Jumble of Nothings

It didn’t bother them
that it’s raining,
What did though was the fact
of their wet pants sticking to them
in cold loving passion

Damn wet jeans

They scurried over water puddles
they jumped in a few in drunken frenzy
Fuck, and we have water scarcity!

He hugged her, her wet hair stung his face like
jelly fish tentacles, he didn’t care
she laughed loudly, her breath smells
like her favorite drink,
It’s becoming her scent,
She couldn’t care less

They balanced each other,
they snuck glances at the sky
where droplets of rain landed
stinging kisses on their faces

Why is this so romantic?

Blah, Traffic, yelling
dirty splashed water from speedy cars
Obscenities, over flowing sewers
it does feel like home

Where chaos warms you
instability comforts you
and that careless feeling
secures you

No they are not insane,
their mental capacities will
threat those in asylums,
shake them in their straight jackets
since what you dub as insane
is completely standard
for them

Damn right
So let them
Walk in the
stinging rain,
wet dirty jeans
small bottles of
alcohol find warmth in their
and in their bodies

It does look like it’s a scene from a movie
what movie?
My mental one?
or the one you’re weaving right now?

It’s called dirty glamour,
Messy thoughts,
unbalanced steps
butterflies in their wallets
They bump into friends
whose smile is as big as theirs

They too are wet, the rain is merciless
They hug
They too have found a loophole to warmth
They giggled at the shared mini alcohol
bottle secret nestling in their jackets

With butterflies in their wallets
crooked damp cigarettes in their hands
They danced to their own tune
They walked down the street
that wet one, with cars
flooding sewers
and honking

You sat there in your car
miserable and stuck in traffic
your eyes followed them
your heart wondered
and vicariously enjoyed their smiles
while you sat there
warm and roofed
by your jumble
of nothings


Wet Cigarette


Suitable Song

I am pretty sure everyone has read it, but if you haven’t seen “Great Expectations” yet, I suggest you do. This song plays at a certain time, where emotions are haywire, the chemistry is brutally strong and the scene itself is hypnotizing. You will feel, as you hear.

Chilly Shifts

The chilly September breezes, embrace you
with a paper thin cover of goose bumps
awakening your body from the lazy summer heat
You shiver, your senses, conscious
You feel every part of your body, enjoying this season shift

That feeling of comfort seeps in slowly
Like the mellifluous motion of honey
slow and sweet

Emotions at ease
Body at peace,
Nature changing and all you say is,
“it’s about time, Oh please”

The night has a different being
No more beach nights, no more colored drinks
You get that darkened bottle of red wine
Your body awaiting to have the first sip of winter goodness
Your body aching to share the heat with another

Nature set the mood, cold and breezy,
Summer is out and with its sandals and life being so easy
Warm cozy sweaters, heat your heart
Do they? Will you still smile so carelessly as you did in August?
Will your soul still be as lively and free?

You sit there on your porch, with a blanket silhouetting your body
It’s raining, your coffee is warm,
You marvel at the steam at how it dances with the invisible breezes
Your cigarette lay on the ashtray side
Like a model, posing, waiting for you to pick her up
Music in the background, muffled and vague
But its beats, dance beautifully with the pitter- patter of rain
on visible on rooftop puddles

You look at the view, you squint,
The rain is kissing your face,
Slight stingy, wet kisses
You like it,
You smile, your heart beats faster
Nature is flirting with you

“Today never started any better”

Slight Chill

Slight Chill