it was the calm before the storm
the birds flew, polka dotting the sky
the clouds, were in fast forward
while he stood there
paused, marveling at the
world’s motion

The chilly breeze kissed his cheeks
igniting flames of redness
the sun was there, shying behind the clouds
fearing what’s coming
Her rays escapes through
the space between the cotton like clouds

His hair danced, left and right
in abrupt swaying motions, as if it tangoed
with an ex-lover, pulsating hatred
mingling with attraction

He looked around, it was meek
dreary, dull, it looked like
something great was about to happen
he was oblivious as to what

He liked the mystery of it all
he thrived on the curiosity that churned within
The ambiance got darker, the sun fled in fear
the grey-ness, crept in
engulfing the purity of the sky
with some sort of dark magic

His eyes wondered
at the great big space above
he could sense, but didn’t really feel
The wind blew, waves of power
it moved him, it pushed him around
He was surprised at its strength

More wind, more black magic
it stripped him off his clothes
it pushed him away from the urban bullshit
it carried him, beyond seas, and evergreen forests
the man showed no struggle, he was just cold,
scathed, bruised, naked,

it carried him to meet the mythical mermaids
to kiss the crisp mountain tops
to shake hands with the wizards of nature
it carried him to near extinct cultures
it dipped him in the dead sea
it painted him with tribal symbols
it placed him in the arms of beautiful maidens
and alluring harems

the sun peeked from time to time
to check on her fellow observer, the man who stood there
looking back in silence, she teared up at the merciless acts of the wind
She asked the wind “WHY?”
“There is nothing worse than a someone, empty
I moved him,
his stagnation is slowly killing him” the wind said

The sun hid behind a grey cloud and asked again
“He marveled at the simple things, let him be”

The wind blew one last time, placing him
back where he carried him
the man was smiling, shaking with adrenaline

“Can you hear that?” the wind asked


The sun came up, putting the wind at ease, brightening the sky
She looked at him, while he gained control of his limbs
as he carried his thin body, to balance them to his feet

“I needed that” the man hummed
as he placed his hand on his chest
as if cupping his heart, hugging something he missed

I needed an escape
from the stagnant plague
and a bolt to shock
that muscle between my ribs

wind 2



I was at bay once
steady and clear
with my feet dipped in the sand
with that feeling of stability
filling me

I was at bay once
when the ocean breeze
played with my hair
and the waves kissed
my dug in feet

I was enjoying the strata of colors before me
a realism piece painted by the craftiest
most creative of gods

I loved how the blue sky lay carelessly
on the ocean line, it lay there weightlessly
the center was a star, looking back at me
slowly being buried by the ocean
making sure it leaves an impression
before her lover shows up

The sun rays filled the sky with purple
and pink, the clouds even posed for attention
I was at bay, my eyes enjoyed the distant journey
that they took with the sun, relentlessly

In a split moment
the sun kissed my skin
the sun looked back at me, straight into my eyes
bidding me farewell
by painting the sky in colors with no name

I felt a cold chill down my spine
the waves got stronger, I diverted my eyes from that
tearful, silent sight and looked at myself

I was no longer nestling
in the warm golden sands
I was no longer high and dry

I had been tricked

I am at sea, limitless
confused, scared, terrified
The sun had conspired with the sea
to move me from my comfort zone

The sun spoke to the sea to tease me
with its waves landing soft kisses at my
implanted feet, while it painted a portrait of beauty
seducing me, luring my thoughts

I am at sea
I am floating on the thin surface
that separates the great sky from the
deep dark world under there
another planet, another ecosystem
unknown to man

I am at sea floating
my vision could not stretch far enough
to find land

my body shaking from terror
But, the sea was gentle, moving me
slowly on its surface, like a long lost lover
trancing his hands on your spine
it’s chilling, yet so comforting

I am at sea
the mother of all sunken ships
the angry lover, whose rage scares
the bravest of men
the beautiful creature whose colors
could not match any painter’s mix

I am at sea
I am terrified of the creatures below
of the abyss of mystery it harnesses
of the stories it can narrate

it’s dark, I am floating
the sea has no mercy
the waves tested her instincts for life
the cold breezes fought her skin
the heavy waves engulfed her

Yet she still floated

The sky looked down,
as the moon covered the sea with a silver
the sky saw how strong she was
it called the stars to go down and cover her
“a blanket of stars for this brave soul” the sky said

The stars gathered and covered her
warming her with with soft glow
carrying her from the turmoil
of the sea
up to where it’s serene

She grabbed the blanket from both sides
and tightened it
with wet hair and goosebumps too
she looked at the sky
and said
“I knew it was
With no reason why or question
she knew she belonged there
it’s just a feeling I suppose
that when you find your calling
you just sit there and watch your light

sea her

Whales in the Sky

It started with a cloudy morn
the wind was playing with the shutters
it was asking them to open
but they refused, they were
pulled back and forth
tapping on the window sills

She curled and hugged her own pillow
the one the never left side
through lovers and breakups
she loves that pillow

With indie music in the background
her sleep was never peaceful
she twitches, her dreams are too real
to a point where she really lives
them, in her own reality, she talks
she behaves..but
with her eyes closed

The sun peeked in
wanting to soak some of that golden hue
that nestled in her hair
The sun wanted to steal some of that
aura, that energy that harnessed in her body
so that it could warm up the day

She let go of that pillow,
the only medium of connection
between her dreams and the real world

She stretches, eyes open
body stretched, skin hugging her bones
silhouetting that internal structure of hers
count her ribs, rest your hands on her pelvic bones
ahh, those gates that protect her femininity

Her toes, stretched, pointing her body
like a pin, ready to spin into the day
She got up, got dressed
opened the window
she saw whales in the sky
big while weightless whales, swimming across her railing
across her vision

but she’s awake

She shunned the idea, shook her head
in disbelief followed by a “no way” smile

She started walking
the pavement where her steps lay
floated, carrying her higher that
her fellow commuters,

every time she stepped on a tile
it lifted, she still could not fathom what’s happening
with whales in the sky, lifted tiles
she rubbed her eyes,
opened them as wide as she could
to reaffirm the fact, that she’s awake

She got to work, her lifted tiles carried her through the window
she stepped into her office, and noticed
that her chair is different, it’s not like her fellow friends
they all had squared seats, she had a circular one

“It can’t get weirder, I’ll just go with it
it’s the morning”

When she stirred her coffee, the sugar particles
glittered and shimmered the steam
her coffee cup was different, she tried it
she made it in the same way she always did
but this time it was golden

“What’s going on?”

When she stood up
noticing, she’s not in a labeled box
like everyone else, she carried herself
to the terrace, not giving a fuck about those elevated tiles
on the contrary she embraced them, she danced her way through
coffee cup in hand, glitter behind her

She stood on the ledge,
lighting her cigarette, looking at the whales in the sky
being higher than everyone else
she lost her balance, looking down

She slipped and fell, there is no defying gravity
she’s falling, heart beating, fear igniting
She’s getting closer to the pavement
wind against her face, and fear in her expressions

She heard a thud
she was lying face down
on her floor
in her room
…. “What?”

She frantically stood up
opened the window
there were
whales in the sky

She rubbed her eyes again
pinched herself

Is she awake
or is she still
floating in
a surreal cycle of dreams?

2 galaxy heads