I was at bay once
steady and clear
with my feet dipped in the sand
with that feeling of stability
filling me

I was at bay once
when the ocean breeze
played with my hair
and the waves kissed
my dug in feet

I was enjoying the strata of colors before me
a realism piece painted by the craftiest
most creative of gods

I loved how the blue sky lay carelessly
on the ocean line, it lay there weightlessly
the center was a star, looking back at me
slowly being buried by the ocean
making sure it leaves an impression
before her lover shows up

The sun rays filled the sky with purple
and pink, the clouds even posed for attention
I was at bay, my eyes enjoyed the distant journey
that they took with the sun, relentlessly

In a split moment
the sun kissed my skin
the sun looked back at me, straight into my eyes
bidding me farewell
by painting the sky in colors with no name

I felt a cold chill down my spine
the waves got stronger, I diverted my eyes from that
tearful, silent sight and looked at myself

I was no longer nestling
in the warm golden sands
I was no longer high and dry

I had been tricked

I am at sea, limitless
confused, scared, terrified
The sun had conspired with the sea
to move me from my comfort zone

The sun spoke to the sea to tease me
with its waves landing soft kisses at my
implanted feet, while it painted a portrait of beauty
seducing me, luring my thoughts

I am at sea
I am floating on the thin surface
that separates the great sky from the
deep dark world under there
another planet, another ecosystem
unknown to man

I am at sea floating
my vision could not stretch far enough
to find land

my body shaking from terror
But, the sea was gentle, moving me
slowly on its surface, like a long lost lover
trancing his hands on your spine
it’s chilling, yet so comforting

I am at sea
the mother of all sunken ships
the angry lover, whose rage scares
the bravest of men
the beautiful creature whose colors
could not match any painter’s mix

I am at sea
I am terrified of the creatures below
of the abyss of mystery it harnesses
of the stories it can narrate

it’s dark, I am floating
the sea has no mercy
the waves tested her instincts for life
the cold breezes fought her skin
the heavy waves engulfed her

Yet she still floated

The sky looked down,
as the moon covered the sea with a silver
the sky saw how strong she was
it called the stars to go down and cover her
“a blanket of stars for this brave soul” the sky said

The stars gathered and covered her
warming her with with soft glow
carrying her from the turmoil
of the sea
up to where it’s serene

She grabbed the blanket from both sides
and tightened it
with wet hair and goosebumps too
she looked at the sky
and said
“I knew it was
With no reason why or question
she knew she belonged there
it’s just a feeling I suppose
that when you find your calling
you just sit there and watch your light

sea her



You are a sculpture

a beautiful one, carved meticulously
by one of the greatest artists that has ever lived

You, in the center, pose
Your naked body is slowly evolving
Your skin is slowly being smoothed over
by sand paper, followed by the artist’s caress
doubling his confirmation that it is as soft as it looks

He sees you in his mind
it’s like the artist has foresight
he can foresee the future of what should
slowly morph into being

Like any artist he is striving for originality
with a touch of uniqueness and brush strokes of
He started with marble
because your skin is that soft, he wants you to be
the epitome perfection and your skin is just the beginning

He slowly guides his tools
from the top of you statue
starting with your hair
each strand he sculpts has a story
he smiles, knowing that every curl
every golden lock should be in place
the one on her forehead to the one the dangles on her neck

He is moving downwards, her eyes
“what a great choice of marble” he thought
as he adds the details in her eyes, the marble shone back
He carved her pupils in a way
that shows her marveling at him,
a reflection of his stare

As he slowly sculpted her jaw bone
he slowly moved down her neck
he could smell her, he carved the bone structure
the collar bones, the way he feels them

He smoothed the silhouette, that hourglass figure
he reached the waist, where he rests his hands
upon embrace

As he lost himself in his art
time was ticking and without noticing
his sculpture was slowly changing form
tic toc tic toc

Her thighs he slowly dented the line
where her muscles show
he knew that those legs will go places
he made them strong and beautiful

he smoothed the legs, the marble
was gorgeous

as he took a step back
he took a deep breath
and exhaled life into her

he looked at her
“you are the original
stay as such
life will do a better

life will add the
finishing touches”

Isamu Noguchi with Undine (1925) It's like Pygmalion

Pixie Dust

They found me among

the cookie cutter society
standing out with a distraught personality 
tattooed by life’s imperfections, its unfairness
beautified by its experiences, beat down
by its bullies

They tracked down the words
that have fallen from my head
they picked up synonyms, they bagged
meanings, they even smoked some 
terminologies and ignited happiness

They moved and slithered their way
through the norms, the over norms
the proper, and the sane
and stumbled on a glitch ball
with electrocuted hair, piercing silence
with words falling from my hair 
They found me
With hungry eyes and sticky hands
they grabbed me, along with those
words that have fallen,
They scurried away with their treasure

They sat there, observing
the dusty soul, rusty let’s say
it’s been rained upon, it’s been
splashed by cars passing by

They removed the dust that
nestled in my hair, when they
brushed it off, it glittered
it was pixie dust!

With surprised faces
they removed all the pixie dust
realizing, it was magic
hidden there, in my hair

I saw their bags behind them
with my words, peeking out
I even saw the smoked happy terminologies 
in the ashtray in front of me

What do they want? Do they want to expel
what’s left of my magic? Or do they want
to preserve it?

I wondered! They sat there, high on literature
Smiling like pirates, enjoying the finding of their long
lost treasure

“Speak, write, make more” they ruggedly voiced
“I am at a loss for words” I lied
I could vomit words, pages, even books about
what I felt right then and there

I looked at their hungry souls
primitively gawking back at me
at magic
I saw them drooling over the beauty
that those words had given me,
I saw them
looking into my eyes
seeking more of what made their
blue hue, glow

I saw them getting closer
hoping some of the surreal intellect
will rub off onto them, hoping some pixie
dust will transform them
from thirsty cavemen, clinging
to their innate nature instincts of survival
to gentlemen, eloquent with magic
the magic of words

“I am at a loss for words” I lied again

I lied for a reason
Such beautiful words
are too precious
to be thrown
at empty

They mumbled away
as I smiled, amused by their
amazement by words
and the
pixie dust in my

galaxy hair 3


Once there was this soul
that wandered aimlessly

that soul, was a product
of easy living and naive breathing
walking through paths less traveled
taking advice from the here and there

that soul, was a conclusion
of the picture perfect being
striving to complete the straight A
attitude it has always maintained

That soul always clung to passer-bys
for fear of being a lonely wanderer
that soul needed the comfort of another

Until one day, there was this hammer
that was hitting that bubble surrounding this
body-less aura, that hammer
redundantly kept hitting that fragile cover
as the cracks crept from all angles, it eventually broke

The soul was released from confinement
it was left to wander and wonder
it was alone, escaped that comfort of its own inflicted
cover bubble

It left that space like incense smoke
swirling with the wind, creating art out of nothing
generating amusement as it left that burning stick
with a beautiful scent, leaving behind the ashes
of the cold fragrant stick, wilting

Now what?

As it curled and swirled
it expanded its horizons to a bigger bubble
a bubble of no boundaries
It escalated to the euphoric highs of freedom
and it sometimes deterioted to the lingering feelings that
once reminded it of that silly fragile bubble, it once called home

As it weightlessly flew through that bigger horizon
it stumbled on lost body, wandering the face of the earth
it felt familiar, the soul looked closely, that body was empty
broken burnt, effaced from all things that reflected its true beauty
to the outer world

As that body inhaled a breath of fresh air
the soul entered it with no thoughts
the soul fell in love with it
that feeling of love at first sight
driving the soul to insanely and spontaneously
become one with that body
the soul nestled beautifully
and slowly realized that this is home

The body, glowed it felt alive again
It has found sanctuary within itself again

It felt beautiful all on its own
It felt powerful

It was just the antidote
to those empty lifeless eyes
it felt like all  it needed

was breath of fresh air

to revive that once wild spirit
to give light to the world it had
hidden behind those eyes
that rib cage
and that damn thick skin

and the soul, oh the soul

it felt more at home
than ever
it has found its




I am not sure
how to jot down
the surrounding
ideas that swim in my brain

they are not ideas per say
they seem to have a direct link
to my heart

I am truly happy
am I?
the conflict
I am alive, more alive
that I have ever been

I am in love
not with anyone, I am in love
not with anything
but this natural high has taken
me places and brightened
my dull confidence

Everyone knows after a high
comes the low, I am in limbo
I am stuck on a blank slate
with no plans ahead
nor any behind me, I made sure
I threw acid on them and burned them to ashes
those past mistakes, oh silly mistakes

I am on a tabula rasa pinned
by the beating heart and keeps me going
Yet, those beats always play solo
sometimes they long for the other
to comply with every thump
sometimes it beats so well, it enjoys
its aloneness

That slate, my canvas
what should I do with you?
Should I go wild and slap colored paint streaks on you?
Should I meticulously create my future?
Should I mix-n-match a messy creation and
then watch it burn?
Is this liberating or just confusing?

I am caught between
the two extremes of the scale
I am alone and I embrace it
I am alone and I dissecting every
layer that has covered me and hid me away
from my true being

Thick impermeable layers that I
inflicted on myself to please others
Give me the damn scalpel, I feel my inner bright rays
aching to shine, to expose themselves
As I make an incision, I felt lighter
I felt better, those dark layers
fell one by one, day by day
I am naked, I am comfortable
in my own skin
I am naked
and my heart
beats by itself




Those who seek
the wildest of lives
lead the most untamed
series of events that
compose a page-turner

You, my beautiful human
are a soul
that should roam the nights
conquer days and their sun
devour innovations
feed on poetry
thrive on art and beauty

You should fall and fall hard
Love like no tomorrow
Let its chemicals ignite sparks in your soul
and project it through your eyes
you glow
Let your heart go insane,
let it enjoy the uncontrollable beats, let it
dance to them
Fear should not be a detriment
for no-one has died of a broken heart!

Dance naked, love that temple of yours
be selfish about it
Mold it, design it, decorate it
into your liking
you are a masterpiece
your viewers are plenty
your lovers are selective
with refined taste and appreciation

People have great stories
with an untamed knack to share
Listen to beauty of difference
to the variations in events
to their “personal”
listen to the human interpretation of
moments, to experience
never judge, just listen
and sometimes advise
other times, silence poses as the
band aid mending those slight injuries

Now this is beautiful in every aspect
for once you taste, feel, listen, hear
the bits and pieces that life has thrown at you
you slowly create the missing beauty that is you
you slowly shed the dead skin, revealing the
wealth that is you
you slowly become that art piece
that stands out in the middle of a museum
highlighted, beautiful, and oh so precious

the exotic flavors of life
taste the spicy and the sweet
taste the unknown, awaken your buds
taste the souls of those whose are beautiful
embrace the colorful, abundant, and secretive
Savor the delicacies of life,

Come taste my soul
Let me share my beauty with yours
Experience the richness
Listen to the cutting silence, dancing to the
artistic beats of your body

Come let



your soul
taste my soul