The pieces of your life
always impact you personally
You tend to forget the major
pillars that pose
as your sturdy base

You evolve your problems
your happiness
your chaos
your heartbreaks
your love highs, your mood
around the person that you are

I suggest, you take a step back
ponder at what you are
You are a compilation of identities
that surface depending on
the mood and the situation you are in
it is a cycle that goes infinite
rounds, over and over

The “you” with friends
differs greatly from the “you” at work
from the the “you” with family
and of course the “you” in solitary state

Let your thoughts wander
You realize that you have been there
and done that
but reflect on your within

Go home, from time to time
and be surrounded by the 2 crucial
patient souls that accept you
with your fuck-ups and
endure your tantrums with a smile

You host a smile that belonged to her first
and patience that he possessed
a combination of their wit
and a last name that will forever
accompany you, worldwide!
You sound like her, and you reason like him
You walk with her grace and have a strong
presence like him

You carry his music taste and articulate eloquence
You share her love and pleasant care

You pride at the rewarding feeling
of the struggle you passed through
to accomplish the “self” you always
strived for

You pat yourself on the back

One thought to marinate
when you’re in bed
being the “you” that you chose to be
at the moment
in time

Reflect on those times
that you went back home
regardless of the shadowy past
the rambling mess you left behind
On those times, that you never bothered
to call and ask about them..

You walk in,
it’s home, you sense it
that power that they created
in those walls,
is all for you

love them, tame the inner you
that tends to find comfort
in unleashing that wrath
towards them
and respect
the fact
that they still and will
always call you

It’s a power that
the Gods possess
and have passed it
on to them

Sit and Think



They told me,
that over expressing myself
can back fire on me

But how can one, control
those emotions, that gasp
for the freshness of the air
around them, once you blurt them?

How can one harness,
these boiling feelings
that yearn to be shared?

How can you sit there,
having these ideas
dressed up as feelings
swim between your fiery neurons?

How can the sharing of something
so deep and intimate

I wondered…

They told me
to put reigns on my feelings
They told to halt them whenever
they tended to roam uncontrollably

But how can something so wild
so human and so true
be tamed?

How can something so personal
and so magical be selfishly kept to me?
How can you control yourself
from allowing some feelings
to be directed to him and her
and not him nor her?

I pondered

I tested myself, I decided
to block these emotions
to politely ask my heart
to feel when needed

I failed miserably

for I am a definition of how I feel
a clear meaning of how
I fall for a stupid smile
a sly lie, an embellished compliment,
a beautiful song, a tasty morning cigarette

then I paused and thought to myself

Why should I stop the only catalyst
that drives to me embark on careless
reckless adventures?

Why should I stop feeling, when
everything else is feeling-less?

Why should I control the magic
that you and you and you
relate to

Then I could feel that THUD again
and comprehended the fact
that feeling, is the only fascination
that can be define as a curse and a blessing!

So go ahead, share a cigarette
with a friend and be eloquent
about those feelings
being beautifully

Beautiful emotions

Beautiful emotions