his eyes dilated, his heart beat, his skin awakened

“Come sit with us, we know you need it”
Confused and bewildered by their realness
he sat on a stone protruding from the lake
the water was galactic in color
the glistening effect was in the form of stars
the water rose up, as the mermaids started singing

“Engulf him, magical water
let all those worries filtered
make stars in his eyes shimmer
we are your muses, let’s make 
the real you, surface with vigor”

the water rose up and hugged his presence
carrying him beyond the clouds
setting him next to the sun
“what the hell was in that coffee?” he asked himself

a beautiful maiden with hair
made from sun rays, gracefully
walked towards him, from the sun

“Sun so bright, his inspiration
please delight, for his passion 
is forever in fright. Sun so bright
strip him from this shell, burn those 
bars that his heart has befell”

He didn’t want to believe, but the rays from her golden locks
tangled him, he felt the heat, he looked at his skin
it was filled with stars, his extremities
emitted light

He took a deep breath as if accepting the inevitable
he wanted to speak, but no words came out
he couldn’t vocalize his amazement
he had this feeling filling him
he felt like he was falling from the clouds
falling from the sky,

He tried to scream..
he couldn’t
imagine how had it is to actually try to scream
but can’t

He was falling, as soon as he could see the ground
he felt it was the end, he accepted it, again
suddenly before he’d break every bone in his body
he woke up, wet, with coffee dripping from
the sharp ends of his hair
he was on the balcony
his mug is empty
his cigarette crooked and damp

He looked around, he’s home
he set the coffee mug down
and looked at the horizon
he saw the sun rays, between the clouds
he smiled, he related

he went inside,
to wash his face so as to awaken from that trip
he opened the water, cupped his hands to fill them
then he gasped when he saw
that he had the
galaxy in his hands
and bracelet on his arm
made from one sun ray strand




Valiant Times

Hey you, yes You!
The person who is surrounded
by cupid’s blood

You are not alone, this is a bias
piece, projecting the silliness
that has always accompanied me during
this stupid day

I do not understand why
the act of love or the feeling
there of is accentuated on this day

Does it die the rest of the year
while your cupid is sitting
somewhere drinking
finding purpose to his existence
and playing darts with his arrows?

The cash flow, that goes through
today is simply a norm, well a societal one
that increases the egos of men
and the expectations of women

“Oh he got me a rose” one says with
that sarcastic materialistically marinated voice
“But look at the size of this diamond” says the other
with a heightened sense of pride that is slowly
eating her alive, leaving her looking like
a leper

You, yes You!
You are valiant, you have dedicated
your love to life, to it’s natural presents
tangible or not
You are one brave soul, falling in love with
the known, the unknown, the beautiful, the nature of things

You are one true human being, walking along
side this life of yours, with your own thoughts
while your cupid is thanking you for giving him
more time for himself to drink,
and this time he actually
invited you to  join him for that one drink
and listen to the woe’s that he has been through
and the woe’s of his other friends, that have failed
miserably, their cupid arrows are running out of magic

They used to dip them in this potion called
love, but due to time, and people’s
distorted perception of it
the potion has lost its effect

You listen, praising that God of yours
that you are in this place with your cupid
alone, and loving the selfishness of it
with a heart of love,
love for everything
with a sly smirk, you pick up your glass
and cheer the poor guy,
Even his wings have wilted
causing him to lose that magic spark
that he once had

“You know, I had the one arrow
the I shot at you” he told me with his red drunken eyes

“That one arrow, was different,
you needed something with inebriating
I used maple wood
then let is settle in a pot of amber
and the tip, well, let’s say it
was made from one of nature’s blessings to mankind.

You were a project that I enjoyed shooting”
He said that, with a rewarding smile!

“It was one hell of an arrow
and I assure you, that you are one
valiant being, for withstanding
all that went through, the pain it caused
as it pierced through your rib cage
I aimed towards your heart
shot the arrow
and exhaled with
such relief
now you glow
with the magic
of that arrow”

arrow 1


He brushed her spine
with the sharp blade of his knife
tingling her spine
awakening her goosebumps

That feeling, that simple
barely touching sense
has the power to ignite
and ripple waves of “Ahh’s”
across her body

Security, it engulfed her
it complimented the feeling of trust
She had, in her heart for him
Her thoughts wandered
away from the body that harnessed them
away from the scuffled sheets
that colored her bed

They flew from her dusty window sills
They soared across the dirty building rooftops
They danced with the October breezes
in full glee of being free

They flew, across the great blue
They had so much energy, they could
if they wanted reach the moon

They flew, with the birds,
They traveled to discover
the colors of a different city

They flew, far and beyond
to get high on the scents
of an exotic land

They flew without looking back
to feel the beauty of the world’s

They flew away from the dimmed lit room
they flew to find pulchritude
and fall in love

They flew, wildly
to dance with the night stars
to the music of tribe

They flew, weightlessly and carelessly
to taste the most toxic of drinks
to indulge in the trips that followed

All of a sudden,
Gravity felt stronger
The weightlessness of these thoughts
were pulled by some magnetic force
all the way back
to that dusty window sill

She awoke from her “doze”
Looked at the lover by her side
no remorse, no heartbeat

She got up, got dressed
lit her cigarette
and left
she had her thoughts’ wanderings
to accomplish.



A drink called “Reality”

You thought you had it all planned, didn’t you? You are the type of person who plans the day from the moment you wake up, you recite your work tasks while you’re brushing your teeth, decide on when you can escape work to lunch with friends, them call them up and plan a mini- soiree just to avoid having what you call “dead time”.  You have done this for quite sometime, you’re a pro and you like it. You have got the right job, you own it, you’re good at what you do and people know this about you – ego boost right? You have your own circle of friends whom you confide in, drink buzz with – even though they might hate it- you trust and are always a phone call away.

You have it all, the job, the lover the friends, the social life, the extra cash from freelance and there’s nothing that will wipe that content smile off your face.
Life pauses, looks at you, and says ” hmm she’s got it all, or so she thinks,  wait a minute”. Then Life goes on concocting a reality mix  that will slap you so hard, like that lost shot of tequila that you shouldn’t have had!

Suddenly, you wake up with the biggest hang over, blurry thoughts, dry throat with a memory of a goldfish. You wake up, it’s day time, the scent of your past is lurking in your clothes and hair like the ever sticking smell of cigarettes. Your gut, it’s hurting from an over dose of reality, you’re nauseous, you’re hungry and you’re at a loss for words of how to describe this feeling.

You reached a point, where looking back is not even a given, no plans for the future, since your previous blueprint was puked on by who else- YOU!
You are hungover on life, decisions were made and your mental state is doughy! You’re weak, yet strong, you’re confused yet determined but at the end you’re just a MESS! A nice mess maybe, but we all know messy things aren’t visually pleasing- unless you bask in your mess, that’s a different story!
So, morning, hungover, mess, blurry thoughts “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?”

As your sober thoughts start creeping in you get a hold of reality, you are alone, your lover disappeared, your past seems like a watered down cocktail, fading colors, fading taste and even the ice cubes that chilled it, melted away.

You gather your loose limbs, get your strength, get up, open the curtains and look outside.. see that, that world out there- it’s still here and you, well pinch yourself, you’re still here. It’s at your disposal, it’s your lover, it’s your mistress, it’s your friend- the world is full of various experiences that help you discover who you truly are!
The world can love you back, when you do- the world can be your imaginary lover, the one who cares for you, feels with you and actually WANTS you to love it.
The world can be the biggest bitch- no matter what, these things are bound to happen and as cheesy as it sounds- all happen for a reason. (I personally didn’t even get a good reason for all the fuck-ups I passed through, but yet some people say patience is a virtue others say, you know it will happen when you least expect it).
The world can also seduce you into taking decisions and doing things that are pleasurable yet morally wrong. These don’t pertain to one specific aspect, yet each person can mold this statement into something that suits him/her. You are blinded by the lusty feeling, you are not in love, you are seduced, bewitched, yet you just can’t grasp that part of the world- for everyone knows love affairs are pleasurable and brief and someone is bound to get hurt- yet AT THAT MOMENT you don’t want to foresee you want to just BE!

You can never get enough, another time life gives you one of its cocktails, you will light a cigarette, take that first “tasting” sip and confidently enjoy it!

Light it up hunny!

Light it up honey! 

This is dedicated to those who looked back at life when shut down, laughed and said “try again bitch”.